Legacies of Blood

Release Date: November 14, 2005


Bloodlines return as New Ones Emerge.

Distinct from the major clans, rare lineages of Kindred also play their part in the great Jyhad. The known vampiric Bloodlines return to the eternal struggle, plus all-new legacies of blood emerge from the Dark Continent of Africa! Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is again exploring the more exotic lineages of Caine's blood.


Legacies of Blood

Legacies of Blood is the ninth Vampire: The Eternal Struggle set released by White Wolf, the second to focus on the Bloodlines, and the first to introduce the Laibon.

The booster packs contain 11 cards each randomly selected from a set of 201 new cards and 99 reprints (from the Bloodlines expansion). That set includes 50 new rares and 50 reprint rares, but the rares are distributed so that the new rares occur three times as often (on average, you'll get one reprint rare from every four packs you open).

In addition, the set features 4 non-random preconstructed decks, Akunanse, Guruhi, Ishtarri, and Osebo, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. Each preconstructed deck contains 6 new vampires and a few new library card that aren't found in the boosters. Each new vampire is included twice in its respective starter.

Card Changes

Some existing cards are changed in Legacies of Blood. The changes go into effect (for all printings of the cards) when the set is legal for play.

  • Blissful Agony: Only one can be played at the basic Valeren level each combat.
  • Echo of Harmonies: The Political Action card is played as if from hand. (Giving a vote in the referendum, able to be canceled as played, and so on.)

New and updated rules

    • Laibon: Laibon is a new sect which is composed of just four clans: Akunanse, Guruhi, Ishtarri and Osebo. Laibon are non-Camarilla, non-Sabbat, non-Independent vampires.
    • Magaji: Magaji is a new title worth 2 votes. It can only be held by Laibon vampires. The title is not unique.

  • Reflex: A minion can play a reflex card to cancel a specified kind of card played against him as it is played. The minion need not be untapped or even ready to play the reflex card. The cost of the card, if any, is paid as normal, even for the reflex usage.
  • Title: A Title card is a placeholder for a title. If the title is yielded or lost, the card is burned. If the title is unique, contests are paid with vampire blood, as normal for titles. (Simplifying the handling of Praxis Seizures and similar cards.)
  • Ousted cards: If you are ousted, all the cards you control are removed from the game. (Not burned, just removed from the game.)








Checklist (Complete)

Unless otherwise noted, vampires are Uncommon (U) rarity.

Note: Uzoma (a vampire from the Osebo starter) was accidentally inserted on the uncommon sheet as well, in place of Kisha Bhimji. Kisha Bhimji is marked with an asterisk below. She doesn't appear in the set at all. She is included in the 2006 promo set (available at conventions and tournaments while supplies last).







Abebe   Samedi    
Adhiambo   Tzimisce    
Agru Kabera   Ishtarri    
Aimee Laroux   Daughter of Cacophony    
Aiyana, The Wolfcatcher   Ahrimanes    
Al-Muntaquim, The Avenger   True Brujah    
Amavi (PA)   Akunanse    
Antoinette Dubois   Daughter of Cacophony    
Aredhel   Salubri antitribu    
Aren, Priest of Eshu (PG)   Guruhi    
Ayo Igoli   Ishtarri    
Babalawo Alafin   Harbinger of Skulls    
Batsheva (PG)   Guruhi    
Bupe Kuila   Follower of Set    
Cedric   Gargoyle    
Cesewayo (PO)   Osebo    
Dame Hollerton   Kiasyd    
Dela Eden   Salubri antitribu    
Demdemeh   Tzimisce    
Dolie (PA)   Akunanse    
Effie Lowery   Ahrimanes    
Eurayle Gelasia Mylonas   Salubri    
Eze, The Demon Prince   Guruhi    
Falhu Shibaba   Ishtarri    
Fish   Guruhi    
Ganhuru (PI)   Ishtarri    
Gentha Shale   Ahrimanes    
Gualtiero Ghiberti   Giovanni    
Hasani   Akunanse    
Hermana Hambrienta Mayor (C)   Blood Brother    
Hermana Hambrienta Menor (C)   Blood Brother    
Homa   Osebo    
Honorine Ateba (PI)   Ishtarri    
Ibn Khaldun, Scholar   True Brujah    
Idrissa   Osebo    
Iniko, The Black Lion   Guruhi    
Ismitta (PO)   Osebo    
Jack Dawson   Samedi   Adv
Jibade el-Bahrawi (PI)   Ishtarri    
Jubal   Akunanse    
Kamaria   Osebo    
Kamau Jafari   Assamite    
Kamiri wa Itherero (PA)   Akunanse    
Kenyatta (PI)   Ishtarri    
Khalu (PO)   Osebo    
The Kikiyaon   Akunanse    
Kisha Bhimji (*)   Osebo    
Langa   Salubri antitribu    
Lumumba (PG)   Guruhi    
Macoute   Samedi    
Maria Stone   Ahrimanes   Adv
Maskini   Guruhi    
Massassi   Osebo    
Matata   Akunanse    
Meno Ngari (PA)   Akunanse    
Mina Grotius   Harbinger of Skulls    
Misrak (PO)   Osebo    
Mr. Noir   Salubri    
Muricia   Ahrimanes    
Nangila Were (PG)   Guruhi    
Nehemiah   True Brujah    
Nkechi   Salubri antitribu    
Nkule Galadima   Akunanse    
Olugbenga   Assamite    
Omme Enberbenight   Kiasyd    
Onaedo   Lasombra    
Otieno   Lasombra    
Panya, The Wicked   Ishtarri    
Phagian   Harbinger of Skulls    
Pherydima   Kiasyd    
Prejudice   Nagaraja    
Quincy, The Trapper   Kiasyd    
Rashiel   Salubri antitribu    
Rocia   Gargoyle    
Roderick Phillips March   Kiasyd    
Rosemarie   Daughter of Cacophony    
Sanjo (PA)   Akunanse    
Saulot, The Wanderer   Salubri    
Sayshila   Daughter of Cacophony    
Sennadurek   Nagaraja    
Shasa Abu Badr (PI)   Ishtarri    
Sobayifa (PG)   Guruhi    
Solomon Batanea   Harbinger of Skulls    
Tanginé   Samedi    
Tatu Sawosa (PO)   Osebo    
Thomasso Ghiberti   Giovanni    
Troglodytia   Samedi    
Tsunda   Ravnos    
Tupdog (C)   Gargoyle    
Ubende (PI)   Ishtarri    
Uchenna (PA)   Akunanse    
Ugadja (PG)   Guruhi    
Urenna Bunu   Guruhi    
Uzoma (U/PO)   Osebo    
Wamukota   Ravnos    
Yavu Matebo   Nagaraja    
Yseult   Daughter of Cacophony    
Zhara   Ishtarri    
Zhenga   Follower of Set    
Zygodat   Harbinger of Skulls    





Abombwe   C
Absorb the Mind   C
Ahrimane Protectorate   C
Akunanse Kholo   PA
Ananasi Vampirephile   R
Ancestor's Insight   C/PO
Ancestor Spirit   R
Anesthetic Touch   C
Armor of Caine's Fury   C
Armor of Terra   R
Art's Traumatic Essence   R
Asanbonsam Ghoul   R
Ashes to Ashes   R
Aura Absorption   C
Aversion   C
Aye   C
Base Hunting Ground   PO
Basilisk's Touch   R
Bastille Opera House   R
Battle Frenzy   C
Belonging Grants Protection   C
Bima   U
Bind the Night-Walker   R
Blessed Audience   R
Blessing of the Name   R
Blissful Agony   R
Blooding by the Code   C
Brother's Blood   C
Brother in Arms   U
Burning Touch   C
Chameleon's Colors   C
Chanjelin Ward   R
Choir   C
Circle   C
Claiming the Body   C
Cleansing Ritual   R
Clio's Kiss   R
Clotho's Gift   C
Coagulated Entity   R
Collapse the Arches   C
Compress   C
Concert Tour   R
Conductor   R
Conscripted Statue   R
Consume the Dead   R
Coordinate Attacks   C
Coroner's Contact   R
Covincraft   C
Crawling Chamber   C
Create Gargoyle   R
Creeping Infection   C
Darkling Trickery   R
Death of the Drum   C
Defender of the Haven   R
Devil-Channel: Back   C
Devil-Channel: Hands   C/PA
Devil-Channel: Throat   C/PA
Dirty Contract   C
Domain of Evernight   C
Duma Rafiki   C
Dust to Dust   R
Earth-Feeder   R
Earth Swords   C
Echo of Harmonies   R
The Eldest Are Kholo   R
The Eldest Command Undeath   R
Elephant Guardian   C/PG
Emergency Rations   R
Enforcer   C/PO
Engling Fury   R
Erebus Mask   R
Excellent Thirst   R
Eye of Unforgiving Heaven   U
Fae Contortion   C
Falcon's Eye   C
Feral Spirit   C
Fire on the Mountain   R
Flow Within the Mountain   R
Folderol   C
Founders of the Ebony Kingdom   C
Free Fight   R
Frozen Object   R
Gestalt   R
Ghost-Eater   R
Ghoul Messenger   R
Gift of Bellona   R
Glare of Lies   C
Glutton   R
Goblinism   R
The Grandest Trick   R
The Guruhi Are the Land   C/PG
Guruhi Kholo   PG
Hag's Wrinkles   R
Hall of Hades' Court   R
Hanging Fermata   C
Hatchling   R
Healing Touch   C
Heaven's Gate   C
High Aye   C
High Orun   C
High Top   R
Houngan   C
Hourglass of the Mind   R
Igoli's Loyalty   C
Infection   R
Informant   R
Inspire Greatness   C
Internal Recursion   R
Invoking the Beast   C/PA
Ishtarri Kholo   PI
Jungle Hunting Ground   PA
Kduva's Mask   R
Kerrie   C/PI
King's Favor   PG
Kiss of Lachesis   C
Lapse   C
Lazarene Inquisitor   R
Leapfrog   C
Legend of the Leopard   C
Little Mountain Cemetery   C
Maabara   R
Madrigal   C
Masai Blood Milk   R
Massassi's Honor   C
Mbare Market, Harare   R
The Missing Voice   C
Mozambique Allure   C
Muricia's Call   R
Neutral Guard   R
New in Town   PO
No Secrets From the Magaji   C
Nose of the Hound   C
Octopod   C
Ohoyo Hopoksia (Bastet)   R
Orun   C
Osebo Kholo   PO
Overseer   C/PG
Palace Hunting Ground   PG
Panacea   R
Pandora's Whisper   C
Paris Opera House   R
The Path of Retribution   R
The Path of Tears   R
The Path of the Scorched Heart   R
Patrol   C
Peacemaker   C
Persistent Echo   R
Phantom Speaker   C
Port Hunting Ground   PI
Pounce   C
Powerbase: Cape Verde   R
Powerbase: Tshwane   R
Predator's Communion   C
Predator's Mastery   C/PA
Predator's Transformation   C
Putrescent Servitude   R
Quicksilver Contemplation   C
Raking Talons   C
Rayzeel's Song   C
Razor Bat   C
Reanimated Corpse   C
Recurring Contemplation   C
Redcap Wilder   R
Redistribution   C
Regenerative Blood   R
Reindoctrination   C
Reliquary: Akunanse Remains   PA
Reliquary: Biague   PI
Renewed Vigor   C
Repulsion   C
Resurrection   R
Rewind Time   R
Riddle Phantastique   R
Rigor Mortis   C
Rock Cat   R
Rockheart   C
Roll   C
Sanguine Instruction   C
Scry the Hearthstone   C
The Secret Must Be Kept   R
Sense Death   C
Sense Vitality   C
Shadow of Taint   R
Shaman   R
Shell Game   C
Sight Beyond Sight   R
Siren's Lure   R
Sires Command, Childer Inherit   C
Skin of the Chameleon   C
The Slaughterhouse   C
Soar   C
Song of Pan   C
Soul of the Earth   R
Speak with Spirits   C
Spike-Thrower   U
Spirit Marionette   C
Squirrel Balance   C
Static Virtue   R
Steal the Mind   R
Stone Dog   R
Stone Quills   C
Stone Travel   C
Stonestrength   C
Strange Day   R
Strength of the Bear   C
Summon Spirit Beast   R
Swarm   C
Swiftness of the Stag   C
Swoop   R
Sword of the Righteous   C
Tabriz Assembly   R
Tangle Atropos' Hand   R
Terra Incognita   C
Those Who Endure Judge   C
Toreador's Bane   R
Tourette's Voice   C
Tracker's Mark   C
Transfusion   C
Travelers Obey the Tenets   R
Truth of Blood   C
Unburdening the Bestial Soul   R
Uncontrolled Impulse   C/PI
Unseen Hibernation   C/PA
Unwholesome Bond   C
Vengeance of Samiel   C
Vitae Block   R
Vulture's Buffet   R
Walk of Caine   C
Wanderer's Counsel   C
Whistling Up the Beast   R
The Wildebeest   R
Winged Second   R
Wise Spider   R
Withering   C
Yoruba Shrine   R
Zaire River Ferry   R