Release Date: September 4, 2006


Revel in Immortality

The bad boys of vampire society lead the rest in their nocturnal world, reveling in their immortality and superiority to the mortal herd. Backstabbing and treachery are expected at every turn, just to keep eternity from getting predictable. Let the games begin.


Third Edition

White Wolf's eleventh expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a stand-alone base set. It is called Third Edition (after the Camarilla Edition, which is reckoned as the second edition).

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 390 cards consisting of 90 rares, 100 vampires, 100 uncommons, and 100 commons, including 136 new cards (100 vampires and 36 library cards).

The set also features 4 non-random preconstructed decks, Brujah antitribu, Malkavian antitribu, Tremere antitribu, and Tzimisce, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. Each preconstructed deck contains 6 new vampires that aren't found in the boosters, many of which are included twice in their respective starters.

In addition to the regular preconstructed decks above, this expansion also features a quick-start package called The Player's Kit. The kit is designed for four players who don't know the game to jump right in a learn the game by playing. It includes everything a group of four needs to play: four 50-card decks (for the same clans as the precons, enabling the players who discover the game to quickly expand their decks), blood counters, a full rulebook, and a scripted example of play to walk the players through the mechanics of the game using the four decks.

New Rules

Remember that updated rules don't go into effect until the set is legal for play.

  • Trifles: This set updates the trifle rules both to remove the restriction against playing more than one trifle in each master phase (although only the first one grants an additional master phase action), and to handle out-of-turn trifles (which function just as you would expect).
  • Draft effects: New to this set, some of the booster cards (reprints included) that require a Discipline or clan to use have additional texts on them which give them an alternate way of being used in draft and sealed tournaments. Sometimes this alternate use is the same effect as the normal usage, but with a different requirement. Other times, it is a different usage (and often both). The alternate uses are clearly labeled with "DRAFT:" text and set apart from the normal card text. The alternate effect is only usable in draft and sealed play. In standard constructed play, the draft text is ignored.

Updated Cards

  • bandoning the Flesh may be played by a vampire in torpor.
  • Ventrue Investment is an investment.
  • Visit from the Capuchin burns counters when cards would be replaced, rather than when they are played or discarded.


The DRAFT effect of Claws of the Dead uses an Animalism icon when refering to the basic level effect of the card. It means the basic Protean effect, of course.

Printing Errors

Due to an error in printing, the Third Edition cards are all printed with the card backs "upside down" from all the other V:TES expansions.

Additionally, the quick-start decks' cards appear in the reverse order from the order used in the script. So, to use the script, first invert the both the library and the crypt (deal out the deck face down one card at a time to make a new deck) of each deck. To repeat the scripted session (or simply verify the order of your decks), check the Player's Kit Deck Listing.

We apologize for not catching the errors earlier. The errors will be corrected in any subsequent print runs of the Third Edition.






See the Player's Kit Deck Listing for the contents and ordering of the decks in the Player's Kit.







Aaron Bathurst   Nosferatu antitribu    
Aksinya Daclau   Gangrel antitribu    
Alessandro Garcia   Brujah antitribu    
Andrew Emory   Lasombra    
Antonio d'Erlette   Tremere antitribu    
Antón de Concepción   Lasombra    
Apache Jones   Malkavian antitribu    
Armin Brenner   Brujah antitribu    
Axel Von Anders   Brujah antitribu    
Beauregard Krueller   Malkavian antitribu    
Bela Kardoza   Brujah antitribu    
Bill Butler   Gangrel antitribu    
Blister   Nosferatu antitribu    
Bloodfeud   Malkavian antitribu    
Caroline Bishops   Pander    
Charlie Tyne   Gangrel antitribu    
Conrad Adoula   Lasombra    
Count Vladimir Rustovitch   Tzimisce    
Darvag, The Butcher of Rus   Tzimisce    
DeSalle   Brujah antitribu    
Dominique Santo Paulo   Toreador antitribu    
Dr. Julius Sutphen_2   Lasombra   Adv
Droescher One-Eye   Tzimisce    
Drusilla Euphemia   Malkavian antitribu    
Duality   Tzimisce    
Eric Kressida   Tremere antitribu    
Ermenegildo, The Rake   Lasombra    
Esoara   Tremere antitribu    
Fabrizia Contreraz   Malkavian antitribu    
Father Juan Carlos   Brujah antitribu    
Frank Litzpar   Nosferatu antitribu    
Frondator   Tremere antitribu    
Frère Marc   Gangrel antitribu    
Gabriel de Cambrai   Toreador antitribu    
Gravitnir   Malkavian antitribu    
Greensleeves   Nosferatu antitribu    
Guedado   Tzimisce    
Harold Zettler, Pentex Director   Malkavian antitribu    
Hektor   Brujah antitribu    
Hukros   Gangrel antitribu    
Humo   Nosferatu antitribu    
Icarus, The Manchurian   Nosferatu antitribu    
Ilias cel Frumos   Tzimisce    
Isouda de Blaise   Toreador antitribu    
Jackie   Malkavian antitribu    
Jacques Molay   Brujah antitribu    
Jaggedy Andy   Pander    
Janine   Tremere antitribu    
Jefferson Foster   Ventrue antitribu    
Jephta Hester   Ventrue antitribu    
Jonathan Gursel   Toreador antitribu    
Joseph Cambridge   Nosferatu antitribu    
Justine Chen, Innocent   Toreador antitribu    
Kai Simmons   Pander    
Keith Moody   Tremere antitribu    
Klaus Konrecht   Toreador antitribu    
Konrad Fleischer   Ventrue antitribu    
Lady Zara Slatikov   Tzimisce    
Laika   Tzimisce    
Laszlo Mirac   Ventrue antitribu    
Lectora   Tremere antitribu    
Leila Monroe   Lasombra    
Leo Washington   Gangrel antitribu    
Lernean   Tremere antitribu    
Little Willie   Ventrue antitribu    
Loonar   Toreador antitribu    
Lord Aaron Wesley Wilkshire   Brujah antitribu    
Lord Vauxhall   Lasombra    
Louis de Maisonneuve   Ventrue antitribu    
Luc   Malkavian antitribu    
Luca Italicus   Lasombra    
Lucubratio   Tremere antitribu    
Lucy Markowitz   Lasombra    
Lukas   Nosferatu antitribu    
Luke Fellows   Gangrel antitribu    
Lula Burch   Gangrel antitribu    
Malabranca   Toreador antitribu    
Malgorzata   Tremere antitribu    
Margarite   Pander    
Mariel St. John   Ventrue antitribu    
Marta   Malkavian antitribu    
Mary Johnson   Pander    
Melinda Galbraith   Lasombra    
Melinda Galbraith_2   Toreador antitribu   Adv
Monique Kim   Toreador antitribu    
Morrow the Sage   Gangrel antitribu    
Mosfair   Tremere antitribu    
Mowgli   Gangrel antitribu    
Mugur Sabau   Gangrel antitribu    
Neighbor John   Ventrue antitribu    
Nickolai, The Survivor   Tremere antitribu    
Nostoket   Gangrel antitribu    
Old Neddacka   Nosferatu antitribu    
Orlando Oriundus   Tremere antitribu    
Patrick   Brujah antitribu    
Paul Cordwood   Tremere antitribu    
Paulo de Castille   Lasombra    
Persephone Tar-Anis   Malkavian antitribu    
Polly Kay Fisher   Ventrue antitribu    
Radu Bistri   Tzimisce    
Rain   Toreador antitribu    
Randel, The Coward   Ventrue antitribu    
Raphael Catarari   Nosferatu antitribu    
Redbone McCray   Toreador antitribu    
Rico Loco   Ventrue antitribu    
Rodrigo   Brujah antitribu    
Ryszard   Gangrel antitribu    
Schuyler   Pander    
Servius Marius Pustula   Nosferatu antitribu    
Sha-Ennu   Tzimisce    
Smash   Brujah antitribu    
Stavros   Malkavian antitribu    
Stick   Nosferatu antitribu    
Tears, The Dark Pierrot   Toreador antitribu    
Terrifisto   Tzimisce    
Titus Camille   Ventrue antitribu    
Ulrike Rothbart   Ventrue antitribu    
Urraca   Brujah antitribu    
Uta Kovacs   Tremere antitribu    
Virginie, Prodigy   Lasombra    
White Lily   Malkavian antitribu    
Xendil Charmer   Gangrel antitribu    
Ysador the Foul   Nosferatu antitribu    
Yuri Kerezenski   Tzimisce    





Abandoning the Flesh   R
Abbot   U
Ablative Skin   R
Acrobatics   C
The Admonitions   U
Aid from Bats   C
Anarch Revolt   U
Anarchist Uprising   C
Apportation   C
Archon Investigation   U
Art Scam   R
The Art of Love   U
The Art of Pain   R
Assault Rifle   U
Auto-da-fé   U
Awe   R
Backstab   U
Bang Nakh -- Tiger's Claws   C
Banshee Ironwail   R
Bauble   R
Black Forest Base   R
Black Gloves   R
Black Metamorphosis   R
Black Spiral Buddy   U
Blade of Enoch   R
Blood of the Sabbat   R
Bloodbath   R
Blow Torch   C
Blur   C
Body Flare   R
Bomb   U
Boxed In   C
Brass Knuckles   C
Burning Wrath   U
Burst of Sunlight   U
Cardinal Benediction   U
Cardinal Sin: Insubordination   U
Carrion Crows   C
Catatonic Fear   U
Changeling   C
Cheval de Bataille   U
Chiropteran Marauder   C
Claws of the Dead   C
Codex of the Damned   R
Coma   U
Combat Shotgun   C
Command of the Beast   U
Command   U
Communal Haven: Cathedral   U
Confusion   C
Consanguineous Boon   C
Conservative Agitation   C
Corrupt Construction   C
Courier   U
Cracking the Wall   R2
Creation Rites   U
Cryptic Rider   U
Cull the Herd   R
The Damned   U
Danse Macabre   C
Daring the Dawn   R
Darkness Within   U
Darksight   C
Dauntain Black Magician (Changeling)   R
Decapitate   U
Delaying Tactics   U
Demonstration   U
Deploy the Hand   C
Depravity   U
Derange   R
Direct Intervention   U
Disarm   R
Dissolution   U
Dodge   C
Dogs of War   U
Dragon's Breath Rounds   U
Dreams of the Sphinx   R2
Drum of Xipe Totec   R
Elder Impersonation   C
Elysian Fields   U
Enchant Kindred   C
Enhanced Senses   C
Esbat   C
Escaped Mental Patient   U
Eternal Vigilance   U
Faceless Night   C
Far Mastery   R2
Fiendish Tongue   C
Flamethrower   U
Flurry of Action   C
Force of Will   C
Foreshadowing Destruction   C
Forger's Hammer   U
Forgery   C
Forgotten Labyrinth   U
Form of Mist   C
Freak Drive   U
Frenzy   C
Frontal Assault   U
Gang Tactics   R
Gang Territory   R
Gangrel Conspiracy   R
Garrote   C
Giant's Blood   R
Glancing Blow   C
Grooming the Protégé   C
Guard Dogs   C
Guardian Angel   C
Gurchon Hall   R2
Harass   C
Harvest Rites   U
Haven Affinity   R
Heart of Nizchetus   R
Helicopter   U
Hexaped   U
Hidden Pathways   R
High Ground   C
Honor the Elders   C
Horrid Form   U
The Hungry Coyote   R
IR Goggles   U
Immortal Grapple   U
Improvised Flamethrower   U
Inconnu Tutelage   R
Infernal Familiar   R
Infernal Pact   R
Information Highway   U
Information Network   R
Instability   U
Instinctive Reaction   C
Intimidation   R
Ivory Bow   R
J. S. Simmons, Esq.   R
Keep It Simple   C
Kindred Manipulation   R
Kindred Segregation   U
Kindred Spirits   C
King's Rising   C
Kraken's Kiss   C
Leather Jacket   C
Left for Dead   R
Legacy of Caine   R
Legwork   C
Living Manse   R
Lobotomy   R
Lost in Crowds   C
Lunatic Eruption   R
Lupine Assault   R
Magic of the Smith   R
Major Boon   U
Marijava Ghoul   U
Marked Path   R
Martial Ritus   C
Martinelli's Ring   R
Media Influence   C
Meld with the Land   C
Minor Irritation   C
Mirror Walk   C
Mob Connections   U
My Enemy's Enemy   U
Mylan Horseed (Goblin)   R
Nephandus (Mage)   R
New Management   R2
Nosferatu Kingdom   R
Obedience   U
On the Qui Vive   C
Oubliette   U
Palla Grande   R
The Parthenon   U
The Path of Metamorphosis   U
The Path of Night   U
The Path of the Feral Heart   U
Patronage   U
Patterns in the Chaos   R
Peace Treaty   C
Pentex(TM) Loves You!   U
Pentex(TM) Subversion   U
Perfect Clarity   R2
Perpetual Care   C
Pier 13, Port of Baltimore   U
Political Antagonist   R
Political Stranglehold   U
Political Struggle   R
Power Structure   R
Powerbase: Mexico City   U
Powerbase: Montreal   R
Precognition   C
Private Audience   C
Propaganda   U
Protected Resources   R
Psyche!   U
Pulse of the Canaille   U
Pursuit   C
Pushing the Limit   C
Quick Meld   C
Quickness   R
Rabble Razing   C
The Rack   U
Rafastio Ghoul   C
Rapid Change   C
Raptor   U
Rave   C
Read the Winds   U
Reality Mirror   R
Recruiting Party   R
Recure of the Homeland   U
Redirection   C
Regent   R
Resilience   U
Restoration   C
Restructure   R
Revelations   U
Revenant   U
Rolling with the Punches   C
Rooftop Shadow   C
Rumble   C
The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper   U
Sabbat Inquisitor   U
Sabbat Priest   C
Sacrament of Carnage   C
San Nicolás de los Servitas   R
Saturday-Night Special   C
Scorpion Sting   C
Scouting Mission   C
Scrounging   U
Sermon of Caine   C
Shadow Court Satyr (Changeling)   R
Shadow Play   C
Shadow Step   R
Shadow Strike   C
Shadow of the Beast   U
Shattered Mirror   U
Shroud of Night   C
Sibyl's Tongue   R2
Sire's Index Finger   R
Skin Trap   U
Slaughtering the Herd   U
Slave Auction   R
Song of Serenity   C
Soul Burn   C
Soul Gem of Etrius   R
Special Report   C
Spirit Summoning Chamber   U
Sport Bike   U
Spying Mission   U
Staredown   C
Stealth Ritus   C
Stunt Cycle   C
Succubus   R
Sunrise Service   R
Superior Mettle   C
Survivalist   U
Swallowed by the Night   C
Sword of Judgment   R
Talons of the Dead   R
Telepathic Misdirection   C
Telepathic Tracking   U
Telepathic Vote Counting   R2
Templar   C
Tension in the Ranks   R2
Theft of Vitae   C
Thoughts Betrayed   C
Tier of Souls   R
Tithings   R
Total Insanity   C
Transfer of Power   R
Trap   C
Tribute to the Master   C
Uncontrollable Rage   U
Undead Strength   C
Using the Advantage   R
Vagabond Mystic   U
Vast Wealth   U
Vendetta   R2
Ventrue Investment   U
Vial of Garou Blood   C
Visit from the Capuchin   R
Voter Captivation   U
Walk of Flame   C
War Ghoul   R
War Party   U
Wash   U
Waste Management Operation   U
Weighted Walking Stick   U
White Phosphorus Grenade   U
Wooden Stake   U
Yawp Court   R
Young Bloods   R
Zillah's Tears   C