Release Date: May 28, 2008


Nothing is safe!

The Anarchs seek to disrupt the resurgence of the Sabbat and Independents. It's all on the line and the Anarchs have nothing to lose. This is a booster-only V:TES expansion with 60 brand new cards, supporting the Anarchs game mechanic.


Twilight Rebellion

Lords of the Night is White Wolf's fourteenth expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and is the second set to focus on the anarchs.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 60 all-new cards (no reprints) consisting of 20 rares, 20 uncommons, and 20 commons.



cardtr01_tn cardtr02_tn cardtr03_tn







Clifton Derrik   Brujah
Jack Drake   Brujah
Marguerite Foccart   Brujah
Anarch Convert   Caitiff
Andy   Caitiff
Dirk   Caitiff
Calvin Cleaver   Gangrel
Jacob Fermor   Gangrel
T.J.   Gangrel
Antoine, The Lost   Malkavian
Sean Rycek   Malkavian
Toby   Nosferatu
Topaz   Nosferatu
Laecanus   Toreador
Lin Jun   Toreador
Preston Varrick   Tremere
Tarautas   Tremere
Juniper   Ventrue
Louis Fortier   Ventrue
Reverend Adams (ADV)   Ventrue





Anarch Manifesto, An   C
Anonymous Freight   C
Baseball Bat   C
Blade Clot   R
Blood Turnip   R
Chameleon   R
Club Illusion   R
Constant Revolution   R
CrimethInc.   C
Crypt's Sons   R
Detect Authority   C
Elixir of Distillation   C
Exclusion Principle   C
Failsafe   R
Final Loosening   R
Framing, The   R
Garibaldi-Meucci Museum   R
Grey Thorne   R
Haven Hunting   C
Hell-for-Leather   C
Keystone Kine   C
Lam Into   C
Libertas   C
Monkey Wrench   C
No Confidence   C
Open War   R
Patsy   R
Piper   R
Poacher's Hunting Ground   R
Power of All   C
Power of One   C
Revolutionary Council   C
Shattering   R
Shoulder Drop   C
Smear Campaign   R
Stealing Years   R
Steely Tenacity   C
Twilight Camp   R
World's a Canvas, The   R
Zip Line   C