Release date: May 5, 2018

Legal for tournament play: June 10, 2018


The firm hand rules all

The Camarilla is an exclusive organization of vampires that speaks for and legislates its members all over the world (at least, in theory). Bound by a number of Traditions detailing the creation, behavior and destruction of Kindred, the sect also strives to hide to existence of all vampire activity from mortal eyes. This deception, called the Masquerade, is at the core of the Camarilla's existence; the struggle to universally uphold the Masquerade is what drives much of the sect's policy and direction.

This set is a fixed assortment of 120 cards for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – 33 library cards and 87 crypt cards of clans Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian and Nosferatu. All were first created for the original Keepers of Tradition expansion 2008, since long out of print and in great demand among players.

Note: One of the crypt cards, Osric Vladislav, was left out of the original Keepers of Tradition print run and is here available for the first time.

Contents below

CRYPT   Clan
2x Adana de Sforza   Brujah
1x Carlak   Brujah
2x Dmitra Ilyanova   Brujah
1x Don Caravelli   Brujah
1x Don Cerro   Brujah
1x Garret   Brujah
2x Gracetius   Brujah
1x Herbert Westin   Brujah
1x Honest Abe   Brujah
1x Jann Berger   Brujah
2x Karen Suadela   Brujah
1x Lynn Thompson   Brujah
1x Paul Calderone   Brujah
1x Reginald Moore   Brujah
2x Tara   Brujah
2x Themistocles   Brujah
1x Tomaine   Brujah
2x Ariadne   Gangrel
1x Bernard, the Scourge   Gangrel
2x Fakir al Sidi   Gangrel
1x Fergus Alexander   Gangrel
1x Gunnar   Gangrel
1x Gwyedd   Gangrel
1x Lillian   Gangrel
1x Lisé   Gangrel
2x Mictlantecuhtli   Gangrel
1x Randall   Gangrel
1x Rathmere   Gangrel
1x Robert Price   Gangrel
1x Shiloh Marie, Vengeance   Gangrel
2x Talbot   Gangrel
2x Viktor, The Night General   Gangrel
1x Aleister Crowley   Malkavian
2x Ankou, The   Malkavian
1x Arthur Denholm   Malkavian
1x Bela   Malkavian
1x Bloody Mary   Malkavian
1x Cassandra Langely, The Waif   Malkavian
1x Florentina Lengauer   Malkavian
2x Gem Ghastly   Malkavian
1x Kalila   Malkavian
1x Keller Thiel   Malkavian
1x Lord Fianna   Malkavian
2x Lutz von Hoenzollern   Malkavian
1x Morel   Malkavian
2x Osric Vladislav   Malkavian
1x Reiner Stoschka   Malkavian
2x Santaleus   Malkavian
1x Tryphosa   Malkavian
2x Unmada   Malkavian
2x Alonso Petrodon   Nosferatu
2x Baron Dieudonne   Nosferatu
1x Beetleman   Nosferatu
1x Benjamin Rose   Nosferatu
1x Federico di Padua   Nosferatu
1x Foureyes   Nosferatu
2x Gustaphe Brunelle   Nosferatu
1x Harold Tanner   Nosferatu
1x Jeremy Wix Wyzchovsky   Nosferatu
2x Josef von Bauren   Nosferatu
1x Nichodemus   Nosferatu
1x Ruxandra   Nosferatu
2x Sergei Voshkov, The Eye   Nosferatu
1x Slag   Nosferatu
1x Zelios   Nosferatu
 LIBRARY    Type
2x Becoming, The   Action
1x Childling Muse   Retainer
1x Dark Influences   Master
2x Dark Mirror of the Mind   Action
2x Deep Song   Action
2x Eyes of the Beast   Reaction
2x Heroic Might   Action
2x Horseshoes   Action
2x Loki's Gift   Action
2x Neonate Breach   Political Action
1x New Carthage   Master
1x Nocturn Theater   Master
2x No Trace   Combat
2x Old Friends   Combat
1x Papillon   Master
1x Tainted Spring   Action Modifier
2x Touch of Clarity   Action Modifier / Reaction
2x Villein   Master
1x Warsaw Station   Master
2x Wrong and Crosswise   Reaction