Official release: May 11, 2017

Legal for Tournament Play: May 11, 2017


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The Line Alabástrom Styles Margs


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Vivienne Géroux Anne-Marie Bourgeois, Inconnu Recruiter Joseph Fischer


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Enkil Cog Apolonia Czarnecki Aisha az-Zahra




All cards that are played after the resolution of an action (either successful or unsuccessful) have had their text clarified. The timing is now explicitely given, whereas previously it was left in a grey zone ("at the end of the action" that could happen before the action continues, or "when something happens" that occurs sometimes before or after the event). The text of Enkil Cog was typically describing the same timing window with two different terms ("when" and "after resolution"), due to older wordings that had been accumulated through the years without any massive cleanup. The rule team is aiming to remove as much unneccessary text as possible, and clarify the card texts with new, consistent wordings.


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Field Training Weirich Waldburg André the Manipulator


New wording



By default, a minion card in play is controlled by the controller of the minion it is on (sec. 1.6.3. Minion cards). This leads to two reading perspective for cards that are put on other minions:
  1. first, when the action is announced and during its course, "this minion" refers to the acting minion
  2. then, after the action has been resolved, "this minion" refers to the minion the card is on.
In order not to rely too heavily on the subtleties of the differences between "this acting minion", "that minion" that are confusing for new and old players alike, and to avoid cumbersome formulations such as "the minion with this card", a new keyword "attached" has been added.

Attached: if a card is put on another, both are considered attached to each other.

This keyword is similar to the existing "bearer" (for equipment) or "employer" (for retainers) keywords.

The reprint of Field Training uses this new wording: "Unlock this vampire, choose a Discipline they have at superior and put this card on another ready non-titled vampire you control. The attached vampire is considered anarch (and Independent), and gets +1 level of the chosen Discipline. If the attached vampire changes sect, burn this card. A vampire can have only one Field Training."

"Unlock this vampire" refers to the acting vampire, and "The attached vampire" refers to the vampire the Field Training is put on.

As a last reminder, don't forget that Field Training can be put on a vampire who already has the chosen Discipline at superior (contrary to Discipline cards that usually have a restriction)!

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Welcome to the first week of previews of the Anthology set! We'll take the opportunity each week to present you new cards as well as a few changes.

The set contains 48 crypt cards (including 10 new cards) and 52 library cards (including 2 new cards).



Eyes of Argus Hamid Mansour Laura Goldman



First of all, in order to revive the game on a sound basis, White Wolf had to change two major features of VTES:

1/ Cards backs changes

The back of the cards will no longer have the Deckmaster logo. We have already experienced this kind of change, first when the Jyhad logo was changed to V:TES, then when the card backs were printed upside-down in Third Edition.

The tournament rule 4.1 Cards Allowed has been changed accordingly (changes in red).
If cards with distinct backs are used in the same deck (e.g., Jyhad and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards, or upside-down 3rd Edition cards and right-side up cards, or mis-cut cards, or cards without the deckmaster logo) are used, in order to prevent a significant advantage, all cards from the different sets, printings, etc. must be of sufficiently mixed card type, unless they are all sleeved with opaque sleeves (recommended).


2/ Replacement of the tap/untap keywords by lock/unlock

The tap/untap keywords could no longer be used and had to be changed. It was a tough and very inconvenient decision, but a necessary one. All the Inner Circle board worked on propositions to replace those keywords, and the final decision was validated by White Wolf.
We had more than 20 options, but in the end we decided that their replacement had to meet the following criteria:
  • the words had to be regular verbs with a simple past form (like "tapped") and a continuous form (like "tapping")
  • the words had to be usable transitively (as in "tap this vampire") and intransitively (as in "this vampire taps")
  • the words had to be usable on minions and non-minions cards
  • the root word (replacing tap) should ideally be one-syllable long
  • the opposite word (replacing untap) should ideally be constructed with the un- prefix.
Many interesting proposal finally didn't make the cut (exhaust/refresh, twist/untwist, set/unset, bind/unbind), and a consensus was found with lock/unlock.

The rulebook as well as all card references has been updated this way.

New wording


Many reaction cards allow vampires to "play reaction cards and attempt to block even though locked until the current action is concluded."
These cards have a special place in the game as they are the only cards that can be played in the "as a card is played" window without that explicit wording (in order to play reaction cards that can be played legitimately in that window). These cards have always been referred to as "wake" cards by players. By adding the "wake" keyword, the effect will be easier to reference and to learn for new players (in order to mark the difference with a real "unlock" effect for instance). As a reminder, the description of the "wake" effect is left between parenthesis on cards such as Eyes of Argus.

Singular "they"

The card texts have often been cluttered with "he or she", "his or her", or "him or her" forms. As well as being inelegant, this reference to gender has nothing to do with game mechanics and doesn't fit the gender-fluid background of the World of Darkness.
Therefore it was decided to enforce the usage of the singular "they". Extra care will be taken during migration of the card texts to avoid any confusion between a plural "they" (that is almost never used in the current card texts) and a singular "they".
Singular "they" is very common in informal English; if you're not familiar with it, you can read some articles:

The reprint of Eyes of Argus uses this wording: "Only usable by a locked vampire. This vampire wakes (they can play reaction cards and attempt to block even though locked until the current action is concluded)."

"They" is referring to "This vampire" without any ambiguity.

Crypt Clan
2x Anarch Convert Caitiff
1x Gold Pan Dan Brujah antitribu
1x Dark Selina Brujah antitribu
1x Alex Camille Gangrel antitribu
1x Synner-G Gangrel antitribu
1x Mimir Gangre antitribu
1x Badr, Shadow of Granada Lasombra 
1x Pearl Malkavian antitribu 
1x Skulk Nosferatu antitribu 
1x Gerald FitzGerald Tremere antitribu 
1x Ludmijla Rakoczy Tzimisce 
1x Karif al Numair Assamite 
2x New Blood Blood Brother 
1x Masika ADV Toreador 
1x Omer Assamite 
1x Flavia, Avenging Angel Assamite 
1x Cao Nguyen Follower of Set 
1x Shahara al-Rashwa Follower of Set 
1x Sarrasine ADV Follower of Set 
1x Dhita Choudhair Ravnos 
1x Dr. Lawrence Mayhew Ravnos 
1x Domenic Giovanni Giovanni
1x Salvatore Giovanni Giovanni 
1x Inyanga Gangrel 
1x Matasuntha Gangrel 
1x Brunhilde ADV Gangrel 
4x Valkyrie Gangrel 
1x Appolonius ADV Brujah 
1x Salvador Garcia Brujah 
1x The Medic Nosferatu 
1x Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian Ravnos
1x Monica Chang Tremere 
1x Louis Fortier ADV Ventrue 
1x Alabástrom Gargoyle 
Library Type
1x Enkil Cog Action Modifier
3x Ashur Tablets Master
1x The Unmasking Event
1x Monastery of Shadows Master
1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter) Ally
1x Liquidation Master
1x Heart of Nizchetus Equipment
1x Unleash Hell's Fury Action
1x New Carthage Master
4x Eyes of Argus Reaction
4x Deep Song Action
3x Target Vitals Combat
3x Shroud of Absence Action Modifier
3x Summon History Action
4x Zephyr Action Modifier
4x Instantaneous Transformation Actino Modifier
4x Spiritual Guidance Combat
4x Legacy Action
4x Field Training Action
2x Under Siege Action
LARP cards  
Crypt Clan
Aisha az-Zahra Toreador
Alabástrom Gargoyle
André the Manipulator Gangrel
Anne-Marie Bourgeois, Inconnu Recruiter Toreador
Apolonia Czarnecki Malkavian
Hamid Mansour Ventrue
Joseph Fischer Gangrel antitribu
Laura Goldman Brujah
Styles Margs Gangrel antitribu
Weirich Waldburg Ventrue



Line, The Master
Vivienne Géroux Ally

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