Some of the reprints in The Camarilla Edition (some in boosters and some only found in the pre-con starters) function differently than they did in previous printings. Naturally, any card that had errata is reprinted with the errata incorporated in card text. The list below doesn't include those changes.

Al's Army Apparatus: only usable during your minion phase.
Aura Reading: superior is +2 hand size. It can be played at superior only once each combat.
Blood Puppy: costs 2 pool.
Blood Rage/Fury, Cauldron of Blood: do damage based on the striker's strength (and are therefore hand strikes)
Bureacratic Overload: increases the cost of political actions
Catatonic Fear: costs 1 blood.
Concealed Weapon: no discipline req., weapon cannot be unique, deal agg damage, cost more than 2 pool, or deal more than 3 damage (with a standard strike).
Day Operation: Only vampires are restricted from blocking.
Delaying Tactics: costs 1 blood.
Derange: requires a Malk or Malk antitribu. Is placed on a younger vampire (using the former superior Dementation effect).
Drain Essence: costs 1 blood.
Dramatic Upheaval: Change places with another Methuselah (not with yourself).
Embrace: doesn't receive a discipline card during action resolution.
Fear of Mekhet: can be moved to a justicar
Fifth Tradition: cannot target the acting vampire. Blood gain is limited to 4 blood.
Forest of Shadows: costs 1 pool.
Ghoul Retainer: cannot use a weapon used by another retainer. Has 1 strength.
Graverobbing: targets another Methuselah's vampire
Hostile Takeover: target must have capacity less than 7.
Illegal Search and Seizure: can also burn a weapon that does any amount of agg damage.
Island of Yiaros: no inherent burn option.
Judgment: Camarilla Segregation: Methuselah can burn a vampire during the master phase, not the minion phase.
Kindred Segregation: only pool costs (not blood costs) need to be repaid.
Louvre, Paris: no cost
Majesty: costs 1 blood (no additional cost for superior).
Marcellus: Political actions cost Nosferatu an extra blood.
Monocle of Clarity: answers about the future are not binding
Oxford University: no cost, X pool for X votes, no inherent burn option.
Patagia: Allows the vampire to burn a blood to temporarily gain flight.
Powerbase: Berlin: No cost. Doesn't burn if the controller has no Ventrue.
Powerbase: Washington, D.C.: Can move 2 blood back (instead of 1) during your untap phase.
Protracted Investment: costs 2 pool, gets 5 counters
Psychic Projection: is put in play.
Rowan Ring: sends opposing vampire to torpor with the ring as a strike.
Second Tradition: the effect costs 1 blood when used by a tapped vampire.
Succubus Club: only one trade per untap phase. Tap to trade.
Taste of Vitae: play at end of round. Only 1.
Temptation of Greater Power: only 1 can be played in a game.
Tremere Convocation: no cost. unique.
Wasserschloss Anif, Austria: no cost.
Weather Control: only one each combat.