Greetings from the V:EKN Design Team,

The V:EKN Design Team is pleased to announce that the first draft of the new V:TES card set has been finalized.

The set has been sent to the V:EKN Playtest Team for the first round of playtesting. Playtest groups from a wide cross-section of countries will participate. As was the case with White Wolf and CCP developed sets, the V:EKN anticipates at least three rounds of playtest, each having a duration of about a month. These timelines are just guidelines - quality is our top priority, not haste.

Art direction is currently underway and is proceeding in parallel with playtest. As we receive feedback from the Playtest Team, the Design Team will continue to make adjustments to card strength, fine-tuning where possible, and eliminating or adding cards as deemed necessary.

As a result, we are now comfortable releasing a bit more information about the contents of the set. We anticipate roughly 20 new vampires for Group 5: two from each of the major Sabbat clans including Pander, and a possible third vampire for the bifurcated Gangrel antitribu. In addition there will be over a dozen library cards.

We are very fortunate to have a strong, global volunteer community to help make this new V:TES set become reality.

The V:EKN Design Team