Hey, everyone!

Round One of playtest for the second V:EKN set is underway! As mentioned earlier, it's an still-as-yet-unnamed Independent-themed set. It was originally slated to be a 36-card set covering the four classic Independent clans, but we were informed by our Art Director, Ginés Quiñonero, that we will have enough artists to expand the set to include Gangrel.

A total of 74 cards have been sent to the playtesters - 45 crypt cards and 29 library cards. The final size of the set will be less than that, in the 60-70 range depending on how the cards fare in playtest. We intended to start playtest at the beginning of July, but we took another month to develop the Gangrel crypt and library cards. Most of the art descriptions have been submitted to Ginés, and we already have our first two completed pieces!

We've also scheduled a Design Team presentation for the Saturday night of the European Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. There will be artists on hand displaying their artwork for Danse Macabre (and possibly the Independent set), and we'll have previews of that set. We'll also give a presentation about the card design and development process to give you some insight into how a card gets made. After that, we'll have a question and answer session. We'll be sure to record it for those unable to attend.

We hope to see you in Stockholm!


- Ben Peal, V:EKN Design Team Lead