Hey, everyone!

I had a fantastic weekend at the European Championships in Mannheim. Many thanks to everyone who attended - it was great seeing you all! Many thanks to the hosts, as well!

At the EC Mike and I gave a presentation and Q&A session for the new expansion, The Unaligned. By now you've all seen the cards, but here are some additional announcements from the presentation:

- The next set, due in October of 2015, will be Anarch-themed. It will be 50 or so cards in size. We're strongly considering Bloodlines for 2016.

- Playtesting for the next set will start in November. Please talk to Playtest Coordinator Hugh Angseesing (Squidalot on vekn.net) if you'd like to be a playtester.

- If you have ideas for Anarch cards, or any other cards, feel free to post them in the Expansion Sets & Card Ideas forum on vekn.net. We do read that forum - Illusory Resources from The Unaligned was directly inspired by a post there.

- An even better way to try out card ideas is to run a Storyline event! They get your ideas out there and tested in actual games. Talk to Storyline Coordinator Mike Nudd (mikelosaurus on vekn.net) if you'd like to do this.

- We'll be releasing some overdue Storyline reward cards sometime in the next several months. This will include older Storyline events, such as the Battle Lines event, and the Budapest EC Storyline. We'll also be reviewing the crypt cards from The Returned event for possible approval in sanctioned tournaments. We don't have an exact release date for these as they'll need testing and we'll need artwork for a couple of cards, but we're hoping to have them ready by February.

- We're very grateful for all of the work that our artists have contributed. I highly recommend checking out their other works in their portfolios. Most of them are available for commissioned work, and some have prints and original pieces for sale. You can find the list of artists and links to their online portfolios here: http://www.vekn.net/vekn-artists

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!

- Ben Peal and the V:EKN Design Team