Date: Friday, May 12th, 2017,

Venue: Hotel Mercure Moa Berlin

Number of rounds: 2+F
Rules for The Nations Cup:
  • The Nations Cup will be an open, standard constructed tournament. Therefore, each country may register any number of players. The players must prove their nationality if the organizers ask for it.
  • Some countries will attend with less than 3 players. These players will be playing for the "End of the Line", or "Enlightment in Blood" teams. The idea was to create a country reassembling all players representing coutries with less than 3 players.
  • The regular Archon will be used (no per-country work).
  • After the 2 preliminary rounds, each country will be ranked based on the average result of its players.
  • There will be two final rounds:
    • Final round A will be played by the top 5 players (thus awarding rating points). Dropping from this regular final will not grant access to the Nations Cup Final.
    • Final round B (or Nations Cup Final) will be played by the 5 non-finalists top-players from each country (not awarding any rating points). The country winning the Nations Cup Final will become the Nations Cup Winner.

More information will follow soon.