Fifth Transformation

19 November 2023, 08:00 – 15:00


This tournament will be using a restricted card pool from only the following sets:

All V5 Starters & New Bloods, Fall of London, Shadows of Berlin, Promo Pack 2 (excluding Una & Black Metamorphosis), Promo Pack 3, Anarch Convert, Charisma, Fee Stake: Corte, Fee Stake LA, Fee Stake: Perth, Archon Investigation, and all other Promotional Group 6&7 Vampires

There will be prizes for all finalists!

$10 in Store Credit @ to the winner
$5 in Store Credit @ to each other finalist

Organizer N/A (7730000)
Online tournament
2 + Final
Time Limit 2
Proxies are NOT allowed
Phone 3127254107