Sword of Vlrich Trophy Tournament Constructed 2006

04 March 2007, 12:00 – 20:00

Standard Constructed

Constructed Tournament. 2 prelim Rounds (2hrs ea.) 1 Final round (2.5 Hrs)
prizes: New VTES Prize Kit + 4 Boosters X number of players. Prizes are divided amongst the Final table with roughly half going to the winner.

Organizer N/A (2910000)
Weathertop Gaming Convention (Days Inn Surrey)
V6K 1R2, Surrey, Canada
Time Limit 2 hours prelim, 2.5 hours Final
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee $10 Cdn Incl Tax
Phone 1-800-663-0660
Website www.drexollgames.com


You must use either the XSLX file (Microsoft Excel) or the ODS file (LibreOffice). You can find the archons at https://www.vekn.net/downloads
Number of players
Archon file
WARNING: it may take some time...