The Night of the Fury - Manaus Siege

07 September 2006, 14:00 – 22:00

Build Your Own Storyline

In the last three centuries, a pact was established between the Balam shapeshifters and the Camarilla Kindred of the city of Manaus. It have been assured a calm existence, free from the werewolves.
But... lately, the things began to change. Every night more signs of the Garou presence are noticed. Now the Children of Cain and the Werejaguars join for the last stand.
\"Qui desiderat pacem, preparet bellum\"
\"If you want peace, prepare for war!\"

Organizer N/A (0000535)
69000000, Manaus, Brazil
Time Limit 2h
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee 2,00
Phone 3673-2831