Punish: NoR Prerelease

08 April 2006, 14:00 – 18:00

Launch Event

Double Stuffin drafting our Pre-release!

Double Duffin Draft
Each player provides 2 eleven card boosters.
Normal booster draft follows, ie take 1 pass left.
Repeat until out of cards.
Open second booster, take 1 pass right.
Repeat until out of cards.
You must play with all of the cards you draft.
Each player has 15 pool.
If you fail to draft any vampires, you will be ousted quickly.
If you are below hand size and have an empty library,
you may use a discard phase action to reshuffle your

Organizer N/A (0000722)
Dragon's Horde
30083, Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States
Time Limit none
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee $20
Phone 979-492-4771
Website http://thedragonshorde.com/