Elder Library

11 December 2010, 10:00 – 21:00

Standard Constructed

Format: 3 rounds + final
Prize: 1 boosters per player + 1 booster per player for the final round + promo cards

Special rules:
- no deck list needed (but might be asked at the winning player)
- from no on players ARE ALLOWED to enter the tournament before any round
- new behaviour rules apply (check with me please)

Organizer N/A (8671041)
Time Limit 2 hours
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee 5 €
Phone +351 937415522
Website http://domainlisboa.blogspot.com/


You must use either the XSLX file (Microsoft Excel) or the ODS file (LibreOffice). You can find the archons at https://www.vekn.net/downloads
Number of players
Archon file
WARNING: it may take some time...