"Inquisition Symphony" Ode to the Toreador

02 June 2012, 18:00 – 03 June 2012, 24:00


All participants will receive a Lord of the Night booster, a Treaty of Laibach promo, a Retribution promo, an Argent Baton promo, a The Marrakesh Codex promo, and a Genina, the Red Poet promo.

The best new player will receive a Sabbat War !Ventrue pre-constructed deck.

Top 3 finalist with receive a Lillith's Blessing promo card.

Final table winner will receive a Lord of the Night Booster, random Sabbat War rare cards, a Chimestry pin, and a Victor Pelletier promo card.

Organizer N/A (2142011)
A-Kon Anime Convention
75201, Dallas, Texas, United States
2 + Final
Time Limit 2 hours
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee $2
Phone 214-952-4087
Website http://presence.vekn.org/