United States National Championship 2013

01 September 2013, 12:00 – 20:00
Standard Constructed

This is the premiere event for the USA. The winner will be the US National Champion for 2013. 3 preliminary rounds (players play all rounds) and a final round for the top 5 players. Those players finishing in the top 25% are qualified to play in the North American Championship at Origins Game Fair in June 2014. Booster packs and promos for all, additional prizes for the winner.

Organizer Jeffrey Thompson
Venue Dragon Con
Downtown Atlanta
30303, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Rounds 3 + Final
Time Limit 2
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee 0, there is a fee for DragonCon
Phone 770-909-0115
Website http://www.thelasombra.com/USC2013.htm