2015 Australian VTES Open Championship

12 April 2015, 10:00 – 20:00

Continental Qualifier

This is year of the Australian VTES Open Event will be held in Brisbane again.

All are welcome as no qualification is required for this open event.

The tournament will be 3 rounds + finals. Entry fee will be $10 with boosters and promos being provided to all entrants. Registration starts at 10am and the first round starts at 10.30am. If we run late, the finals will be held at my place.

Any player who completes the event with a total of 2vps will be automatically qualified to play in the Continental Championships, which will be held in Melbourne in October.

As in previous years, the winner of the event will receive a trophy that they can take home and proudly display on their mantlepiece. Win this event and join the ranks of the previous winners, Tim, Ivor and Simon Reed. More importantly - Aussies, time to take back the title from the Kiwi!

Organizer N/A (4110004)
Good Games Brisbane
74 Little Edward St
4000, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
3 + Final
Time Limit 2hrs
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee $10
Phone 0434359468
Website https://www.facebook.com/events/1632122407017360/

Pos. Player GW VP TP Final Rating
Matthew Prescott 1 3.5 90 4.0 68
Glenn Tyler 0 2.0 90 0.0 19
Ben Szymkow 0 1.0 54 1.0 19
Simon Bourne 0 1.5 78 0.0 17
Tony Wedd 0 0.5 48 0.0 13