Creeping Sabotage, Go, Go! (online)

12 December 2020, 16:00 – 13 December 2020, 23:00

Unsanctioned Tournament

Two day online tournament (in English) on Lackey via Discord voice chat – with V5 cards already tournament legal.
Not VEKN rated, but rated in VTES Hook ranking system.
No fee, no prize support.
Games start 17:00 and 20:00 CET each day, timelimit 2h 30m per round.
Pre-Registration (much appreciated) will be possible from 7th December on, either in the VTES Facebook groups or on, the international VTES forum.
Final registration starts 12th December at 16:00 CET and ends 16:45 CET.
New players could be added Sunday, but only as long as the total number of tables would not change.

Organizer N/A (5810002)
Online tournament
3 + Final
Time Limit 2:30
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee none