file Bird Stole My Strikes - Goratrix & Zagreb

17 Jan 2011 18:58 #619 by Dorrinal
Deck Name : Bird Stole My Strikes
Author : John McGlynn
Description :
Goratrix and his little buddy Anastasz di Zagreb don't need strike cards, but they always wanted Carrion Crows to nudge their targets into torpor. Apportation and Rego Motus round out the combat package. Because the minions are huge this deck takes advantage of all the untaps available to Animalism and Auspex to generate many blocks. Zagreb should be focused on defense while Goratrix bleeds for 2. With smart pool defense and use of Villein, influence a third minion out in the middle-late game. Antediluvian Awakening for constant pressure, Smiling Jack for the finish. Oh and I hear bleeding for 3 at 1 stealth is good, too.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 8 max: 10 average: 9.08333
5x Goratrix 10 ANI AUS DOM THA vic !Tremere:2
1x Goratrix Adv 10 ANI AUS DOM THA vic Tremere:2
4x Anastasz di Zagreb 8 AUS THA ani cel dom justicar Tremere:3
1x Marino Reymundo Va 9 AUS DOM NEC THA ani archbishop !Tremere:3
1x Sascha Vykos, The Adv 8 AUS THA VIC ani dom archbishop Tzimisce:2

Library [76 cards]
Action [7]
1x Abbot
1x Army of Rats
3x Govern the Unaligned
2x Rutor's Hand

Action Modifier [9]
3x Bonding
1x Conditioning
3x Crocodile's Tongue
2x Mirror Walk

Combat [21]
7x Apportation
8x Carrion Crows
6x Rego Motus

Equipment [1]
1x Bowl of Convergence

Master [11]
1x Antediluvian Awakening
1x Giant's Blood
1x Metro Underground
2x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1x Tension in the Ranks
3x Villein
2x Wider View

Reaction [25]
1x Deflection
1x Eagle's Sight
1x Enhanced Senses
7x Eyes of Argus
2x My Enemy's Enemy
3x On the Qui Vive
4x Read the Winds
1x Sense the Savage Way
5x Telepathic Misdirection

Retainer [2]
1x Owl Companion
1x Raven Spy


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17 Jan 2011 19:00 #620 by Dorrinal
Okay, hit me. Obviously vulnerable to Kiss of Ra, Pentex Subversion and probably weenie potence. Might want to double up on Marino Reymundo Vasquez for the +1 bleed goodness. There is room for more masters but nothing's obvious. Anything obvious I've missed?


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17 Jan 2011 19:30 #623 by Joscha
I dislike decks which rely only on 2 vampires, even if you play tons of Wake and Untap. But that's just me.

Your deck is very vulnerable to S:CE. Admitted, not many decks play those cards at the moment. But sometimes you face some Ventrue, Followers of Set or Toreador deck.
Your deck has big problems if your prey is a bleed deck. He will do only d-actions (bleeds) against your grandprey. With only 1 Eagle's Sight you won't get in combat often.
Your one bleeding minion will be bounced (if a deck cannot handle at least one bleeding minion, it should be retired). Yeah, okay, Smiling Jack and Antediluvian Awakening, (maybe an Army of Rats). But that will piss of the whole table and you will have to block lots. What about a dreaded Elder Impersonation plus a Seduction? SJ is gone.
Next point: For a perfect combat you need Carrion Crows plus at least one Apportation for the press plus Regio Motus against probable hitback. Often you won't have the combo in hande as the combat cards are too few (AFAIsee). And only one minion could play the Crows on superior. Who cares about a combat against Anastasz?
You already talked about Pentex Subversion. It is your bane, why not adding cards against it? Play one copy yourself for contesting, play some Suddens and/or Washes.
I'd really like to see some good Goratrix decks, as he is really cool. But I doubt, that you will have much fun with this one, mate :( . Unfortunately I don't have any good ideas to turn this deck into a better one. To be honest I don't think there are many.

If you'd like to play Tremere-block take advantage of Anastasz' Justicar-title and block with Second Trad. There are some Toreador-Princes which can help a lot. Give him an Ivory Bow (with Magic of the Smith), maybe some other agg. damage weap. and rely on short-chain-combat (alas, this would be a complete other deck). Martin Weinmayr played such a deck a long time and reached the EC-Final in Heidelberg at least. I bet he won some tourneys with it.

Baron of Frankfurt
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20 Jan 2011 00:12 #674 by Dorrinal
I don't want to play Tremere-block, I want to play Carrion Crows + Theft of Vitae. It just so happens that two of the strongest :ani: :tha: minions have Theft built in, so I save deck space for things like Apportation and Rego Motus. Since they're huge, I needed to include plenty of untap and ways to protect my pool, and the deck sort of grew from there.


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20 Jan 2011 14:44 #683 by XZealot
You should dump the Animal Retainers and add Weather Control. You should refocus your reaction package on Eyes of Argus, Read the Winds, My Enemy's Enemy and Telepathic Misdirection.

This does two things, it beats most SCE eventually, usually right now, and it kills opposing retainers, which is huge.
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21 Jan 2011 07:05 #691 by Joscha
There is a good synergy of Carrion Crows and Telepathic Tracking. The cost of the latter card is easyly paid with the bloodstealing of Goratrix. Maybe that's the way of counter S:CE. You can always try to add Thoughts Betrayed. Although very expensive Goratrix is really scary then, especially after a Trap is played. It doesn't work with Anastasz though.

Baron of Frankfurt

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