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30 Oct 2017 21:51 #84056 by Azel
Been ages since I scribbled up a deck. This is attempting the ridiculous: !Nos vote w/ combat and high/mid cap bleed reduce package. Group 2/3 has weird aus availability, wanted to test a Dummy Corp, Confusion of the Eye & Telepathic Counter package. Weak vote is to mainly curry 2nd fiddle vote favor to bloat and table whittle. Attempts to avoid table hate.

1. How do you oust?
Weak. Mid- to late-game deck. Spying Missions, Finding the Path, and general attrition. Could use bleed boost permanents, like Laptop, Phone, or Tier of Souls. I'm thinking around 2-3, and wondering what to trim.

2. How do you survive?
Bleed reduce & vote bloat. Reduce is 21 pool at best, and one untapped big cap can cover a bleed for 4 with Dummy, CotE, & TC. Vote bloat is Finding the Path & Bribes, around 15 pool at best. Black Forest Base & Nos Kingdom as tangential bloat.

Vote defense is middling with titles and CotE. Combat is also middling. Unlock reaction is 10 cards at best, so quite solid.

3. Ideal board presence?
One big cap (9+), one mid cap (5+), and a go-fer (fetch minion) or two. Likely two will have to hold ground until mid-game.

4. Average turn?
Finding, Ani Mag, & Bribes, or Spying Mission & hunt setup. Wait patiently to reduce or opportunistically combat. Avoid table hate with low profile.

Deck Name: !Nos Find the Paths
Author: Azel
Description: !Nos vote Finding the Path, Ani Mag & Bribes. Curious experimental high/mid cap reduce package.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=10)
2x Kendrick 7 aus obf ANI POT Nosferatu antitribu:2
1x Shannon Price 3 ani obf Nosferatu antitribu:2
2x Yong-Sun (ADV) 10 aus ANI OBF POT THA Nosferatu antitribu:2
2x Aeron 9 aus pro ANI OBF POT Nosferatu antitribu:3
1x Calebos 8 cel ANI OBF POT Nosferatu antitribu:2
2x Christanius Lionel 6 pot ANI OBF Nosferatu antitribu:2
2x Cicatriz 5 ani obf pot Nosferatu antitribu:2

Library: 80 cards

Master (14 cards)
4x Life in the City
1x Nosferatu Kingdom
2x Obfuscate
1x Purchase Pact
1x Black Forest Base
1x Communal Haven: Temple
4x Dummy Corporation

Action (1 cards)
1x Conceal

Action Modifier (15 cards)
3x Animal Magnetism
5x Spying Mission
7x Bribes

Action Modifier/Combat (3 cards)
3x Shadow Boxing

Political Action (8 cards)
8x Finding the Path

Combat (16 cards)
3x Thrown Sewer Lid
5x Aid from Bats
8x Carrion Crows

Reaction (23 cards)
1x Fillip
2x On the Qui Vive
4x Rat's Warning
6x Telepathic Counter
3x Cats' Guidance
7x Confusion of the Eye

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31 Oct 2017 20:53 #84063 by ICL
Replied by ICL on topic !Nos Vote n Reduce madness
My rule for skill cards is add up the number of distinct crypt members you want to upgrade, divide by 2, round .5 down. So, that would be 1x Obfuscate. Though, upgrading Auspex seems way more important to me.

Legendary Vampire is an option, of course, but Powerbase: Madrid seems the most fitting change.

Finding the Path is not only rather weak but gets just ridiculous when you Bribes it. I would at least run Anarchist Uprising and Ancilla Empowerment as devastation every right-thinking Meth could get behind. Con Boon prevents death, unless people constantly Delay it. Need some other offense. Plus, would likely want at least 12 votes, I'd probably end up with around 14 for a "no, really, this is a vote deck" vote deck. Black Forest Base only exacerbates offense problems in certain matchups.

In terms of what isn't pulling the weight, inferior TC just doesn't seem like it does enough for the number of slots it's eating. From a holistic card type distribution standpoint, the reactions and combat seem high. Now, a different view would be to think of the deck as a "no, this really isn't a vote deck, it just has votes" non-vote deck where you play a game of casual defense until the moment you ... um ... win. In which case, TC for one is kind of amusing, but FtP is still not remotely enough damage. But, it would be boring to change the offense to bleed.

In general, I'd look for crypt acceleration. The problem with the metagame still seems to be tons of giant dudes who may end up Banishmenting you or otherwise preventing you from getting enough minions out to be a serious threat.

What about filling the crypt out with BH and using BH bleed reduction?

Creation Rites is another path, that would synergize with more Con Boons and not so much with more AE/AU.

Isn't every deck better with Couriers?
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01 Nov 2017 08:01 #84075 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic !Nos Vote n Reduce madness

4x Dummy Corporation

Be careful not to rely too much on this card: it's on the watch list because of its power level.

Prince of Paris, France
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01 Nov 2017 08:05 #84076 by Azel
Replied by Azel on topic !Nos Vote n Reduce madness
Dummy Corp is on the watch list because of its power level? :) You've got to be kidding! What sort of deck madness did I miss out on in the intervening years? I love me some sarcasm. :D

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01 Nov 2017 08:22 - 01 Nov 2017 08:37 #84077 by Azel
Replied by Azel on topic !Nos Vote n Reduce madness
Thanks for the Master Discipline ratio! That's great stuff. I am getting 5 vampires for 2.5, round .5 down, to 2 OBF in my math, though. Maybe I am giving the wrong impression of a more serious vote deck? I am thinking of Kendrick & Cicatriz at least because of CotE cap-size increase & Spying Mission, (and even Shannon with OBF Spying is solid).

Do you actually see voting potential in this crypt for something more aggressive? I'd trust your opinion on that. I thought I'd be lucky to parley FtP & Bribes for a weird non-PRE vote bloat module experiment.

Basically these are the two main experiments: Oportunistic non-PRE, non-breed, vote bloat, and Big cap obf & aus bleed reduce
. A lot of non-bounce clans can access these, as it'd be big caps & basic (often unused spare) disciplines at most. It's exploring how it may free up Master slots from standard Master bloat.

Yes, it's weird and crazy, but VTES community evolves glacially, so might as well explore laterally while waiting. !Nos is a lower tier clan yet has some interesting flexible strengths for this experiment. It can combat, intercept, and deliver packages with equanimity. I don't know where I should focus first, but I think I will try your advice for a more aggresive vote version.

It's funny you should mention BH Truth in Ink bleed reduce. My first version was a different crypt interested in doing a thematic exploration of Hand Intervention, Deploy the Hand, and Truth in Ink + CotE + Dummy bleed reduce. I just doubted I could juggle all that aggression and decided on these two experiments instead -- they are also more democratizable experiment results as we wait for disciplineless bounce. :p
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01 Nov 2017 10:14 - 02 Nov 2017 09:55 #84083 by elotar
Replied by elotar on topic !Nos Vote n Reduce madness
As I understand, you can have one creative thing in a deck, but more than that will not work.

FtP is an interesting card, cause it's kind of arithmetically better, than KRC (5 pool table swing vs 4), but then rest of your deck should work to make it matter.

For me it looks like Army of Rats, Smiling Jack, Information Network, power-bases, ani intercept and sabbat cards to block (D) actions. So you should be actually a wall.

Bribes have to go out unconditionally - it gives pool to the table which is terrible with your lack of ousting power.

:splat: NC Russia
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