file Why do so few people play VTES on Lackey?

30 Mar 2018 04:16 #86087 by mjvtes521
LONG POST WARNING, but I got stuff to say.

It really surprises me how few people play VTES on Lackey. Especially during "American time zones", meaning during evening times in the Pacific (which I'm in), Mountain, Central and Eastern time zones. Euros have a solid presence on Lackey, but hardly ever are there more than 10 people on at a time. Lackey is not real life VTES, but it sure as heck isn't JOL. Especially if you play a skype game with people you know, it's really just like real life VTES minus the travel time, the cards in hand, counters to clink, and people's facial expressions. It is an extremely easy interface to learn and use, as you can just click and drag and drop everything. Deck building is a cinch, and you have access to every card in the game. And yet nobody ever plays. What's up with that?

Now I get that many VTES players are older and have families and all that (I have a wife and 2 girls), and I get that Lackey games still take 2-3 hours. And I know JOL requires less time commitment at once, but come on, JOL is lame and nothing like VTES IRL. It seems from these forums, the attendance at the EC in Berlin, and the fact that new real cards were just printed, that a lot of people like to play VTES (even those with meager collections). So why not play an evening game on Lackey once a week or so (with every card there is), especially if you don't have the time, place, or the players to play IRL?

Yes I know that I am a fiend for VTES, clearly, and I should probably play less and hang with my wife more, but I try to get a game going on Lackey most nights (when my kids are asleep) during these American evening time zones, and it almost never happens. If we want the game printed again so badly (according to the people that read and post to this forum), why aren't we playing it more?

Americans, or non-Americans that don't sleep or play late, wouldn't you like to play some vtes online once a week, in the comfort of your own home? Can we make this happen? I'm down almost any night that isn't a Wednesday, since I play IRL then.

I'd also love to get a weekly game going, with Skype or not. I'm happy to teach you the interface, it's not hard at all. I'll even teach VTES newbies (preferably with skype). The info to download Lackey is here: www dot lackeyccg dot com slash vtes, and there is a VTES LackeyCCG facebook page to use to find players. If you're interested, let me know here what nights work for you, or just jump on there during my evening times (Pacific), and I’ll probably be hosting a game.

Thanks for reading my long rant. Now let's play some VTES!

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30 Mar 2018 06:48 #86091 by Killiam
I've played on Lackey and enjoyed it, although it has now been a couple of years since I last did.

For me, the main issue is setting aside time. It's rare for me to be online for hours at a sitting (unless I'm at work), and I'm very rarely lucky enough to know that I won't be interrupted and pulled away.

I'm still a member of the FB group and occasionally entertain thoughts of playing. I could maybe schedule something, but it would have to be well in advance (like weeks), and I would have to coordinate that with my family's schedule and get their approval ahead of time.

That said---single people out there with time on your hands: I would recommend giving Lackey a try. The games are slower, yes (about 3 hours instead of 2), but still quite rewarding, and once you've done it a couple times, putting together an online deck is far easier than putting one together with physical cards. Unlimited card pool too -- sky's the limit!

Happy hunting.

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30 Mar 2018 07:39 #86092 by elotar
Card games are not fun online.

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30 Mar 2018 08:33 #86093 by GreyB
I loved playing on lackey, except for the following:

No time limit
More than often I don't have more than 2.5 hours to spend, games on lackey can take up to 4 hours. Every single game took longer than I expected...

Rude people
I sometimes watch games and add rude people to my blacklist so that when I do have some time to burn, I make sure I don't play with these people. If I'm burning 3-4 hours on a game I pretty much prefer not to be constantly called a moron by someone because I'm not doing what he wants or experience a rage quit on the 1hour mark. When games start with these people, I don't play.

Lately, I simply don't have the time, otherwise I would be on lackey more frequently.

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30 Mar 2018 11:26 #86094 by beslin igor
Grey B i remember you from games in Lackey,you be active one time.
you said time limit is problem,you need to said that before game start,or beter for you to focuse on game with 4 players,sometime these games be finished in 1 hour or more-depends of decks and players.
if you have problems with frendly game and people no acept time limit you can join in tournament whu i organize,there exist time limit,2,5 hours qualifications and for final is 3 hours but 90% of the games are over before the time runs out.
About rude people i dont know for you blacklist but i have mine blacklist and quiters and cowards will not play in the tournament I'm organizing.
and frankly such players do not have much.
Do not allow for 3 players to stop playing the game you love.
if necessary we will announce their war and remove they out from games online.
For some time I've been thinking about it.
when you have time join and play,i repeat : not allow for 3 players to stop playing the game you love.

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30 Mar 2018 16:54 #86100 by Lönkka
Don't like to play online, but I'm very intrigued by the cowards.

Why are some lackey players cowards?
Quitters I get, but what makes a coward?

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