Rule Team Rulings 9/28/98

The errata and rulings below go into effect for DCI Sanctioned Tournaments on 11/1/98 (the standard delay for rulings and errata issued after the 15th of the month).

The clarifications apply immediately, of course.


Powerbase: New York

The action to steal the blood cannot be taken by your own Sabbat vampires. (The WotC spoiler list has text to this effect, but the actual card does not.)

Reform Body

Can be played in combat (as a combat card) by either combatant, acting or reacting/blocking.

Can also be played (as a reaction card) from Torpor, even though only Ready vampires can play reaction cards by default.

(To match the original intent of the card as verified by one of the playtesters of the Sabbat expansion).


Requirement: another card

If a card targets (chooses, selects, is played on, etc.) another card, then the card can only be played if an appropriate target is available. 

Examples: Compel the Spirit can only be played if the retainer or ally in question is in your ash heap - it cannot be played on a Mummy (who was returned to your library rather than the ash heap). And Brujah Frenzy cannot be played if there is no suitable minion for the Brujah to enter combat with.

REVERSAL: This ruling reverses an old ruling on Strike: Steal/Destroy Equipment/Weapon. Such strikes cannot be used if the opposing minion doesn't have a suitable Equipment/Weapon to be destroyed/stolen.

Strike: Combat Ends followed by combat cards.

Combat cards cannot be played after combat.

REVERSAL: This includes after a Srike: Combat Ends resolves. (So you cannot play Pulled Fangs, Disarm, Amaranth, etc. after a strike: end combat).

Note: superior Psyche! is played at the end of combat (so, technically, after combat) by card text, so can still be used after a strike: end combat. 

Note 2: effects which are to occur at the end of a round/combat will still occur if the round/combat is ended by strike: combat ends (like superior Drawing out the Beast's damage and inferior Undead Persistence's torpor).


REVERSAL: Cannot be used if the "attempt to use aggravated damage" is not applicable at the current range. The most common example is an aggravated hand strike done at long range.



The "other Methuselah" is announced when the card is played (before any decisions are made to play Sudden Reversal, for example).

Mind Rape and Return to Innocence

When played on a vampire who is then the victim of a Banishment, these cards (like all minion cards) become uncontrolled (and cease to function) until the vampire returns to the controlled area. When the vampire returns to the controlled area, these cards' effects resume, ready to be "activated" at the next appropriate time.

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence doesn't care if the player who is your Prey changes (via Dramatic Upheaval or whatever). During your untap, you will remove the vampire from play and your Prey (whoever that is at the time) will burn X pool (assuming Return to Innocence hasn't been burned before then, of course).