Rules Team Rulings 01-MAY-2000

 The new erratum below applies to all official V:EKN tournaments as of June 1, 2000 (The standard delay for new errata). Judges are free to use it before that time, provided they ensure that the players are aware of the new errata before the tournament.


Life Boon doesn't provide a VP if you are ousted. Since (as a master card) it is burned when you are ousted, this makes some sense, but it is still errata to change the "even if you are ousted by then" to "unless you are ousted by then". 

Note: this means that you cannot get a VP for your own ousting - you will be ousted (and Life Boon's effect will terminate) before you can collect.


An individual Priscus is not tainted by the result of the Prisci sub-referendum. (This only matters for cards like Bribes and Scorn of Adonis that care which way individual minions voted.) A Priscus is considered to have voted "for" or "against" (or to have abstained from) the main referendum based on how he cast his vote(s) in the sub-referendum, regardless of the result of that sub-referendum. For example, if the Prisci sub-referendum is for the main referendum and Scorn of Adonis was played, the controller of a Priscus who voted against the sub-referendum would still lose a pool as a result of Scorn of Adonis. This is a reversal of a previous ruling.

Banishment should be more consistent. That is, Banished vampires "remember" everything, just like contested vampires do. Additionally, cards on Banished vampires (both Master cards and Minion cards) are out of play and do not contest (just as the Banished vampire himself is out of play does not contest). This ruling applies to all methods of moving a vampire in play to the uncontrolled region (incl. The Peace of Khetamon). Examples: gained or lost titles will still be gained/lost when the vampire is returned to the controlled region, and Master discipline cards do not contribute to the capacity of the vampire while he (and they) are uncontrolled. This reverses some previous rulings.

In a similar vein, leaving play (via Contesting, Banishement, or whatever) is ruled/errata'ed to break any lingering *temporary* change-of-control effects (like Mind Rape, Malkavian Dementia, and Temptation), but not any permanent change-of-control effects (like Grave Robbing and Corruption). So a demented Malkavian who is Banished would be placed in his permanent controller's uncontrolled region - not in the uncontrolled region of the Methuselah who played Malkavian Dementia.

Illusions of the Kindred cannot be played if your Crypt is empty, by the general ruling against playing effects that choose/target something when there is no "something" to choose/target. This is a reversal of the previous Illusions of Kindred ruling, making it match the general ruling.

Superior Terror Frenzy ("Opposing minion pays an additional blood when playing combat cards") doesn't affect allies (unless the ally is playing a card "as a vampire", in which case he pays the additional blood in life, as directed on his card). The effect is ruled to be a "burn blood" effect, and allies are immune to burn blood effects in general.