Fellow Methuselahs,

After feedback of the community, and in order to remove unnecessary complexity to the game, the following rules with be effective as for April 02, 2018 (as always, changes contained herein do not go into effect for santioned tournaments for 30 days.)

Rule change #1: Timing during the Influence phase

Vampires (or Imbued) are no longer automatically moved to the ready region at the end of the influence phase. Instead, they are actively moved to the ready region by the player.

As a consequence, you cannot self-contest a unique vampire or imbued anymore (per rule 4.1. Contested Cards): the crypt card has to stay in the uncontrolled region. Minions that have a replacement effect as they would come into play (eg., Anarch Convert) or that cannot be contested (eg., Jimmy Dunn) can still be played as before.

Also, the number of transfers a player receives each turn is determined at the start of the influence phase. Cards that provide transfers upon use can still be triggered during the influence phase to get more transfers.

Eg., Alice controls Information Highway (+2 transfers) and Ennoia's Theater (lock to get +1 transfer), and has Ingrid Rossler (9 capacity, +2 transfers if ready) with 7 blood in her uncontrolled region.

Alice receives 6 transfers at the start of her influence phase. She uses 2 transfers to move 2 pool to Ingrid Rossler (+2 transfers if ready) and decides to move her to the ready region. Alice doesn't get the +2 transfers granted by Ingrid Rossler, but can lock Ennoia's Theater to get 1 more transfer. She does so and uses her 5 remaining transfers to move 5 pool to another uncontrolled vampire, and declares the end of her influence phase.

Note: The abilities of vampires or Imbued such as Angela Preston or Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton can now be used the turn they are put into play.

Updated rulebook text:

IV. Influence phase
At the start of her influence phase, the player gets 4 transfers, except the first three turns of the game, where players get one, two, and three transfers on the first, second, and third turn, respectively.
Like master phase actions, transfers can be spent for different effects, and transfers that have not been spent are lost when proceeding to the next phase.
These effects are:
- Spend 1 transfer: move one blood counter from her pool to a vampire in her uncontrolled region
- Spend 2 transfers: move one blood counter from a vampire in her uncontrolled region to her pool
- Spend 4 transfers and pay 1 pool: draw a crypt card.
- Spend 4 transfers and pay 1 pool: merge a base and an advanced version of a vampire.
Some cards allow spending transfers to produce other effects. Some cards also grant additional transfers.
At any time during this phase, if a vampire has at least as many blood counters as his capacity, the player can move that vampire to the ready region. The blood counters on the vampire stay on him and become his blood. Blood counters in excess to his capacity are burned (see sec. H.1. Crypt cards). If the vampire grants additional transfers, those can’t be used on this turn because transfers are gained at the start of the influence phase.

Rule change #2: Recruiting allies

Allies that are recruited are now moved to the ready region instead of the uncontrolled region, but cannot take actions the turn they are recruited. (This applies only to allies that are recruited, not allies that are put into play by other means.)

Allies that previously were moved to the ready region when recruited (Nocturn, Infernal Servitor) are not restricted by this rule. They read now: "This ally can act the turn it is recruited."

This doesn't change anything in the count of ready minions controlled by a Methuselah but makes it more intelligible than a ready minion in the uncontrolled region.

This implies a few changes:
- an ally that has been recruited this turn can now block a vampire controlled by another Methuselah that is acting out-of-turn during the same turn.
- an ally that has been recruited this turn can now be burned by cards such as Abomination.

Rule change #3: Caitiff as a clan

Caitiff is now a clan. When choosing a clan, Caitiff is now a valid choice (eg., Consanguineous Boon, Clan Impersonation etc.)

Note: Clanless vampires are still considered as vampires without a clan, not Caitiff.

The rule stating that Caitiff are clanless, while true to the canon, has had negligible impact on games of V:tES, but adds an unnecessary complexity to the game.