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02 Sep 2012 19:00 - 03 Sep 2012 15:29 #35783 by PetriWessman
  • Tournament: Finnish 2012 ECQ
  • Date: Friday July 27th, 2012
  • Place: Ropecon 2012 gaming convention, Dipoli, Espoo, Finland
  • Players: 71
  • Format: EC Qualifier (constructed), 3R+F
  • Organizer/judge: Petri Wessman
  • Winner: Randal Rudstam (see below for deck list)

This year's Finnish ECQ was run, once again, at the Ropecon gaming convention. While the attendance this year was somewhat lower than during previous years, it was still quite decent with 71 players participating. Most of the players were Finnish, but we did have some international guests also (Denmark, Sweden and France were represented by brave travelers).

This year the tournament was run at "Täffä" (TF), the building next to the main Dipoli conference center. This has previously been the domain of board games, but we decided to try to move card game tournaments there this year. While it wasn't totally ideal, being a bit cramped at times, I feel it was still a bit better than the main building -- if nothing else, the ventilation worked somewhat better. I got everything set up well on time, thanks to various volunteers on site (thanks, all!), and we got the tournament started more or less on time -- a concern, since TF closes for the night at some point.

I didn't see any one deck type dominate the scene. Oh, there were lots of recognizable archetypes being used, but even those often had some tweaks in them. Less Animalism than I was expecting, honestly... maybe everyone was expecting the Nana deck type to be too well known and prepared against? Not sure. The old staple of Dominate was everpresent, of course, but even that didn't seen to be as overwhelmingly represented as during some previous years. Overall, all I can really say about the decks I saw in general is: huge variety. This, in my mind, is a good thing.

The final round was an interesting affair; lots of action without things getting bogged down at any point. ıi]two[/i] Swedes made it to the finals, and the final win went to one of them (Randal). See below for deck lists and a transcript of the final round.

I would like to thank all the players for helping keep everything running smoothly, and especially the Finnish NC Janne Lönnqvist who was, once again, an immense help with everything (including providing everyone with a huge pile of promo cards).

P.S. Randal has a blog post up which also has some notes about the tournament.

P.P.S. I can't personally make it to the EC this year, our second child will be born this month assuming everything goes well, and I need to be at home to help with things (the first-born is only 1.5 years at the moment, and takes up lots of time also). Maybe next year. :)

-Petri “Orava” Wessman


The bolded players received EC qualification for 2012.
RankNamePrelim GWsPrelim VPsFinal VPsDeck/comment
1Randal Rudstam294Gubbarna (see below)
2Michael Holmström29Lutz and Unmada shifts the temptation (see below)
2Otso Saariluoma311With Cannon You Can (see below)
2Aleksi Nuora29Daughters Will Sing Satanic Messages
2Tomi Sillanpää2101Lasombra Dominate (see below)
6Heikki Palomäki28
7Petrus Makkonen27"AVENGER" Time Management Co.
8Adam Esbjörnsson26
9Tuomas Vuokko16.5
10Mikko Hyvärinen16
11Jari Mäkikyrö15.5
12Ida Olsson Bjärmark15.5
12Hannu Kokkonen15.5
14Jarkko Suvela15
15Timo Rekola14
16Mika Nurmikolu14
17Juha Nyholm14
18Toni Karjalainen14
18Niina Stenberg14
20Marko Lindroos13
21Jari Vulli13
22Tuukka Kallas13
23Raymond Mäkeläinen13Lasombra 2000
24Pascal Bertrand12.5Shalmath Wall
25Ari Lensu04.5Paha Arkkitehti
26Timo Snellman04
27Otso Turunen04
28Karri Malm03.5Kindred Spirits bleed
29Teemu Pulkkinen03Malkavian S+B
30Kari Mäkinen03
31Sebastian Schiavone03
32Are Vaskela02.5
32Antti Horelli02.5
34Marko Saari02.5
34Simo Kuosmanen02.5Nosset Dominatella
36Johan Wahlström02
37Tommi Hakomaa02Aabt Kindred Anarch Vote
37Akseli Jalava02
37Lasse Pöyry02
40Aleksi Kivilahti02
41Samuel Mäenpää02
42Isak Esbjörnsson Bjärmark01.5Shambling Softfoot
43Teemu Sainomaa01.5
43Juho Vuorikoski01.5
45Matias Frosterus01.5
46Antti Iivari01
47Sauli Samila01
47Johannes Leppä01
47Jyri Puhakka01
50Klas Swanljung01
50Olli-Kalle Kauppinen01
52Reima Tuovinen01
52Jussi Hattara01Armin Hammer
52Juhani Puska01
55Mikko Berkovits00.5
55Kimmo Pekkola00.5
57Ville Kilpi00
57Mikko Moisander00
59Mikko Laine00
60Joonas Kirsi00
60Jesper Wøldiche Rahkonen00
60Ari-Pekka Alestalo00
60Matti Palomäki00
64Janne Lönnqvist00
65Anssi Rekola00
65Tom Lindberg00
65Tuomas Sallinen00
65Lauri Salmi00
65Pasi Karjalainen00
70Peter Kaario00
DQTapio Törrönen00Imbued

The DQ is from leaving the tournament after two rounds (he let me know well before 3rd round started, so no problem there).


Tournament Winner (Randal Rudstam)

Deck Name: Gubbarna
A bleed deck that I tweaked for the RopeCon meta by using less bleed and more stealth and reaction cards.

Original Stefan Karlsson, lates update from who I tweaked the deck Alexander Båskman

Crypt (Capacity min=10 max=11 avg=10.5; 12 cards)

3x Arika 11 aus cel DOM FOR OBF PRE Ventrue:2
1x Esau 10 AUS DEM DOM OBF PRE Malkavian:3
1x Etrius 11 pro AUS DOM OBF THA Tremere:2
4x Huitzilopochtli 10 AUS DAI DOM OBF PRE POT Baali:2
1x Leandro 11 cel dom AUS OBF PRE Malkavian:2
1x Nefertiti 10 cel pot DOM OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:2
1x Ur-Shulgi, The Shepherd 11 aus CEL DOM OBF QUI THA Assamite:2

Library (72 cards)

Master (30 cards)
6x Ashur Tablets
1x Coven, The
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
2x Information Highway
1x Jake Washington (Hunter)
1x Metro Underground
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Parthenon, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
6x Villein
6x Zillah's Valley

Event (1 cards)
1x Anthelios, The Red Star

Action (7 cards)
2x Entrancement
3x Intimidation
1x Mind Rape
1x Unleash Hell's Fury

Political Action (1 cards)
1x Banishment

Action Modifier (18 cards)
1x Cloak the Gathering
2x Conditioning
3x Elder Impersonation
1x Enkil Cog
3x Faceless Night
1x Foreshadowing Destruction
1x Into Thin Air
5x Lost in Crowds
1x Spying Mission

Reaction (10 cards)
2x Deflection
2x Eyes of Argus
4x Obedience
2x On the Qui Vive

Combo (5 cards)
2x Force of Personality
1x Hide the Mind
2x Murmur of the False Will

Other Finalists

Aleksi Nuora

Deck Name : Daughters Will Sing Satanic Messages
Author : Aleksi Nuora
Description :
They say that if you play Lily Prelude backwards it sounds like "4 pool damage to my predator"

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 6 average: 4.33333
4x Yseult (6):FOR: :MEL: :PRE:Daughter of Cacophony(group 3)
2x Angela Preston (5):MEL: :PRE: :for:Daughter of Cacophony(group 2)
2x Tupdog (1):POT: :VIS:Gargoyle(group 3)
1x Gael Pilet (6):FOR: :MEL: :chi: :pre:Daughter of Cacophony(group 2)
1x Delilah Monroe (4):MEL: :for: :pre:Daughter of Cacophony(group 2)
1x Celeste, The Voice of a Secret (3):mel: :pre:Daughter of Cacophony(group 2)
1x Muse (3):ani: :for: :mel:Daughter of Cacophony(group 2)

Library [80 cards]

Action [2]
2x Charming Lobby

Action Modifier [36]
4x Awe
4x Bewitching Oration
4x Cryptic Rider
4x Echo of Harmonies
8x Missing Voice, The
1x Perfect Paragon
3x Virtuosa
8x Voter Captivation

Action Modifier/Combat [5]
5x Force of Personality

Action Modifier/Reaction [6]
6x Madrigal

Master [17]
1x Antediluvian Awakening
3x Bastille Opera House
1x Bleeding the Vine
3x Conductor
1x Creepshow Casino
2x Paris Opera House
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
2x Protected Resources
2x Wash
1x Wider View

Political Action [14]
3x Kine Resources Contested
11x Lily Prelude

Michael Holmström

Deck Name : Lutz and Unmada shifts the temptation
Author : Michael Holmstrm
Description :
This is a vote deck with no big surprise in it. Bring out your big minions with votes and Parity Shift to your heart's content. There is one card that is maybe too strong to try out for your self :)

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 9 max: 11 average: 10
4x Lutz von Hohenzollern (11):AUS: :DEM: :OBF: :PRE: :pot:inner circleMalkavian(group 4)
4x Unmada (10):AUS: :DEM: :OBF: :VIC: :cel: :for:justicarMalkavian(group 5)
2x Dmitra Ilyanova (9):CEL: :FOR: :POT: :PRE: :obf:justicarBrujah(group 5)
2x Undele (9):CEL: :FOR: :obf: :pre: :ser:magajiIshtarri(group 5)

Library [63 cards]

Action Modifier [12]
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Faceless Night
3x Forgotten Labyrinth
2x Into Thin Air
3x Lost in Crowds

Combat [4]
4x No Trace

Master [26]
1x Coven, The
1x Giant's Blood
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
2x Information Highway
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
3x Protected Resources
1x Secure Haven
1x Temptation of Greater Power
6x Villein
8x Zillah's Valley

Political Action [21]
1x Anarchist Uprising
1x Ancient Influence
1x Ancilla Empowerment
3x Banishment
1x Conservative Agitation
5x Kine Resources Contested
1x Neonate Breach
6x Parity Shift
1x Political Stranglehold
1x Reins of Power

Otso Saariluoma

Deck Name : With Cannon You Can
Author : Otso Saaruiluoma
Description :
Ropecon 2012 finalist

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 11 average: 7.33333
4x Anson (8):CEL: :PRE: :aus: :dom:princeToreador(group 1)
2x Volker, The Puppet Prince (5):CEL: :pot:princeBrujah(group 2)
1x Alexandra (11):ANI: :AUS: :CEL: :PRE: :dom:inner circleToreador(group 2)
1x Anneke (10):AUS: :CEL: :PRE: :dom:justicarToreador(group 1)
1x Francois Villon (10):AUS: :CEL: :PRE: :chi: :obf: :pot:princeToreador(group 2)
1x Marcellus (8):AUS: :CEL: :pro:princeToreador(group 2)
1x Victor Tolliver (4):CEL: :pot:Brujah antitribu(group 2)
1x Sarah Brando (3):CEL:Brujah antitribu(group 2)

Library [78 cards]

Action [2]
1x Big Game
1x Bum's Rush

Combat [25]
1x Blur
6x Concealed Weapon
8x Infernal Pursuit
4x Psyche!
3x Pursuit
1x Sideslip
2x Taste of Vitae

Equipment [6]
6x .44 Magnum

Event [2]
1x Anthelios, The Red Star
1x Dragonbound

Master [34]
9x Ashur Tablets
1x Direct Intervention
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
1x Giant's Blood
4x Haven Uncovered
1x Information Highway
1x Lilith's Blessing
1x Parthenon, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Powerbase: Montreal
6x Villein
1x Wider View
5x Zillah's Valley

Political Action [2]
2x Parity Shift

Reaction [7]
7x Second Tradition: Domain

Tomi Sillanpää

Deck Name : Tomi's Ropecon 2012 Finalist Deck
Author : Tomi Sillanpaa
Description :
Nothing too unique here.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 7 average: 5.41667
3x Banjoko (5):DOM: :obt: :pot:Lasombra(group 3)
2x Henri Lavenant (7):DOM: :OBT: :pot: :qui:Lasombra(group 3)
2x Ermenegildo, The Rake (5):DOM: :OBT: :pot:Lasombra(group 4)
1x Isanwayen (6):DOM: :MYT: :OBT:Kiasyd(group 4)
1x Onaedo (6):DOM: :OBT: :aus: :pot:Lasombra(group 4)
1x Virginie, Prodigy (6):DOM: :POT: :obt:bishopLasombra(group 4)
1x Dame Hollerton (5):DOM: :OBT: :myt:Kiasyd(group 4)
1x Lucy Markowitz (3):dom: :obt:Lasombra(group 4)

Library [80 cards]

Action [16]
14x Govern the Unaligned
2x Tattoo Signal

Action Modifier [27]
5x Art of Memory, The
3x Bonding
3x Conditioning
2x Foreshadowing Destruction
2x Seduction
4x Shadow Play
4x Shroud of Absence
2x Shroud of Night
1x Stone Travel
1x Tenebrous Form

Ally [7]
7x Nocturn

Combat [3]
1x Oubliette
2x Shadow Body

Master [16]
1x Anarch Troublemaker
3x Corporal Reservoir
2x Coven, The
1x Direct Intervention
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x House of Sorrow
2x Life in the City
1x Path of Night, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Remover
1x Watchtower: Four Ride Forth

Reaction [11]
6x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics
3x On the Qui Vive

Final Round Transcript

This is based on my personal notes, scribbled down during the game. Some detail is missing and there may be mistakes here and there.

The final round was played in Dipoli, since TF was closing for the night at 3am latest. Play started at 1:10 am and ended at 2:21 am.

The players were (in seating order):
  1. Michael Holmström
  2. Randal Rudstam
  3. Aleksi Nuora
  4. Otso Saariluoma
  5. Tomi Sillanpää

Turn 1

Michael: Zillah

  • Information Highway, gets Washed by Aleksi
  • Zillah
  • Anthelios

Aleksi: trade Protected Resources for a Wash (Anthelios)

Otso: Zillah

Tomi: bring out Lucy Markowitz

Turn 2

  • Zillah
  • bring out Dmitra Ilyanova

Randal: Pentex on Dmitra

Aleksi: bring out Yseult

  • Zillah
  • bring out Volker
  • bring out Francois Villon

  • Coven
  • Lucy plays Nocturn
  • Lucy bleeds w/Conditioning
  • bring out Banjoko

Turn 3

Michael: Villein Dmitra for 8

Randal: bring out Arika

  • Yseult tries to call KRC, Villon blocks w/2nd Trad, V gets concealed Magnum after lots of presses and Infernal Pursuits, Yseult goes to torpor
  • bring out Delilah Monroe
  • bring out Tupdog

  • Villein Francois Villon empty, use Coven on him
  • Dreams of the Sphinx
  • Villon steals 2 blood from Banjoko
  • bring out Sarah Brando

  • Lucy rescues Yseult
  • Banjoko bleeds with GtU

Turn 4

Michael: bring out Lutz

  • Villein Arika for 8
  • Ashur
  • Arika bleeds, gets Enkil Cog
  • bring out Huitzilopochtli

  • use Coven on Yseult
  • Yseult removes Pentex

  • Lilith's Blessing
  • Sarah bleeds for 1
  • Volker bleeds for 1
  • Villon steals 2 from Yseult

  • Banjoko bleeds with GtU
  • Lucy does the same
  • bring out Ermenegildo

Turn 5

  • Villein Lutz for 10
  • Lutz calls Political Stranglehold, passes
  • Dmitra calls Conservative Agitation 4/1, passes

  • Ashur
  • Huitzilopochtli plays Unleash Hell's Fury
  • Arika bleeds for 6 (Intimidation)
  • Huitzilopochtli bleeds for 2

  • Protected Resources
  • Yseult hunts

  • Parthenon
  • Giant's Blood on Villon
  • Villon bleeds for 2, bounced to Michael
  • Volker gets a Magnum
  • Sarah bleeds for 1

  • Corporal Reservoir on Banjoko
  • Lucy hunts
  • Banjoko bleeds for 1 w/Art of Memory
  • Ermenegildo bleeds for 1
  • bring out Dame Hollerton

Turn 6

  • Villein Lutz for 3
  • Protected Resources
  • Lutz hunts
  • Dmitra votes blood for Lutz & herself

  • Metro Underground
  • Huitzilopochtli bleeds for 2
  • Arika bleeds for 3

  • Bastille Opera House
  • Yseult bleeds, Villon blocks w/2nd Trad, Yseult goes to torpor
  • Delilah bleeds, Villon blocks w/2nd Trad
  • (Randal's) Arika bleeds w/Enkil, Aleksi ousted (@1:47)

  • Haven Uncovered on Arika
  • Ashur
  • Volker rushes Arika, Arika goes to torpor
  • Villon calls Parity Shift from Randal, passes

  • Ermenegildo bleeds with GtU and Art of Memory
  • Dame rescues Arika
  • Lucy bleeds for 1
  • Banjoko bleeds with GtU

Turn 7

  • Lutz calls KRC 3/1, passes
  • Dmitra calls Banishment on Banjoko, does not pass

  • Ashur (3rd)
  • Arika hunts, Villon tries to block but fails

  • Ashur x 2
  • Sarah rushes Arika, Obedience
  • Volker rushes Arika, runs into Hell's Fury, goes to torpor
  • Villon rushes Arika, Obedience
  • Arika bleeds for 6 (Enkil)

  • Anarch Troublemaker
  • Dame bleeds with GtU

Turn 8

  • Villein Dmitra for 3
  • Lutz calls KRC 3/1, passes
  • Dmitra votes blood for herself, passes

  • Huitzilopochtli bleeds for 4 (Mind Rape), Direct Intervention from Otso
  • Huitzilopochtli bleeds for 3 (Entrancement)
  • Arika bleeds for 4, Otso is ousted (@2:06)

  • Ermenegildo gets Nocturn
  • Nocturn bleeds for 1
  • Dame bleeds with GtU
  • Banjoko bleeds with GtU
  • Arika bleeds for 9 (Enkil), gets bounced, plays Spying Mission

Turn 9

  • Protected Resources (yes, a second one)
  • Dmitra calls Parity Shift from Randal, DI from Tomi
  • Lutz bleeds for 3, Huitzilopochtli bounces to Tomi, bleed succeeds (both Protected Resources burn)
  • Dmitra bleeds for 1

  • Coven (contest)
  • Villein Huitzilopochtli for 8
  • play Dreams (via Huitzilopochtli's special)

  • give up on Coven contest
  • Banjoko gets Nocturn
  • Nocturn bleeds for 1
  • Dame bleeds with GtU, Michael is ousted (@2:12)
  • Ermenegildo bleeds for 4
  • Lucy bleeds for 2

Turn 10

  • Jake Washington
  • Huitzilopochtli's bleeds for 2 (Entrancement), boosted to 6
  • Arika bleeds for 4, Tomi is ousted (@2:21)


Some pictures from the tournament, by Marko Saari.

Attachment DSC_9250.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9283.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9287.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9323.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9338.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9341.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9345.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9359.jpg not found

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03 Sep 2012 05:29 - 03 Sep 2012 05:31 #35799 by PetriWessman
The latest Cause and Effect video talks about the tournament.

Cause and Effect video
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03 Sep 2012 06:51 #35805 by Otso
Thanks, Petri, for running the tournament and for the extensive report, once again! Especially with the progenies eating up your spare time. And congrats to Randy, it's nice to lose to a man who´s always so jolly. (Some Swedish mind tricks, I'm sure. :) )

Here are a few comments on the Ropecon tournament and the finals from my perspective:

First of all, I have to say my luck was phenomenal all day long. I had crypt acceleration in all four games, I played Giant's blood in at least three out of four games, and so on and so forth. Some highlights form the prelims: In the first round I was one pool short of being ousted by Marko L.´s Week of Nightmares lunge, in the second round my prey and grandpray were contesting Stanislava, and in the third round I had to get my own Anson to torpor and diablerize him afterwards to release contested Pentex on Pascal's Shalmath (thanks, Pascal, for the tip!).

In the finals I chose to sit as Aleksi's pray as I was rather confident I could trump his deck without spending too many resources. I'll comment on some details of the game:

- I'm pretty sure the first round was as follows:
Michael: Zillah' Valley
Randy: Information Highway --> gets Washed by Aleksi; Zillah's Valley; Anthelios
Aleksi: trading Rrotected Resources for Wash via Anthelios
Me: Zillah's Valley (which notably didn't get washed)
So Aleksi didn't just discard his Protected Resources, but traded it for Wash to get some measure of control over the 10- and 11-caps popping up around him. I think he didn't know what he was up against or he might have played differently. Incidentially, he ended up playing the wash on one of my two first Villeins, which was pretty much all the pood damage he did to me during that game.

- One point that really defined the game in a fundamental way was the crypt draws: Toni didn't get his Govern chain, so he was not able to build up resources and rather had to start bleeding Michael right away. Michael, on the other hand, had his own problems with Unmada's no-show. If I'm correct he was not allowed to play a single stealth or combat card during the entire game. So with all those and all the crypt acceleration, he had hard time digging up his political actions which actually consisted a thrid (21/63 !) of his deck. And I of course had no Anson, which really crippled me as I had to choose between playing my pool gain masters and trying to outrace Radal's Ashurs to set up my deck. I also had to cycle through a lot of cards to get my first concealed / magnum and decking myself was actually somewhat of a concern in the back of my mind.

- I misread Michael's strength. At the time, I didn't realise the extent of his hand management issues and I really wanted to keep him in a tight leash. I guess this point needs some more elaboration:

I was afraid Michael would be baiting his time to be able to double-oust both Randy and me in a single turn (and as he was doing only moderate amounts of pool damage to Randall, using Dmitra's special and whatnot, it really felt he was slow-playing and trying to position the table). Also, I knew that he played Temptation of Greater Power and I didn't want him to have tons of pool when he would get Randall. And finally, I was confident I could hinder Tomi in a serious way shoud need arise so I was quite happy to give him some space to go forward.

- After the finals I claimed Tomi had to make the deal to DI Michael's Parity Shift, but now I'm not so sure. Considering Michael's hand management issues, Tomi woud have had a decent chance to win the pool damage race, especially with the DI in hand, even with Protected Resources and 14 pool in front of him.

- I didn't pay for Arika's special. So that's two pool from two turns with Parthenon in play. I guess it really was 2 a.m.

All in all, it was a really tight game: four out of five players had a very real chance to get the game win. Aleksi sort of ended up between rock and a hard place, but kudos to him for getting to the finals with daughters!

So this year's Finnish ECQ win went to Swedes. Perhaps we'll have the chance to get back at them in the Swedish Nationals, this time "with a bit more dominate"... ;)
The following user(s) said Thank You: PetriWessman, Randy

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03 Sep 2012 08:42 #35812 by Kraus
Thanks for the tournament, people! :) And very good episode of C&E.

I was playing Al'Muntaquim (also mentioned in the C&E episode), and I'll have to admit that it was my first time playing against a proper Anson + Ashurs deck. I was hoping it would've been a Presence version once I got a hang of what was happening in front of me in the final game, but Celerity with guns was ultimately way worse than what I had even dreamt of. It was a very interesting game, however, as was the whole tournament.

I kinda had the same feeling as Adam about the finals - if I had gotten in, it most likely would've been a horrible rapeage, so I think it was better for me NOT to be there. Even more so because there were a couple of flaws in my deck which I figured out after the tournament, one of which was the relatively small amount of Outsides of Hourglass.

Great going, guys, and it was awesome to see so many good and interesting decks and players! Also got some great trades done.

"Oh, to the Hades with the manners! He's a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!"
-Nalia De-Arnise

Facebook @ VtES: Joensuu

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03 Sep 2012 12:03 #35824 by PetriWessman
First round corrected (thanks Otso, your clarifications explained some weird things in my notes which I wasn't sure about :)

Some more pics (again by Marko Saari, thanks!)

Attachment DSC_9295.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9299.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9305.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9307.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9312.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9332.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9348.jpg not found

Attachment DSC_9358.jpg not found


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03 Sep 2012 12:05 #35825 by Pascal Bertrand
awesome pictures !
@Petri: I was playing Shalmath Wall, iirc.

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