Tournament: Return of the Living Dead ECQ

04 May 2013, 11:00 – 20:00
Continental Qualifier

Tournament: Return of the Living Dead ECQ

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013
Registration: 10:30
First round starting time: 11:00
Expected finishing time: 20:00
Entry fee: € 5,-
Type of Event: ECQ
It is a restaurant. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed.

Format: ECQ, detailed rules can be found on the VEKN Tournament Rules webpage.

Number of rounds: 3 + final
Time limit per round: 2 hours

Address of Event:
De Korenbeurs
Croeselaan 91
3521 BL Utrecht
Tel: +31302931251

Jeroen van Oort
Prince of Utrecht

PS. I dont have the 2013 ECQ shirts for the winners.

Organizer Jeroen van Oort
Venue De Korenbeurs
3521 BL, Utrecht, Netherlands
Rounds 3 + Final
Time Limit 2 Hour
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee 5 €