The Final Night

30 September 2017, 11:00 – 18:00
Standard Constructed

In collaboration with Gatekeeper Games, VTES Australia is proud to announce 'The Final Night'. This is a special **multi-deck tournament**. Bring up to three decks along for the day and see if you can beat your fellow Methuselahs!
There will be an entry fee and prize support for the day - more details to come closer to the date.
(Note that this is being held on Grand Final Day, an hors d’œuvre before the main course of the Vampire Continental Championships event held in Carlton on Sunday October 1st)

Organizer Stewart MacLeod
Venue Gatekeeper Games
323-327 St Georges Road,
Fitzroy North (Melbourne), Victoria
3068, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Rounds 3
Time Limit 2hrs
Proxies are allowed