Except as noted in these instructions, the tournament will follow the Standard Constructed Tournament format and current V:EKN rules.

There are no special deck or crypt restrictions for this event other than the normal Standard Constructed Tournament rules.

Each player will receive one Kaymakli Fragment promo-only card. This card is legal for this storyline event and players may include it in their decks.

Kaymakli Fragment

Unique equipment.

This Sabbat vampire may allow you to draw 5 cards from your library as an action (discard afterward). This infernal minion may move 3 blood from the bank to a vampire in your uncontrolled region as a +1 stealth action. Any minion may steal this equipment as a strike.

Each game will begin with a copy of Kaymakli Fragment, uncontrolled, in the middle of the table. While it is uncontrolled, any minion may equip this card as an undirected action. If the center copy of Kaymakli Fragment is burned, remove it from the game.

A Camarilla vampire with the Kaymakli Fragment may burn it to gain 3 pool as an action.

Each game begins with central, shared crypt of 6 vampires. These vampires are custom-designed for this event, not legal for play outside this event, and may be controlled by any Methuselah. These vampires do not have group numbers and can be played with vampires from any groups. While they are uncontrolled, any Methuselah may look at these vampires at any time.

If a Shared Crypt vampire is burned, that the vampire is removed from the game.

If a Shared Crypt vampire is contested and yeilded, it is retuned to the central shared crypt (burning all counters and cards on it).

There are a number of vampires that are easily swayed to take part in the events of "Black Miracles and Lies". At the end of your influence phase, any of these vampires may be moved from your uncontrolled region to your ready region if they have blood counters equal to at least half their capacity (rounded up).

These vampires are: Any infernal vampire Any of the vampires from the Shared Crypt Any of the vampires from the special Invitation List (a list of specific vampires that reside in Montreal or are likely to be involved in these events)

As a master phase action, any Methuselah may do one of the following:

Go through the Shared Crypt to find a vampire. Show it to all players and place it in your uncontrolled region.

Go through your crypt to find a vampire from the Invitation List. Show it to all players and place it in your uncontrolled region.

Take a Shared Crypt vampire from another Methuselah's uncontrolled region and move to your own uncontrolled region, including any cards and counters on the vampire.





theroseadvbThe Rose


Capacity 6

aus dom PRE VIC

Sabbat. Bishop. If your prey controls a Sabbat vampire, The Rose gets +1 bleed. [MERGE] If you control Helena and both she and the Rose are ready, the Rose gains 2 votes and Helena has +1 bleed.





Mercy, Knight Inquisitor (Advanced)mercyadvb


Capacity 6

dom pre AUS CEL

Sabbat. Inquisitor. If your prey controls an infernal minion, Mercy gets +2 bleed. [MERGE] During your Master Phase, you may search your library for Auto-da-fe and move it to your hand (discard afterward). Mercy gains 3 votes in an Auto-da-fe referendum.




pierrebellemarebPierre Bellemare, Pawn of Metathiax


Capacity 6

cel pre DAI POT

Independant. Infernal. Pierre Bellemare can search your library for Vampiric Disease and move it to your hand as a +2 stealth action (discard afterward). During your untap phase, if Pierre has a disease counter, he gains 1 blood. You and he may play cards that require a Baali as if Peirre was a Baali.




ezekieladvbEzekiel, Lord of Montreal (Advanced)


Capacity 7

cel for PRE SER POT

Sabbat. Black Hand. Bishop. [MERGE] Ezekiel gains 1 vote for each ready Black Hand vampire. If Alfred Benezri leaves the ready region while Ezekiel is acting or blocking, Ezekiel becomes Archbishop of Montreal.





annabellebAnnabelle, Passionne d'histoire


Capacity 8

dom for AUS TEM THA

Camarilla. Prince de la ville de Quebec. Temporis cards cost Annabelle 1 less blood to play. During your untap phase, if Annabelle is ready and has the Kaymakli Fragment, you gain 1 pool.







Capacity: 2

for obf DEM POT THN

Sabbat. Malkavian Antitribu Slave. Toy cannot block or act. Toy is immune to the effects of Toy Chest Test.






Any of the following vampires may be moved from your uncontrolled region to your ready region if they have blood counters equal to at least half their capacity.

Alfred Benezri

Alfred Benezri (Advanced)

Beatrice l'Angou

Black Lotus

Caroline Bishop

Celeste Lamontagne

Christianus Lionel

Creamy Jade


Ezekiel, Lord of Montreal

Frere Marc

Gharston Roland


Helena (Advanced)

Jacob the Glitch

Jan Pieterzoon

Jan Pieterzoon (Advanced)

Kevros, the Lieutenant

Kyle Strathcona, Cardinal of Canada


Mercy, Knight Inquisitor

Miguel Santo Domingo


Monique Kim


Raphel Catarari

Reza Fatir

The Rose


Sebastien Goulet

Sebastien Goulet (Advanced)

Sister Evelyn




Tobias Smith

Valois Sang

Yasmin the Black



The fate of the Kaymakli Fragment and vampires of Montreal will be determined based on the events of the final round, as well as the minions and tactics employed by the event winner.