The Red Sign is a constructed V:TES Storyline event designed for worldwide play during spring and summer 2015.

Except as noted in these instructions, each Storyline game will follow the VEKN Constructed Tournament rules for card play and deck construction. Each Storyline game will be timed to a maximum duration of 2 hours.

At least 75% (e.g. 9 out of 12) of the vampires in each player’s crypt must belong to the same clan. In this context, ‘clan’ includes all bloodlines, Panders and Imbued, but not Caitiff.

In addition to the standard list of VEKN banned cards and errata, the following changes apply:

  • The event card Recalled to the Founder is banned
  • The ally cards Mehemet of the Ahl-i-Batin, Order of Hermes Cabal, Outcast Mage, Tara, Hollow One and Thadius Zho have their printed cost reduced by 1 pool.
  • The ally cards Nephandus and Veneficti are infernal.

Players may also use any or all of the crypt and library cards provided in this pack in deck construction, with the exception of The Red Sign (see below).

The Storyline will be played in single games, with the results of each game contributing to the narrative. Each play group may play this Storyline any number of times within the allotted time frame.

Players will note that the master card The Red Sign provides an alternate victory condition to win the game.

The following pack contains the full rules sheet, printable PDFs for 48 new library cards and 8 new crypt cards, a Storyline results form and an equivalent e-mail results template.

The contents of this pack may be updated during the course of the Storyline, so please check for updates posted here at



Mike Nudd
Storyline Coordinator