VTES is a complicated game, and it can be difficult to puzzle it out from the rule book alone.  Really, the best way to learn how to play VTES is to have an experienced player teach it to you.  An excellent way to find somebody who can teach you in  your area is to check out the list of Princes – these are VEKN volunteers who would be delighted to schedule a demo for you.  Don’t worry if you don’t own any cards yet – your local prince or playgroup will undoubtedly have decks that you can borrow while you learn.

But if that isn’t an option, there are still a few resources available that should allow you to learn the game on your own:

  • A short guide introducing the turn structure, and how to play a basic game [guide forthcoming].
  • A demo document that walks you through a number of turns and provides pictures of cards and minions – once you know the basics, this is a fantastic guide.
  • You should also download and print this excellent reference sheet (which has been formatted as two A4 pages, or a single A3 page) which was put together by Ke.
  • The complete rulebook has recently been updated and improved – once you have the basics of the game down, you will find it to be an excellent resource.

Finally, there are some excellent videos on YouTube that serve as an introduction to the basic mechanics of VTES.  While these videos are great, they aren’t quite enough to teach a new player how to play the game on their own, so it is suggested that you pair them with the resources above.