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21 Jul 2018 00:32 #89129 by skimflux
TWDA Analysis was created by skimflux
I've finished sanitizing and processing the TWDA and am finally confortable enough to get some statistics out of it. This is the main result: the most used cards for each year from 1997 to 2017.

Total Tournaments/Decks41523357593119100117114
Dreams of the Sphinx161116233157384537
Pentex(TM) Subversion11651991929
On the Qui Vive5
Blood Doll3101817506488758292
Giant's Blood23511182030313341
Direct Intervention26817231327254633
Govern the Unaligned281014252432263026
Telepathic Misdirection389212348393329
Wake with Evening's Freshness391819345273526754
Information Highway18714163323202618
Lost in Crowds23711272127343925
Delaying Tactics21591317131521
Kine Resources Contested24813171825183725
Sudden Reversal271324403739283323
Taste of Vitae2444101823152023
Powerbase: Montreal110162991422
Forced Awakening21110243541312328
Carlton Van Wyk1831
Faceless Night35191516283320
Swallowed by the Night156201418342920
Ivory Bow1467102121111316
Heart of Nizchetus4
Cloak the Gathering2349222220312921
Elder Impersonation222171220163017
Freak Drive1348101618171520
Archon Investigation4148101316111810
My Enemy's Enemy23481218121011
Parthenon, The2212101115131716
Parity Shift134881221111715
Rack, The436101719131215
Minion Tap191317292836273524
Second Tradition: Domain5811221525111713
Eagle's Sight5514142313149
Eyes of Argus
Secure Haven135671022152216
Aranthebes, The Immortal7101317
Enhanced Senses1365121623191310
Wider View
Voter Captivation3556818131515
Jake Washington4679148

Total Tournaments/Decks20022124021327021924418213710989
Dreams of the Sphinx678010312114110813499795941
Pentex(TM) Subversion6199113129151145170103887960
On the Qui Vive102124144123147134142117877450
Blood Doll127109897957495837171513
Giant's Blood5865939311810410686736247
Direct Intervention8293705780757550414234
Govern the Unaligned4667806556797160373625
Telepathic Misdirection4353725976567457373924
Wake with Evening's Freshness6164593945413431231310
Information Highway3942554763526649403424
Lost in Crowds5152595158534330302915
Delaying Tactics3361685982627441282622
Kine Resources Contested5053523855484824291913
Sudden Reversal273432274343372923128
Taste of Vitae2638445466494746201917
Powerbase: Montreal2546554557375737323522
Forced Awakening3356333532214033242513
Carlton Van Wyk4862565062464929362722
Faceless Night4139523851393626252515
Swallowed by the Night4347413949303226282414
Ivory Bow4038444955355135242714
Heart of Nizchetus3449554564616746262920
Cloak the Gathering4740403945392914151912
Elder Impersonation3034434151363329343218
Freak Drive2341553247413830252414
Archon Investigation3229354256334738301820
My Enemy's Enemy2527453142275636262419
Parthenon, The3434263339433926241123
Parity Shift2327482943354127191614
Rack, The2435373048223527162413
Minion Tap434433511101387113
Second Tradition: Domain202237304333292713711
Eagle's Sight2030332632253832162415
Eyes of Argus2354955505545313322
Secure Haven2923232640222924272613
Aranthebes, The Immortal394442353931362419199
Enhanced Senses1934302535223228172112
Wider View2670656446393029
Voter Captivation272642233934382016136
Jake Washington212841454537402917512

Dreams is the most featured card of all time, but it only ranks 3rd for the past 10 years - interestingly, Pentex only became really popular after 2006.

The number of a cards that have never been used in winning deck is actually 691 cards. There are also 337 that featured only once...

If we count copies used, Deflection and GtU blow everything else out of the water - each has more than 6000 uses - the next most common cards are On The Qui Vive and Blood Doll, sitting at just above 4000 each.

The full Excel file is too big to attach here, but I'll send it to whoever is interested. Since a lot of the parsing had to be tuned and corrected, it's possible some mistakes have gone through - just as I was posting this I noticed that all Telepathic Misdirections had been classified as Misdirections (again!). Luckily that was easy to fix, not like the Flash Grenades... :dry:

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21 Jul 2018 01:51 #89130 by self biased
Replied by self biased on topic TWDA Analysis
could this be posted as a spreadsheet?

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21 Jul 2018 06:37 #89134 by beslin igor
Replied by beslin igor on topic TWDA Analysis
im suprised how Ashur Tablets not in this list.
and great joab skimflux,i also like statistic :)

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21 Jul 2018 09:17 #89136 by Ashur
Replied by Ashur on topic TWDA Analysis

skimflux wrote: The full Excel file is too big to attach here, but I'll send it to whoever is interested.

Hi! I´m interested in that file. Please send a copy to henrik dot klippstrom at blackchantry dot com. Thanks in advance!

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21 Jul 2018 09:45 #89139 by skimflux
Replied by skimflux on topic TWDA Analysis

self biased wrote: could this be posted as a spreadsheet?

I've put the results file on OneDrive:!Arz0OfxudeZ7lswuit4JbdgZRAqvGA


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21 Jul 2018 09:46 #89140 by Lech
Replied by Lech on topic TWDA Analysis
Nice, but due to constant need to compare to total twda there should be percentage table too.

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