file Dam the Heart's River and Catatonic Fear

04 Feb 2017 12:32 #80556 by TwoRazorReign

Blooded Sand wrote:

TwoRazorReign wrote: Geez, settle down. Why so hostile? Because you realize your argument is wrong?

You are reading hostility where there is none. Remember, any emotion you read in text is most supplied by yourself.

The standard protocol for queries regarding card text is to quote the card in question so as to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

As the discussion is regarding confusion regarding card text, it seems meet to avoid any further confusion by being explicit regarding text in question. Make sense now?

The relevant part of the card text was included when I first posted it. I have since clarified where in bold text. Not sure why you are demanding card text instead of continuing the argument. It seems like you're mad/hostile/annoyed because you know I have a valid argument and you have no comeback other than to call me lazy. Consider just not replying next time if you have an issue with another poster's post.

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