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Kilrauko wrote: I really think going the trouble of laying some crypt and library cards and performing the above example helps to understand how it works. Just like using three counters on Trap card as a pool that's refreshed when cards are played does. There's massive difference between being stubborn for stubborness sake and just failing to notice the difference. I think if you perform the physical example I laid out in this reply you'll see what the difference is.

Ding! You made it! I really like going physical, and I frequently use a dice for Trap purposes :P
I don't know why, but I always liked Synesios, maybe for the art of the card, or his :ser: paired with a couple of votes. His special never impressed me; it's nice, but not at the level of Maris Streck or Antonio d'Erlette. Currently building a deck around him anyway.
As for mmpa, I'm not a big fan of that archetype, but I think is a strong one, and something to deal with during tournaments, so i thought of suddens/wash and power of all (in a deck that doesn't use red cards).
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