Sheela Na Gig

"You intrude on master's property. I count to 10 - you leave or I feed the earth with your entrails. One. 10."

In the early days of the Middle Ages, the newly founded Tremere line was in grave danger. Hounded from all sides by agents of the Inconnu, even the power of the recently created Circle of Seven did not seem enough to save the line from extinction. Though they were  individually mighty, they simply did not have the hordes of lesser shock troops that they needed to fend off their enemies.

It is rumored to have been the Clan founder himself who thought of a solution. Capturing several other Vampires and mystic creatures, including a Gangrel and a Nosferatu, Tremere and his Circle used their extensive alchemical knowledge to synthesize a race of new Vampires, ones which would serve the Tremere. Deep beneath the Carpathians, the first Gargoyle rose from the steaming ichor of their cauldron. In a mocking parody of the Bible, they commanded it; "Go forth and multiply."

Rules and clarifications:

Rule change: Anarch is a sect
The anarch trait was tightly associated to the Independent sect until now: if an anarch vampire changed sect, it would lose the anarch trait, and some titles are anarch titles.

Anarch is now a sect on its own (alongside Camarilla, Sabbat, Independent and Laibon). For compatibility, all cards that were previously available to Independent (except for Rise of the Nephtali*) will now also be available to Anarch: Banner of Neutrality, Community Justice, Exclusion Principle, Free States Rant, Haqim's Law: Judgment, and Reckless Agitation. Future cards that require an Independent vampire will not be usable by an Anarch vampire (unless if it is explicitly stated that they can use it too).

*The title of liaison provided by Rise of the Nephtali is an Independent title: only Independent vampires can hold that title.

Effects that would affect (or ignore) Independent vampires now affect (or ignore) Independent and Anarch vampires:

Banner of Neutrality
Requires an Independent or Anarch vampire. Only usable when a Camarilla or Sabbat vampire is bleeding you. Reduce the bleed amount by 1.

Community Justice
+1 stealth action. Requires an Independent or Anarch vampire. (D) Burn a vampire who has diablerized a vampire of the same clan as this acting vampire since your last turn.

Exclusion Principle
Successful referendum means each Methuselah gains 1 pool for each ready Independent or Anarch vampire he or she controls.

Free States Rant
Requires an Independent or Anarch vampire. Allocate X points among one or more ready vampires, where X is half this acting vampire's capacity rounded up. No 4 or more points can be allocated to each vampire. Successful referendum means each vampire burns 1 blood for each point assigned. In this referendum, non-priscus titles are worth 1 less vote each, priscus title is worth 1 less ballot, and burning the Edge is worth 1 additional vote.

Haqim's Law: Judgment
Contract. Trifle. Lock a ready Independent or Anarch Assamite you control to put this card on a younger vampire. Every Independent or Anarch Assamite is considered chosen for this contract. Any Independent or Anarch Assamite can enter combat with the attached vampire as a +1 stealth (D) action.

Reckless Agitation
Requires an Independent or Anarch vampire with capacity 5 or more. Allocate 6 points among two or more other Methuselahs. Successful referendum means each Methuselah burns 1 pool for each point assigned. Count Germaine Independent. Red List: Germaine gets +2 bleed against a Methuselah who controls a titled non-Independent, non-Anarch vampire.

Once each action, Hillanvale can burn 1 blood and discard one card requiring Melpominee to get +1 bleed. She gets -1 intercept against non-Independent non-Anarch vampires.

Jan Pieterzoon ADV
Independent: Jan can burn 3 blood to cancel a Gehenna card as it is played. While Jan is Independent or Anarch and there are any Gehenna cards in play, he gets +3 votes.

Matthew Romans
Sabbat: During your unlock phase, Matthew can burn 1 blood to lock a younger non-Independent, non-Anarch vampire controlled by your prey. 


Card previews:

Card preview - Verbruch Card preview - Unleash the Hounds

Full texts for the Gargoyle crypt cards and related library cards in Lost Kindred:

Name: Chalcedony
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Gargoyle
Group: 6
Capacity: 7
Discipline: FOR POT THA VIS
Camarilla: Cards requiring a Gargoyle cost Chalcedony 1 less blood or pool. Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere slave.
Artist: Alejandro F. Giraldo

Name: Handsome Dan
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Gargoyle
Group: 6
Capacity: 5
Discipline: aus cel for pot vis
Anarch: Flight [FLIGHT].
Artist: Ginés Quiñonero

Name: Porphyry
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Gargoyle
Group: 6
Capacity: 4
Discipline: vis POT
Camarilla: Porphyry gets +2 bleed against a Methuselah who controls a location. Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere slave.
Artist: Riccardo Fabiani

Name: Sheela Na Gig
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Gargoyle
Group: 5
Capacity: 2
Discipline: vis
Sabbat: Sheela Na Gig can lock to give a Tremere antitribu you control +1 bleed. Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere antitribu slave.
Artist: Noah Hirka

Name: Verbruch
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Gargoyle
Group: 5
Capacity: 5
Discipline: for POT VIS
Camarilla: As Verbruch enters play, you can search your crypt for a Tremere, reveal them, and move them to your uncontrolled region (shuffle afterward). Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere slave.
Artist: Ginés Quiñonero

Name: Alvusia
Cardtype: Master
Clan: Tremere
Put this card in play with 1 counter for each Tremere and Gargoyle you control. Once each action, you can burn 1 counter from this card to give a slave Gargoyle you control +1 bleed or +1 strength. Put 1 counter on this card after a Tremere or Gargoyle enters play during your influence phase. Burn this card when it has no counters.
Artist: Jared Smith

Name: Children of Stone
Cardtype: Action
Discipline: Visceratika/Thaumaturgy
+2 stealth action.
[tha] Equip with an equipment card from your hand and reduce its cost by 1 pool or 1 blood (requirements apply as normal).
[vis] Search your hand or library for a gargoyle creature retainer and employ it (requirements and cost apply as normal; shuffle afterward).
[VIS] As [vis] above, but reduce its cost by 1 blood or pool.
Artist: André Freitas

Name: Their Master's Voice
Cardtype: Reaction
Clan: Tremere/Tremere antitribu
Usable by a locked vampire.
Unlock a gargoyle creature ally or a ready slave Gargoyle you control.
Artist: Gábor Németh

Name: Unleash the Hounds
Cardtype: Action Modifier
Discipline: Visceratika/Dominate
Only usable during a bleed action.
[dom] +1 bleed (limited).
[vis] +1 bleed (limited).
[VIS] Only usable by a unique slave Gargoyle. +1 bleed for each ready vampire of the enslaving clan you control (limited).
Artist: Ginés Quiñonero



Black Chantry's first expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is Lost Kindred, which focuses on five of the Kindred bloodlines: Blood Brothers, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Salubri antitribu, and Samedi.

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