Brunhilde ADV - Art by Mark Kelly
Greetings fellow Methuselahs
Sorry for being late again! I am already snowed in because my lazy ghouls refuse to do their job, but I also have another problem. My crypt, located in the middle of a Swedish graveyard, is currently under siege by a large number of spooky, ethereal folks calling themselves “the emerald legion”. I have no idea what they really want, but they are in my way and they are prone to violence. I have consulted Tobin´s Spirit Guide, but the page about these folks seems to have been torn out. Could someone send help? Please?

Anthology 1
Recently the complete contents of the upcoming product Anthology 1 were spoiled on Yes, it is the same selection of cards as for the limited ”Berlin Anthology” set produced in 2017 for the World of Darkness Berlin event, with the exception of 11 cards that were designed inspired by the live-action role-playing scenarios held at the event. The most common questions answered by Black Chantry about this set are:

Q: Why do you release this set now?
A: It contains many cards that are still in high demand among players. In spite of the 2017 set, cards like, for example, Enkil Cog and Monastery of Shadows are still hard to get.

Q: What about the 11 storyline cards? Are they still legal for tournament play? When will they be reprinted?
A: Yes, they are still legal. They will be made available again, shortly. Don´t worry.

Q: When can we buy Anthology 1?
A: A definitive date has not been set, and better wait to give even an approximate date.

Q: Is it for print-on-demand or stores?
A: Both. It will probably be made available on both and through normal distribution simultaneously.

Q: What will it cost?
A: The recommended retail price will be about $20/€18.

Where do I buy the cards?
Black Chantry has published a list of distributors on So far no exclusive deals are made, so it’s up to any distributors to contact the company to get products. This means:
Are you a player and want VTES in your local game store? Tell your store!
Are you a store and want to sell VTES? Contact your distributor!
Are you a distributor and want to distribute VTES? Mail !

VEKN Facebook group success

With last month’s newsletter, an official Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Facebook group was launched. Not only has it gathered almost 700 members in just 30 days, but it’s also jam-packed with posts and comments, and the mood is generally love and happiness. If you use Facebook and are not yet a member, please join – all players of VTES are welcome, as long as you follow the rules in the Discussion Guidelines and the normal Facebook rules (no fake identities, etc.). See you there!

Most engaging post in October:
1: Nathan call for ban on Pentex and Brainwash
2: Humble Bundle Exclusive VTES Set
3: Janne says “Greetings from the Boondock, Finland!”
4: Ignacio: “Someone who trade Pentex?”
5: Dave: "Here´s my Trujah selection; who gets to star in a deck?"

BCP logo


The 1000 kilograms of Belgian printed cards mentioned in the September newsletter have now been distributed in Europe, Asia and Australia. Some of it disappeared immediately due to preorders, but don´t worry – more cards are being printed!

Black Chantry is still working on how to get products to some places, for example Brazil. But options are being evaluated and hopefully solutions to these problems will be found shortly.

Humble Bundle Exclusive VTES Set
Black Chantry has been part of its first charity event. During the period 3-14 October the product Humble Bundle Exclusive VTES Set was available through, as a part of the White Wolf Humble RPG Book Bundle. 11 560 bundles were sold of the book bundle, but how many of these will take the opportunity to get the physical VTES set is not clear. The content was two each of Lord Tremere, Mithras, Montano, The Capuchin and The Dracon. These cards will be made available again soon, but without the red Humble Bundle set symbol. “We enjoyed getting some minor exclusives out for Humble Bundle, but we'll work on making the process smoother for future similar offers”, says Black Chantry CEO Hugh Angseesing.

The first distributors list were revealed on October 18.

 Anthology 1 were announced and spoiled on October 21.

Due to the previous problems with misprints, Black Chantry is now applying new, very thorough routines for proofreading. The whole staff are involved in this work.

Spiel 2018
Chief marketing ghoul Henrik Klippström attended Spiel 18 in Essen, Germany, the world’s largest board game fair. The booth was shared with Paradox Interactive, White Wolf and Nice Game. With the help of friendly players Rudolf, Ali and Mike he ran demos of VTES for three days. “It was a blast! All who tested the game loved it, and MANY old time players approached me to thank Black Chantry for our efforts to revive the game – some were almost crying of joy”, Henrik says.

Currently five Black Chantry products are available through, and the top three can also be found in other stores:
Lost Kindred bundle
- Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 1
- Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 2
- Heirs of the Blood Reprint Bundle 1
- Heirs of the Blood Reprint Bundle 2

Do you have opinions or questions for Black Chantry? Start a topic on the VEKN forum, or contact the company by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Rules Director Vincent Ripoll answers some recent rules questions:

Q: Eric Kressida's revised text says that "he can burn the Edge to move to your ready region." (previously: "you can burn the Edge to move Eric to your ready region"). Does it mean he can now burn the Edge that is not controlled by his controller?

A: No. First of all, "burn the Edge *to*..." means that burning the Edge is a cost. You can pay costs only with resources you control. Then, minions you control have access to your resources:
- a minion you control can burn the Edge you control (Eric Kressida)
- a minion you control can discard a card from your hand (Uchenna)
- a minion you control can burn a location you control (Osric)
- a minion you control can burn the top cards of your library or crypt (Paul Cordwood)
- etc.

Q: Can "The Line" be used to reduce the cost of a recruit action card (e.g., Shambling Hordes)?
A: Yes. Recruit action cards are action cards.

Q: Who is the acting minion when Marie-Pierre uses her ability?
A: Neither Marie-Pierre nor the opposing vampire are acting (for effects that refer to "acting minion"), but standard sequencing rules apply (i.e., acting player, then blocking/target player, then clockwise from the acting player).

Q: What is the timing of Marie-Pierre's ability with respect to action modifiers (specifically Freak Drive)?
A: She enters combat before the acting minion can play Freak Drive. The acting minion can play Freak Drive at the end of the action, as usual.

Q: What if the acting Samedi successfully rushed and has Perfectionist? When do they gain the blood (not that it matters much, but just curious)?
A: During the same window as Freak Drive.

Q: What about the timing of reaction cards? If Marie-Pierre isn't acting when she uses her ability, can the opposing minion play a reaction card like Obedience?
A: Not Obedience because Obedience works only against acting vampire (and Marie-Pierre isn't acting in that case). If the opposing minion is not the acting minion, he could play reaction cards that apply.

Q: What about cards like Psyche or Telepathic Tracking? If my other Samedi was acting and combat ended with both combatants still ready, can I use Marie-Pierre's ability before the opposing minion can play Superior Psyche?
A: Psyche! is played during combat, way before Marie-Pierre's ability can be used.

Q: Can Marie-Pierre's special interrupt Rötschreck's effect to prevent another Samedi from going to torpor?
A: Yes. Effects that end combat and then do something else after combat (all in the single resolution of the effect) will fizzle if combat doesn't end or if a new combat is started.

Q: An Anarch vampire attempts to block and is successful. Can he play Guardian Vigil before combat?
A: You can't play it once the block is successful, you must play it before. However, the following scenario is possible:
Acting Meth: A bleeds
You: B attempts to block.
Acting Meth: Blocked*
You: B plays Guardian Vigil
Acting Meth: Still blocked**
You: OK, combat then.
*: when he says "blocked", he should say "no more stealth" or "no more effects".
**: he could play stealth at this point.

Q: Is Alvusia's bonus bleed or strength permanent? It says "Once each action, you can burn 1 counter from this card to give a slave Gargoyle you control +1 bleed or +1 strength."
A: If an effects works "once each
action" or "during an action", the default duration is until the end of the action.

Feel to discuss one of these rulings? Use the forum or the brand new VEKN Facebook group!

Chicago By Night Kickstarter KICKSTART CHICAGO BY NIGHT
Hot RPG news: Our friends at White Wolf and Onyx Path have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the V5 edition of Chicago By Night. This is the third incarnation of this awesome city sourcebook, by some called the best setting material ever produced for any role-playing game. Many VTES cards spawn from the iconic characters of Chicago; Helena, Menele, Lodin, Ublo-Satha, Inyanga and many others. Check it out!

Upcoming events:
November 1: Bachanalia - Zielona Góra, Poland
November 2: Dead-End Alley - II limited 2018 (Darkness Day) - Fortaleza, Brazil
November 3: Danish Nationals 2018 - Copenhagen, Denmark
November 3: Nacional Portugal 2018 - Lisboa, Portugal
November 3: Vampire the Eternal Saturday - Waterloo, United States
November 4: No Secrets From The Magaji - São Paulo, Brazil
November 4: Silence of Death - Lisboa, Portugal
November 10: Finnish National Championship 2018 - Espoo, Finland
November 10: Forced Awakening - Szczecin, Poland
November 16: Torneio Alagoano - Maceió, Brazil
November 17: Swedish National Championship 2018 - Stockholm, Sweden
November 17: Nordestão 2018 - Maceió, Brazil
November 17: Werewolf uprising - Santiago, Chile
November 17: Brujah Debate In the north - Sant Celoni, Spain
November 17: Algeciras Nocturno I - Córdoba, Spain
November 17: Crónicas del Califa I: Calma antes de la Tormenta - Andalucía, Spain
November 17: Round III. - Vác, Hungary
November 18: Rage Across Appalachia 3 - Asheville, United States
November 24: Rebirth Gatineau - Gatineau, Canada
November 25: Algeciras Nocturno II - Algeciras, Spain

For more information on upcoming events see the V:EKN Event Calendar.

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