VTES Czech 2022 players
Czech National Championship 2022 players.

Greetings fellow Methuselahs,

VTES CZ 2022 playmatThe Czech National Championship 2022 playmat. Art by Markéta Munduchová.
A report by Jan Kočí:

48 players from four countries came to fight for the trophy of the Czech Nationals 2022 "Pulled Fang #11". The tournament was held on the 3rd of September in Sázava, Czech Republic.
VTES CZ 2022 trophy
The trophy.
VTES CZ 2022 prize table
Prize table.
After 3 rounds, 5 best players made it to the final round:
1. Zsolt Cziráki 2 GW 8 VP
2. Vratislav Kučera 2 GW 7 VP
3. Gyula Erdos 2 GW 6,5 VP
4. Ondrej Marek 2 GW 6,5 VP
5. Michal Drahokoupil 1 GW 7 VP
VTES CZ 2022 final decks
Czech 2022 final table

Ondrej was the first one to die after pressure of Zsolt with a little help of Gyula’s bounced bleeds. After that, Michal started to push with bleed, Gyula wasn’t able to defend and he died second. The situation didn’t look well for Vratislav, because three of his allies were stolen. Zsolt had a lot of pool but Michal´s handsize was 20 with Ossian, Carlton and grapple combat ready, so after some time he finished both of his opponents. Congratulations Michal!
Michal´s tournament winning deck: "Giovanni are Rich"

Crypt (12)
4x Guillaume Giovanni    9 CEL DOM NEC POT obt    Giovanni:4
2x Baldesar Rossellini   8 DOM POT aus for nec    Giovanni:4
1x Almodo Giovanni    3 dom pot       Giovanni:4
1x Don Michael Antonio Giovanni 7 DOM NEC POT   2 votes Giovanni:4
1x Keith Moody     3 DOM        Tremere antitribu:4
1x Nunzio Giovanni    3 nec pot       Giovanni:4
1x Primo Giovanni     4 dom nec pot      Giovanni:4
1x Virginie, Prodigy    6 DOM POT obt   bishop Lasombra:4
Library (90)
Master (21)
1x Barrens, The
1x Dummy Corporation
1x Giant's Blood
1x Haven Uncovered
2x Information Highway
1x KRCG News Radio
1x Life in the City
1x Metro Underground
1x Morgue Hunting Ground
3x Parthenon, The
1x Powerbase: Cape Verde
1x Powerbase: Chicago
1x Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The
1x Therbold Realty
1x Vessel
1x Villein
1x WMRH Talk Radio
1x Wider View

Action (12)
1x Bum's Rush
2x Divine Sign
1x Far Mastery
4x Govern the Unaligned
1x Preternatural Strength
1x Scouting Mission
2x Sudario Refraction

Ally (4)
1x Carlton Van Wyk
2x Mylan Horseed
1x Ossian

Equipment (2)
1x Gran Madre di Dio, Italy
1x Palatial Estate

Action Modifier (7)
2x Bonding
1x Call of the Hungry Dead
3x Conditioning
1x Foreshadowing Destruction

Action Modifier/Reaction (2)
2x Spectral Divination

Combat (24)
1x Blur
2x Disarm
2x Glancing Blow
5x Immortal Grapple
5x Roundhouse
1x Street Cred
1x Target Vitals
4x Taste of Vitae
1x Thrown Sewer Lid
2x Torn Signpost
Reaction (18)
4x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics
4x On the Qui Vive
4x Redirection
4x Wake with Evening's Freshness 
VTES CZ 2022 finalists
Thanks to everyone who came, and see you on the 2nd of September 2023 at "Pulled Fang #12"!


Some words from Lukáš Simandl:

We just played this year's Czech Nationals (called Pulled Fang #11), and it was the biggest in history: 48 people! Not bad for a tournament somewhere in the woods in the middle of Europe. I'd like to share with you the three main things I think were behind this success (besides our Facebook page and Youtube channel, which we started a year before).

The first thing is location. Yes, even for Czechs it´s hard to find, but once you get there it´s hard to leave. A nice inn in the middle of the woods, where basically just the community gathers for the whole weekend, and you are not disturbed by the surrounding town or foreign guests. Plus, the option of staying overnight on site or nearby gives you the chance to enjoy a few games and associated beers, before and after the main tournament.

The second thing is our Discord. We launched that for a year or so after our Facebook page and I have to say that especially for the Czech community, it´s key now. It´s where games are announced for the different cities, card swapping, help for newbies, chat about anything and other good-natured activities. All this in a clear format and in Czech, which can be essential for many players.

Last, and perhaps most important, is something we call Road to Pulled Fang. It's basically an attempt at organized play with some meaning. The rules are very simple:
- Over the course of a year, there will be 5 Road to Pulled Fang tournaments in the country, 1-2 months apart.
- From the results of each tournament, a table is created (so it's basically a league), from which the top five players will play the finals the night before Nationals (Pulled Fang).
- The GWs and VPs from the top three tournaments of each player are counted in the table.

And that's basically it. At the beginning we thought about how to make the table as fair as possible and different combinations with ratings, but in the end, we found that basically all formats would come out the same, so if you want to start something similar, don't worry about it like we did.

I have to say that while we didn't have high expectations for such an experiment, we did manage to add something extra to the regular tournaments, and for example at the last Road to Pulled Fang tournament in Brno there was a lot of discussion about who had how many points and who still needed to play what compared to someone else. At the same time, we managed to pull a few players out of torpor, which was a nice bonus. Plus, it gives the community confidence that there will always be something going on and tournaments coming up throughout the year.

The icing on the cake was that an artist made us a picture for a playmat with the favorite clans of the organizers of each Road to Pulled Fang and Pulled Fang tournament, which was then given to all the participants of the main tournament.

We're continuing with Road to Pulled Fang this year and hope to break the mystical fifty player mark at Nationals (Pulled Fang #12) next September.

VTES GP Warsaw 2022
This weekend 24-25 September Ochota Academic Kampus in Warsaw, Poland, had two tournaments; on Saturday the Grand Prix tournament and on Sunday the Polish National Championship.
VTES GP Warsaw 2022 floor
GP Warsaw 2022 
GP Warsaw 2022 floor
The GP had 31 players from Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Serbia. The standings after round 3 were:
1.  Bartosz Kalinczuk 2 GW 8,5 VP
2.  Maciej Bernart 2 GW 7 VP
3.  Michał Rapacz 1 GW 6,5 VP
4.  Nikola Bubanja 1 GW 5 VP
5.  Konrad Rajngruber 1 GW 3 VP
VTES GP Warsaw seating
Congratulations Bartosz Kalinczuk, Grand Prix champion with 4 victory points in the final. Nikola got 1 point.
GP Warsaw 2022 finalists
The champion second from the left.
Bartosz´s tournament winning deck:"~> Shalmath [by Heappl]"

Crypt (12)
6x Shalmath   10 POT PRE TEM   True Brujah:6
5x La Viuda Blanca   6 AUS NEC for obf   Harbinger of Skulls:6
1x Anarch Convert   1   Caitiff:ANY

Library (90 cards)
Master (5; 2 trifle)
1x Archon Investigation
1x Fame
1x Perfectionist
2x Villein

Event (1)
1x Unmasking, The

Action (22)
4x Ambush
3x Big Game
4x Bum's Rush
3x Harass
8x Summon History

Ally (6)
5x Emerald Legionnaire
1x Ponticulus

Equipment (1)
1x Talbot's Chainsaw

Retainer (1)
1x Corpse Minion

Action Modifier (13)
10x Domain of Evernight
3x Enkil Cog

Combat (41)
6x Disarm
8x Majesty
19x Outside the Hourglass
8x Taste of Vitae
The Polish Nationals had 27 players from Poland, Serbia and Belarus. The standings after round 3 was:
1. Maciej Broniarz 2 GW 6 VP
2. Marcin Szybkowski 2 GW 6 VP
3. Michal Rapacz 1 GW 6 VP
4. Alek Idzjak 1 GW 5,5 VP
5. Michal Kochanowski 1 GW 5 VP
Congratulations Michal Kochanowski, Polish National champion 2022! He got 1,5 vp in the final, while Maciej, Michal and Marcin got 0,5 each.
Poland 2022 VTES champion

Michal´s tournament winning deck: "Anson Ashurs"

Crypt (12)
4x Anson       8 aus dom CEL PRE   Toreador:1
2x Marcellus      8 pro AUS CEL    Toreador:2
1x Sarah Brando     3 CEL      Brujah antitribu:2
3x Volker, The Puppet Prince  5 pot CEL     Brujah:2
1x Constanza Vinti    8 CEL DOM POT    Brujah:2
1x Donal O'Connor    8 CEL DOM POT    Brujah:2

Library: 88
Master (34)
1x Erciyes Fragments, The
2x Fame
1x Giant's Blood
6x Haven Uncovered
1x Monster
2x Parthenon, The
9x Ashur Tablets
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Rack, The
1x Secure Haven
1x Tension in the Ranks
5x Villein
2x Wider View
1x Dark Influences

Event (1)
1x Dragonbound

Equipment (7)
7x .44 Magnum

Combat (36)
8x Infernal Pursuit
6x Psyche!
6x Pursuit
2x Sideslip
5x Taste of Vitae
2x Blur
7x Concealed Weapon

Reaction (10)
8x Second Tradition: Domain
2x Deflection
Thanks to the sponsors (Ultra Pro, VTES Store, Black Chantry Productions, others) and thanks to organizers and players. The next Grand Prix tournament is in Benidorm, Spain on October 22!

Anarch Convert 2022 Harmen Greven
This month Black Chantry Productions honored Harmen Greven, a Nederland player who suffers from serious health problems. The first batch of the card was given to Harmen and other players of a recent tournament in Montfoort, but now it is available for anyone on Drivethrucards.com.

Grand Prix Benidorm

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