14 players turned up for this event on May 4. Reported by Milan Popović, Prince of Belgrade:

We did have 2 players from Hungary, thus we saw a return of our friends.

Standings after the three preliminary rounds:
1. Milos Krstic 2 GW, 6 VP
2. Goran Damjanic 1 GW, 4 VP
3. Igor Beslin 1 GW, 5 VP
4. Nikola Obradovic 0 GW, 4.5 VP
5. Srdjan Milojevic 0 GW, 2.5 VP

Finales started with a hard press on Nikola to be the first to fall, however, Igor managed to be the first domino in the line, as Goran did manage to send a good portion of bleeds down the line. Srdjan hit a hard in the wall but Goran did manage to take him down. In the end, Miloš did get the upper hand with more minions and Earth Melds.

Congratulations Milos Krstic, scoring 3 victory points in the final. Srdjan and Goran got 1 each.

The tournament winning deck: "It Was a Good Day"

Crypt (12)
1x Massimiliano 7 ANI FOR pro baron Gangrel:6
2x Casey Snyder 6 PRO ani cel for baron Gangrel:6
2x Kuyén 6 ANI PRO baron Gangrel:6
1x Martina Srnankova 6 FOR PRO ani Gangrel:6
1x Kamile Paukstys 5 PRO ani for Gangrel:6
1x Hanna Nokelainen 4 ani for pro Gangrel:6
1x Nathan Turner 4 PRO ani Gangrel:6
1x Indira 3 PRO Gangrel:6
1x Joaquín de Cádiz 3 for pro Gangrel:6
1x Ruslan Fedorenko 2 pro Gangrel:6

Library (90)
Master (21; 5 trifle)
1x Anarch Railroad
1x Backways
2x Carfax Abbey
2x Club Illusion
2x Direct Intervention
1x Ecoterrorists
1x Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
1x Information Highway
1x Powerbase: Los Angeles
1x Powerbase: Montreal
2x Powerbase: Savannah
1x Rack, The
3x Vessel
2x Villein

Action (17)
1x Army of Rats
2x Constant Revolution
2x Rewilding
12x Thing

Equipment (1)
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Retainer (4)
1x Mr. Winthrop
3x Raven Spy

Action Modifier (3)
3x Earth Control

Action Modifier/Reaction (4)
4x Form of the Bat

Combat (14)
10x Earth Meld
4x Form of Mist

Reaction (26)
6x Bait and Switch
6x Deep Ecology
2x Delaying Tactics
4x Eyes of the Wild
8x Organized Resistance

Thanks to the players, organisers and the sponsor Ultra Pro!