Disciplines: icondisobfuscate icondispresence icondisdaimoinon
Sect: Independent
Nickname: Demons
There are those whom even Caine's monsters do not name lightly.
The first Baali is rumored to have forged an unholy pact with those who dwelt in the shadow outside the periphery of this world. In doing so, the devil-child took on something of the place Beyond, becoming something more - and less - than human.
The Baali are explorers, first and foremost - students of the unknown, the unknowable, the unspeakable. They toil for the erosion and eventual destruction of this world, to make way for Those Who Wait Beyond.

icondisdaimoinon Daimoinon: These are the black arts torn whole and beating from the socerer-kings of ancient cultures and prehistoric civilizations, incoherent memories passed from tome to tongue, harkening to times of insensate oblivion.

-- Vampire Storytellers Handbook
  V:TES Notes  
The Baali cards mix well with the Followers of Set. Since the Baali vampires are all identified as "infernal" (see note to the right), they are expensive to play in a single-clan crypt (with duplicates, since their numbers are so few), but it could be done.

New Term:

 Some minions are marked as "infernal." During his or her untap phase, a Methuselah who controls an infernal minion burns one pool or taps that infernal minion.

An infernal minion is one that has sold part of his soul to a demon (or demons). As such, the "control" his controller has over him is tainted by the control the demon has. This struggle for control is handled similar to contesting.

Q: If an infernal minion remains tapped during my untap phase (because of an effect like Mind Numb), do I have to pay a pool?
A: No. You can still elect to tap him (redundantly). Tapping is not a cost to avoid the pool loss. Paying a pool is the cost to avoid tapping the minion.

  Card Preview  
Giotto Verducci
Baali. 7 capacity
for pot pre DAI OBF
Independent: During any other Methuselah's discard phase, you may discard a card from your hand (and draw a new one). Vampires must burn a blood to attempt to block Giotto. Infernal.
Giotto increases your discard capability, which can be very useful when mixing clans or playing with four or five different disciplines in your library. Like most special abilities, his can be used even when he is tapped (in case you find yourself without enough pool to keep untapping him during your discard phase).
When you do untap him, though, his actions are more painful for other vampires to attempt block. His Obfuscate can help him stealth past a blocker after the blocker has already paid the blood to attempt to block, further encouraging vampires not to try to block him.