Disciplines: icondisfortitude icondispotence icondissanguinus
Sect: Sabbat
Nickname: Frankensteins
Conceived and created in crumbling Old World castles and chantries by the Tremere antitribu and a few twisted Tzimisce sorcerers, the Blood Brothers are an artificially engineered bloodline of shock troops and servitors.
Blood Brothers commonly form exclusive packs, in which they undergo Tzimisce fleshcrafting to make themselves look exactly alike.

icondissanguinus Sanguinus is the Discipline granted to the Blood Brothers by the Tzimisce who created them. A curious relative of Vicissitude, Sanguinus allows vampires who practice it to combine parts of their bodies, loan them out to others and coordinate their minds and appendages. Even low levels of it are unsettling (at best) to watch.

-- Guide to the Sabbat
  V:TES Notes  
Of all the clans found in the Bloodlines set, the Blood Brothers are the most suited for single-clan play and are strongest when played single-clan. They are very good at combat but not very strong at much else. They can be mixed effectively into potence-based combat decks featuring other clans.
All Blood Brothers are marked sterile (See Ahrimanes Preview), which means that the question of "What circle is my progeny?" (see new rule at right) won't come up unless someone Clan Impersonates a Blood Brother.

New Rule:

 Each Blood Brother is identified with a particular circle. This has no other effect on game play except as card text indicates (as in most minion cards that require Sanguinus). A Blood Brother without a circle designation is his own circle - a circle of one.

Q: What happens when, say, Ian Forestal plays a Sanguinus card or when a Blood Brother creates an Embrace?
A: A vampire without a circle designation is assumed to be the only member of his circle - a circle of one. As such, most Sanguinus cards will have little benefit to him.

  Card Preview  
Combat. Sanguinus. 1 blood
Requires a ready Blood Brother of the same circle as another one in combat. Can be used by a vampire even if he or she is not involved in the combat.
Sanguinus: Only usable before range is chosen. The Blood Brother in combat gets an additional strike each round this combat.
Superior Sanguinus: As above, but with two additional strikes each round.
Octopod allows a Blood Brother not in the combat to spend a blood and give the Blood Brother in combat additional strike(s), allowing the combatant to avoid spending his own blood for the effect (although this still counts as the combatants one source of additional strikes each round). The interloper need not be untapped, just ready.