Event Cards

Event is a new type of library card. Once each discard phase, a Methuselah may use a discard phase action to put an event card in play. Each event can only be played once in a game. It is neither a master card nor a minion card and is controlled by the Methuselah who played it.

Q: If this is an event card, then what is a Gehenna card?
A: "Gehenna" is just an attribute, like "gun" or "ghoul". Attributes like these allow cards to refer to groups of other cards easily and clearly, but they have no special meaning on their own.

Q: What's a discard phase action?
A: The thing you normally use to discard a card during your discard phase. Instead of using it to discard a card, you can use it to put an event card into play. See Section 8 of the rulebook.

Q: Can an event card be canceled by Sudden Reversal or Direct Intervention?
A: No. An event card is neither a master card nor a minion card.

Q: Can I use a discard phase action to discard an event without putting it into play?
A: Yes. And doing so doesn't count as playing the event, of course.

Q: Can I have more than one event card in play at a time?
A: Yes. You may only play one each discard phase, though, and you cannot play the same one twice.