Release Date: February 21, 2005


Red List

The vampires so ruthless and vicious that even elder vampires consider them monsters, and so cunning that they elude capture even when they're marked for destruction by those elder vampires.

From the guile of Kemintiri, who looted Camarilla coffers in the guise of the Ventrue Justicar, to the unbridled savagery of Enkidu, the most powerful predator the world has known, they're ready to enter your decks in a big way. In all, 13 of the most feared creatures in the World of Darkness make their way to the Eternal Struggle. Some of the original 13 have been replaced with new names. And, of course, there are cards that allow Methuselahs to add the names of their rivals' minions to the list during play.

Kindred Most Wanted

Kindred Most Wanted is the eighth Vampire: The Eternal Struggle set released by White Wolf, this time with a focus on the four Independent clans as well as the Baali and the Gangrel antitribu.

The booster packs contain 11 cards (7 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare) randomly selected from a set of 150 all-new cards (no reprints in the boosters).

In addition, the set features 4 non-random preconstructed decks, Alastors (those that hunt the Kindred Most Wanted), Anathema (the Kindred Most Wanted), Baali, and Gangrel antitribu, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. Each preconstructed deck contains 2 new vampires and 1 new library card that aren't found in the boosters.


Card Changes

Some existing cards are changed in Kindred Most Wanted. The changes go into effect (for all printings of the cards) when the set is legal for play.

  • Anarch Revolt: Only Methuselahs who do not control ready Anarchs are affected.
  • Heart of Darkness: Changes the way the vampire treat the aggravated damage, rather than changing the damage itself.

Selected Cards and Rules


cardkmw01sun_tn cardkmw02mdp_tn cardkmw03dua_tn
Infernal Rule Update
cardkmw04tsa_tn cardkmw05red_tn cardkmw06kem_tn
New Rule: Red List
cardkmw07ber_tn cardkmw08mdc_tn cardkmw09oss_tn
Blood Curse Update
cardkmw10bla_tn cardkmw11tcr_tn cardkmw12mth_tn
New Rule: Trophy
cardkmw13nsa_tn cardkmw14all_tn cardkmw15bot_tn
New Clan: Abomination



All crypt cards in Kindred Most Wanted are uncommon (U) rarity. The eight precon-only vampires are marked with the precon in which they're found.







Allonzo Montoya   Abomination    
Lorrie Dunsirn   Abomination    
Pariah   Abomination    
Amaravati   Assamite    
Basir   Assamite    
Janni   Assamite    
Joe "Boot" Hill   Assamite    
Michael diCarlo   Assamite    
Tariq, The Silent   Assamite   Adv
Vardar Vardarian   Assamite    
Azaneal   Baali    
Cybele   Baali    
Elihu   Baali    
Maureen, Dark Priestess (PB)   Baali    
Petaniqua   Baali   Adv
Count Germaine   Brujah   Adv
Jayne Jonestown (PAN)   Brujah antitribu    
Ankh-sen-Sutekh   Follower of Set    
Black Lotus   Follower of Set    
Cagliostro, The Grand Copht   Follower of Set    
Kemintiri   Follower of Set   Adv
Neferu   Follower of Set    
Reverend Djoser Jones   Follower of Set    
Sahira Siraj (PB)   Follower of Set    
Denette Stensen (PG)   Gangrel antitribu    
Doyle Fincher   Gangrel antitribu    
Enkidu, The Noah   Gangrel antitribu    
Janey Pickman   Gangrel antitribu    
Jeffrey Mullins (PG)   Gangrel antitribu    
Mitru the Hunter   Gangrel antitribu    
Phillipe Rigaud   Gangrel antitribu    
Almodo Giovanni   Giovanni    
Ambrogino Giovanni   Giovanni   Adv
Benedict Giovanni, Agent (PAL)   Giovanni    
Carmine Giovanni   Giovanni    
Cristobal Ghiberti   Giovanni    
Don Michael Antonio Giovanni   Giovanni    
Raphaela Giovanni   Giovanni    
Black Wallace   Lasombra    
Petaniqua   Malkavian    
Louhi   Malkavian antitribu    
Echo (PAL)   Nosferatu    
Rabbat, The Sewer Goddess (PAN)   Nosferatu    
Black Annis   Nosferatu antitribu    
Alexis Sorokin   Ravnos    
Callirus   Ravnos    
Devyn   Ravnos    
Marion French   Ravnos    
Mata Hari   Ravnos    
Paul Forrest, False Prophet   Ravnos    
Tatiana Stepanova, Alastor   Ravnos    
Ransam, The Old Man   Toreador    
L'Epuisette   Toreador antitribu    
Valerius Maior, Hell's Fool   Tremere    
Valerius Maior, Hell's Fool   Tremere antitribu   Adv
Jane Sims   Tzimisce    
Sonja Blue   Ventrue    
Dylan   Ventrue antitribu   Adv





Anarch Secession   R
Anima Gathering   C
Baal's Bloody Talons   R
Backflip   C
Backstep   C
Bay and Howl   R
Beretta 9mm   C
Big Game   C
Black Sunrise   C
Bloodstone   C
Bloodstorm of Chorazin   C
The Book of Going Forth by Night   PB
Breath of Thanatos   C
Bujo   R
Condemnation: Mute   R
Confusion of the Eye   C
The Crocodile Temple   R
Dead Hand   C
Deviki Prasanta   R
Dis Pater   R
Disengage   C
Distant Friend   R
Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC   R
Dual Form   R
Earthshock   C
Edged Illusion   C
Esteem   C
Fatuus Mastery   C
FBI Special Affairs Division   R
Ferraille   R
Follow the Alpha   R
Forced March   C
From a Sinking Ship   R
Glass Walker Pact   R
Grasp of the Python   C
Groundfighting   C
Haqim's Law: Judgment   R
Harzomatuili   R
Haymaker   C
Heart of the City   R
Hierophant   C
Ignore the Searing Flames   C
Immense Size   R
Inquisition   PG
Khabar: Glory   C
Kingston Penitentiary, Ontario   R
Learjet   C
Leathery Hide   C
Lifeless Tongues   R
Mercy for Seth   C
Mind of a Killer   R
The Name Forgotten   R
Nightshades   C
Not to Be   R
NSA Trio   R
Ossian   R
Pack Alpha   C
Permanency   C
Phased Motion Detector   C
Powder of Rigidity   PAL
Priority Shift   R
Procurer   C
Projectile   C
Proxy Kissed   C
Purification   R
Rebirth   R
Red List   C
Revelation of Despair   C
Revelation of Wrath   R
Ruins of Charizel   R
Samuel Haight   R
Scalpel Tongue   C
Selective Silence   C
Shared Nightmare   R
Shared Strength   R
Shilmulo Tarot   R
Sonar   C
Soul Decoration   C
Sudario Refraction   R
Suppressing Fire   C
Svadharma   C
The Textbook Damnation   R
Threestar Cab Company   PAN
Tranquility   R
Trophy: Clan Respect   R
Trophy: Diablerie   R
Trophy: Discipline   R
Trophy: Domain   R
Trophy: Hunting Ground   R
Trophy: Progeny   R
Trophy: Retainers   R
Trophy: Safe Passage   R
Trophy: Wealth   R
True Love's Face   C
Trumped-Up Charges   C
Truth of a Thousand Lies   C
Tumnimos   C
Undue Influence   C
Undying Thirst   R
Victim of Habit   R
Warning Sirens   C
Waters of Duat   C
Web of Knives Recruit   C
Weigh the Heart   C