Release Date: March 19, 2007


Pierce the Veil

For preferring an honest fight to feigning subservience to mortal morality, the Sabbat calls itself the Sword of Caine. The edge of this sword is the Black Hand, the faithful martial arm of Sabbat society. Some in the Sabbat worry, though, that the Hand is granted too much freedom and may no longer be content to take orders. Does the Sword command the Hand, or does the Hand wield the Sword?

Sword of Caine

Sword of Caine is a mini expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, the twelfth expansion set from White Wolf. It is a Sabbat-themed expansion designed as a companion to the Third Edition, with emphasis on the Black Hand.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 60 all-new cards consisting of 20 rares, 20 vampires, and 20 commons.











Zubeida   Abomination
Nizzam al-Latif   Assamite
Fairuza   Brujah antitribu
Gatjil Munyarryun   Brujah antitribu
Rashid Stockton   Gangrel antitribu
Shaggydog   Gangrel antitribu
Saul Meira   Lasombra
Appius Claudius Corvus   Lasombra
Hagar Stone   Malkavian antitribu
Marge Khan   Malkavian antitribu
Lubomira Hradok   Nosferatu antitribu
Nails   Nosferatu antitribu
Arianne, The Conqueror   Toreador antitribu
Ondine "Boudicca" Sinclair   Toreador antitribu
Carmen   Tremere antitribu
Ash Harrison   Tremere antitribu
Dr. Morrow, The Skindoctor   Tzimisce
Stephen Bateson   Tzimisce
Kestrelle Hayes   Ventrue antitribu
Elimelech the Twice-Damned   Ventrue antitribu





Biothaumaturgic Experiment   C
Black Hand Emissary   R
Blind Spot   C
Cadet   C
Census Taker   R
Cloak of Blood   R
Drink the Blood of Ahriman   R
Drop Point Network   R
Eccentric Billionaire   C
Empowering the Puppet King   C
Enrage   C
Epiphany   R
Follow the Blood   R
Forced Vigilance   C
Framing an Ancient Grudge   R
Guarded Rubrics   R
Hand Contract   C
Joseph Pander   R
Liquefy the Mortal Coil   R
Mantle of the Bestial Majesty   R
Mustajib   C
Nocturn   C
Notorious Brutality   C
Praetorian Backer   R
Prison of the Mind   R
Psychic Assault   C
Ruins of Ceoris   R
Sanguinary Wind   C
Seraph's Second   R
Tattoo Signal   C
Taunt the Caged Beast   C
Touch of Pain   C
Tribunal Judgment   R
Trophy: Chosen   R
Truth in Ink   C
The Uncoiling   R
Unexpected Coalition   C
Veil the Legions   C
Vermin Channel   C
Watchtower: The Wolves Feed   R