Official release: October 5, 2013

Legal for Tournament Play: November 4, 2013

Last update: September 16, 2019


Vampire: Elder Kindred Network's first expansion for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle is Danse Macabre, which focuses on the main Sabbat clans. The expansion is released in PDF format.

The set contains 22 crypt cards and 12 library cards. The crypt cards are all in group 5, and the library cards focus on helping the weaker Sabbat clans.




preview-crypt-5 preview-library-5
preview-crypt-4 preview-library-4
preview-crypt-3 preview-library-3
preview-crypt-2 preview-library-2
preview-crypt-1 preview-library-1





  • Cards. Size: 83.0 MB
  • Cards print sheet (file with multiple copies -from 1 to 9- of the same card per page). Size: 83.0 MB


Before printing out the PDF files, make sure that Page Scaling is set to "None".

How to use Danse Macabre cards in a V:EKN sanctioned tournament

When using Danse Macabre cards they must be color printed on standard paper and inserted into opaque sleeves before another Vampire: The Eternal Struggle or Jyhad card, this requires opaque sleeves for the whole crypt and/or library.





Karif al Numair Assamite
Dark Selina Brujah antitribu
Gold Pan Dan Brujah abtitribu
Alex Camille Gangrel antitribu
Mimir Gangrel antitribu
Synner-G Gangrel antitribu
Badr, Shadow of Granada Lasombra
Carolina Vález Lasombra
Claudia Lasombra
Drozodny Malkavian antitribu
Pearl Malkavian antitribu
Skulk Nosferatu antitribu
Strohmann Nosferatu antitribu
Amber Toreador antitribu
Mélusine d'Anjou Toreador antitribu
Gerald FitzGerald Tremere antitribu
Johannes Worringen Tremere antitribu
Ludmijla Rakoczy Tzimisce
Righteous Endeavor Tzimisce
Xipe Totec Tzimisce
Aimery Methuin Ventrue antitribu
De Sade Ventrue antitribu



Dark Steel Combat
Esprit de Corps Action
Inside Dirt Action
Instantaneous Transformation Action Modifier
Marked Territory Action
Public Vilification Political Action
Recruitment Exercise Action
Shadow Boxing Action Modifier/Combat
Shakar: the Hunt Master
Show of Force Action
Spoils of War Action Modifier
Under Siege Action