Release Date: November 19, 2008


The firm hand rules all.

The Camarilla is the universal organization of vampires that speaks for and legislates every vampire in the world (at least, in theory). Bound by a number of Traditions detailing the creation, behavior and destruction of Kindred, the sect also strives to hide to existence of all vampire activity from mortal eyes. This deception, called the Masquerade, is at the core of the Camarilla's existence; the struggle to universally uphold the Masquerade is what drives much of the sect's policy and direction.


Keepers of Tradition

White Wolf's fifteenth expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a stand-alone base set entitled Keepers of Tradition, and it revisits the primary sect of the World of Darkness, the Camarilla.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 398 cards consisting of 100 rares, 100 all-new vampries, 98 uncommons, and 100 commons.

Due to an error, two of cards show up on both the uncommon and rare sheet. Each should have appeared only on the rare sheet (and each bumped an card off of the uncommon sheet). One of the bumped cards was a reprint (Society Hunting Ground). The other was a new card.

The set also features 4 non-random preconstructed decks, Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador and Ventrue, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. Each preconstructed deck contains six new vampires that aren't found in the boosters.

The printed rulebook found in the starters is the same, except for the cover, as the one found in Lords of the Night starters. The updated rulebook is online at http://www.vekn.net/index.php/rulebook.





Changes to rules and cards

  • Directed actions. An action is directed if it targets one or more other Methsuelahs, even if it also targets yourself. Directed actions can be blocked by the ready minions controlled by any of the target Methuselahs (going clockwise, as usual).
  • Inner Circle titles. The title of Inner Circle is unique per clan and can only be held by a member of the clan (like Justicar titles).
  • Madness Network no longer has "after finishing all of his or her minion phase actions" phrasing. The Malkavians can act via the Madness Network in regular sequence order. This eliminates the need for an after-actions portion of the minion phase in which, for example, an empy vampire could untap with Rutor's Hand and not have to hunt.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Andre Leroux can use his ability on his own bleed. The ability can be used only once each bleed.
  • Vidal Jarbeaux can meet trait requirements. Traits are basically the bold terms found at the top of card text to give it some kind of label. Some traits have rulebook-defined meaning or effect. Others do not. Clan and uniqueness are also traits.
  • Coterie Tactics do not stack. Each one creates a block attempt. That attempt must be concluded before another can be played to create a new block attempt. Any "block fails" effect played on one of the minions will cause the block to fail, but the effect (usually involving "cannot attempt to block again" and possibly more severe effects as well) is applied only to one of the blockers (chosen by the Methuselah playing the effect).



Crypt cards marked with an asterisk are found only in the preconstructed decks.





Adana de Sforza (*)   Brujah
Aidan Lyle   Tremere
Aleister Crowley (*)   Malkavian
Alex Wilkins   Caitiff
Allanyan Serata   Toreador
Alonso Petrodon   Nosferatu
Andre LeRoux   Toreador
Andrew Stuart   Tremere
The Ankou   Malkavian
Ariadne   Gangrel
Arthur Denholm   Malkavian
Baron Dieudonne   Nosferatu
Beetleman   Nosferatu
Bela   Malkavian
Benjamin Rose   Nosferatu
Bernard, the Scourge   Gangrel
Beth Malcolm   Ventrue
Bethany Ray   Toreador
Bloody Mary   Malkavian
Bulscu   Ventrue
Carlak   Brujah
Cassandra Langely, The Waif (*)   Malkavian
César Holfield   Caitiff
Claus Wegener   Tremere
Count Zaroff   Caitiff
Dmitra Ilyanova   Brujah
Don Caravelli   Brujah
Don Cerro   Brujah
Donald Cargill   Caitiff
Dr. John Dee   Tremere
Dr. Solomon Grey   Caitiff
Emily Carson   Ventrue
Epikasta Rigatos (*)   Toreador
Eugene (*)   Toreador
Ezra Hawthorne   Tremere
Fakir al Sidi   Gangrel
Federico di Padua   Nosferatu
Fergus Alexander   Gangrel
Florentina Lengauer (*)   Malkavian
Foureyes   Nosferatu
Frank Weisshadel   Tremere
Freddy Gage   Caitiff
Gabrielle di Righetti   Tremere
Garret (*)   Brujah
Gem Ghastly   Malkavian
Gerald Windham   Tremere
Gotsdam, The Tired Warrior (*)   Ventrue
Gracetius   Brujah
Graham Gottesman   Ventrue
Gunnar   Gangrel
Gustaphe Brunnelle   Nosferatu
Gustav Breidenstein (*)   Ventrue
Gwyedd   Gangrel
Hardestadt (*)   Ventrue
Harold Tanner   Nosferatu
Herbert Westin (*)   Brujah
Honest Abe   Brujah
Iris Bennett   Caitiff
Jack Tredegar   Ventrue
Jackson Asher (*)   Ventrue
Jann Berger (*)   Brujah
Jeremy "Wix" Wyzchovsky   Nosferatu
João Bilé (*)   Ventrue
Johan Wrede   Caitiff
Johannes Castelein (*)   Ventrue
Josef von Bauren   Nosferatu
Joseph DiGiaccomo   Ventrue
Kalila   Malkavian
Karen Suadela   Brujah
Kateline Nadasdy (*)   Toreador
Keller Thiel   Malkavian
Lillian   Gangrel
Lindsay Yates   Toreador
Lisé   Gangrel
Lodin (Olaf Holte)   Ventrue
Lord Ephraim Wainwright   Tremere
Lord Fianna   Malkavian
Lutz von Hohenzollern (*)   Malkavian
Lynn Thompson   Brujah
MacAlister Marshall   Tremere
Mary Anne Blaire   Ventrue
Masdela   Toreador
Mictlantecuhtli   Gangrel
Miguel Cordovera   Tremere
Mistress Fanchon   Tremere
Montecalme   Toreador
Morel (*)   Malkavian
Nichodemus   Nosferatu
Paul Calderone   Brujah
Pedrag Hasek   Ventrue
Philippe de Marseilles   Toreador
Portia   Ventrue
Rafael de Corazon (*)   Toreador
Randall   Gangrel
Rathmere   Gangrel
Reginald Moore (*)   Brujah
Reiner Stoschka   Malkavian
Robert Price   Gangrel
Rutor   Tremere
Ruxandra   Nosferatu
Santaleous   Malkavian
Sean Andrews (*)   Toreador
Sergei Voshkov, The Eye   Nosferatu
Sheva Carr   Toreador
Shiloh Marie, Vengeance   Gangrel
Slag   Nosferatu
Talbot   Gangrel
Tara   Brujah
Tarrence Moore   Tremere
Themistocles   Brujah
Thomas De Lutrius (*)   Toreador
Tomaine (*)   Brujah
Troius   Tremere
Tryphosa (*)   Malkavian
Tyler McGill   Toreador
Unmada   Malkavian
Vasily   Toreador
Victor Donaldson   Ventrue
Vidal Jarbeaux   Toreador
Viktor, The Night General   Gangrel
Walker Grimes   Caitiff
William Thorbecke   Tremere
Zane   Tremere
Zelios   Nosferatu





Agate Talisman   C
Arcane Appraiser   R
Ashur Tablets   C
The Becoming   U
Blood of Sandman   U
Charismatic Aura   U
Childling Muse   U
Coterie Tactics   U
Dark Influences   U
Dark Mirror of the Mind   U
Deep Song   C
Enkil Cog   R
Ephor   R
Eyes of Argus   C
Eyes of the Beast   C
Fleetness   C
Force of Personality   C
Heroic Might   U
Horseshoes   C
Kevlar Vest   U
Leech   U
Light Intensifying Goggles   U
Loki's Gift   C
Monastery of Shadows   R
Mouthpiece   C
Neonate Breach   C
New Carthage   R
Nocturn Theater   R
No Trace   C
The Oath   C
Old Friends   U
Papillon   U
Perfect Paragon   U
Persona Non Grata   U
Ponticulus   R
Rego Motus   C
Repair the Undead Flesh   U
Scourge   U
Scourge of the Enochians   R
Soul Scan   R
Steadfastness   C
Still the Mortal Flesh   U
Tainted Spring   R
Target Retainer   R
Torrent   C
Touch of Clarity   R
Veles' Hunt   R
Villein   U
Waiting Game   R
Warsaw Station   R
White Nights Massacre   R
Wrong and Crosswise   C


Aaron's Feeding Razor   R
Abomination   R
Academic Hunting Ground   U
Aching Beauty   U
Aid from Bats   C
Alastor   R
Al's Army Apparatus   R
Amaranth   U
Anarch Troublemaker   R
Anima Gathering   C
The Ankara Citadel, Turkey   U
Approximation of Loyalty   C
Arcane Library   R
Archon Investigation   U
Armor of Vitality   C
Arms Dealer   U
Art Museum   R
Assault Rifle   U
Asylum Hunting Ground   U
Aura of Invincibility   C
Aura Reading   U
Backstep   C
Backways   U
Bang Nakh -- Tiger's Claws   C
Behind You!   U
Beretta 9mm   C
Blade of Enoch   R
Blood Hunt   U
Blood Weakens   R
Bomb   U
Bounty   U
Bowl of Convergence   R
Brick Laying   C
Brujah Justicar   R
Brute Force   C
Bundi   C
Burst of Sunlight   U
Camera Phone   C
Can't Take it with You   C
Carrion Crows   C
Caseless Rounds   U
Chain of Command   C
Change of Target   U
Charisma   R
Charming Lobby   U
Charnas the Imp   R
Claws of the Dead   C
Cloak the Gathering   C
Concealed Weapon   C
Conditioning   C
Cooler   C
Crocodile's Tongue   C
Dawn Operation   U
Day Operation   R
Delaying Tactics   U
Delivery Truck   R
Desert Eagle   C
Diversity   C
Dive into Madness   C
Dragon's Breath Rounds   U
Eagle's Sight   U
Earthshock   C
Ecoterrorists   R
Effective Management   U
Elder Kindred Network   U
Eluding the Arms of Morpheus   C
Elysium: Sforzesco Castle   R
Elysium: The Arboretum   U
Elysium: The Palace of Versailles   U
The Embrace   R
Empowering the Puppet King   C
Enrage   C
Eyes of Chaos   C
Fame   U
Fast Hands   U
Fifth Tradition: Hospitality   U
Finding the Path   C
First Tradition: The Masquerade   R
Flesh of Marble   U
Flurry of Action   C
Forced Vigilance   C
Forgery   C
Form of Mist   C
Fourth Tradition: The Accounting   U
Fragment of the Book of Nod   R
From a Sinking Ship   R
Frontal Assault   U
Gambit Accepted   R
Gather   R
Ghoul Retainer   U/R
Giant's Blood   R
Glancing Blow   C
Golconda: Inner Peace   R
Graverobbing   U
Gregory Winter   R
Harass   C
The Haunting   C
Heart of Nizchetus   R
Heart of the City   R
Helicopter   U
High Ground   C
Honor the Elders   C
Hostile Takeover   R
Immortal Grapple   U
Improvised Flamethrower   U
Indomitability   C
Instability   U
Instinctive Reaction   C
Into Thin Air   C
IR Goggles   U
Ivory Bow   R
Jackie Therman   R
Jake Washington (Hunter)   R
Justicar Retribution   U
Keep it Simple   C
Kindred Intelligence   U
Kindred Spirits   C
Kine Resources Contested   C
King's Rising   C
KRCG News Radio   U
The Labyrinth   U
Leadership Vacuum   R
Leverage   C
Liberty Club Intrigue   R
Life in the City   C
Lightning Reflexes   R
Loyal Street Gang   U
Madness Network   R
Magazine   R
Magic of the Smith   R
Majesty   C
Major Boon   U
Malkavian Justicar   R
Malkavian Prank   R
Mask of a Thousand Faces   U
Meat Hook   C
Metro Underground   U
Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter   R
Mind Rape   R
Minor Boon   U
Minor Irritation   C
Mirror Walk   C
Momentum's Edge   R
Monocle of Clarity   R
Movement of the Slow Body   U
Muddled Vampire Hunter   U
Murmur of the False Will   C
New Management   R
Nosferatu Bestial   R
Nosferatu Justicar   R
On the Qui Vive   C
Ossian   R
Owl Companion   U
Perfectionist   C
Petra Resonance   R
Pier 13, Port of Baltimore   U
Political Ally   R
Powerbase: Chicago   U
Powerbase: Montreal   R
Protected Resources   R
Psyche!   U
Psychic Veil   R
Public Trust   C
Pursuit   C
Quick Meld   C
The Rack   U
Raven Spy   U
Read Intentions   C
Reins of Power   C
Renegade Garou   R
Resist Earth's Grasp   C
Rowan Ring   R
Rumors of Gehenna   U
Scattershot   C
Scorn of Adonis   U
Scrounging   U
Seal of Veddartha   R
Second Tradition: Domain   U
Seduction   C
Sengir Dagger   R
Sense the Savage Way   C
Serenading the Kami   C
Shape Mastery   R
Shattered Mirror   U
Sixth Tradition: Destruction   R
Slam   C
Sleep of Reason   C
Sleep Unseen   C
Slum Hunting Ground   U
Smiling Jack, The Anarch   R
Sniper Rifle   U
Soak   C
Social Ladder   R
Society of Leopold   U/R
Sonar   C
Soul Gem of Etrius   R
Specialization   R
Special Report   C
Spirit's Touch   C
Spying Mission   U
Storm Sewers   R
Stunt Cycle   C
Stutter-Step   C
The Summoning   C
Sword of Nuln   R
Sword of Troile   R
Talbot's Chainsaw   R
Tapestry of Blood   R
Taste of Vitae   U
Taunt the Caged Beast   C
Telepathic Misdirection   C
Temptation of Greater Power   R
Tension in the Ranks   R
Theft of Vitae   C
Third Tradition: Progeny   U
Toreador Grand Ball   U
Toreador Justicar   R
Torn Signpost   U
Torpid Blood   R
Tremere Justicar   R
Undying Tenacity   C
The Unmasking   R
Uptown Hunting Ground   U
Vast Wealth   U
Veil the Legions   C
Veneficorum Artum Sanguis   R
Ventrue Headquarters   U
Ventrue Justicar   R
Victim of Habit   R
Voice of Madness   U
Vulnerability   U
Walk of Flame   C
Warzone Hunting Ground   U
Wash   U
Weather Control   U
Weighted Walking Stick   U
Wendell Delburton (Hunter)   R
Will of the Council   U
Winchester Mansion   R
Wooden Stake   U
XTC-Laced Blood   R
Year of Fortune   C
Zillah's Valley   C
Zoning Board   R
Zoo Hunting Ground   U