Release Date: May 27, 2009


Blood of Africa!

Some stand outside the Thirteen, ancients who adhere to even older traditions. They are the Laibon, the vampires born in the heart of Africa, inheritors of secrets unknown to Camarilla or Sabbat. They too have joined the Eternal Struggle &emdash; and they intend to thrive there.


Ebony Kingdom

White Wolf's sixteenth expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a boosters-only set entitled Ebony Kingdom, and it revisits the Legacies (clans) of the African continent.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 60 all-new cards consisting of 20 rares, 20 vampires, and 20 commons. Some packs contain a reprint of Aye or Orun in place of one of the commons, with the effect that Aye is a half-common, as is Orun. Also, each booster box contains 10 Aye and 10 Orun loose on top of the 36 sealed booster packs.











Abiku   Osebo
Abu Nuwasi   Ishtarri
Aisata Swanou   Akunanse
Arriette Sylla   Osebo
Batsheva (ADV)   Guruhi
Cesewayo (ADV)   Osebo
Elizabeth Conde   Ishtarri
Fode Kourouma   Guruhi
Jibade el-Bahrawi (ADV)   Ishtarri
Kamiri wa Itherero (ADV)   Akunanse
Luanda Magere   Ishtarri
Lucian, the Perfect   Guruhi
Mamadou Keita   Osebo
Nana Buruku   Guruhi
Nestor Kaba   Akunanse
Ngozi Ekwensu   Guruhi
Socrate Cidibe   Akunanse
Titi Camara   Osebo
Umdava   Akunanse
Undele   Ishtarri





419 Operation   C
Bamba   C
Bestial Vengeance   R
The Bitter and Sweet Story   R
Blood Shield   R
Brutal Influence   C
Despiral   C
Devil-Channel: Feet   C
Dusk Work   C
Edge of the World   R
Exile   C
Familial Bond   C
Guinea-Bissau Carnival   R
Hiding in the Open   R
Ilomba   R
Impundulu   R
Invoke Poison Glands   C
Ishtarri Warlord   R
Jua Vema   C
Kuta   C
Make an Example   R
Mapatano Utando   R
Mundane   C
My Kin Against the World   C
Neebi   C
Nkishi   R
Pallid   C
Powerbase: Luanda   R
Reliquary: Trinket   C
Remnant of the Endless Storm   R
Savannah Runner   R
Sense Vibrations   R
Supernatural Resistance   C
Taking the Skin: Minion   R
Taking the Skin: Vulture   R
Taming the Beast   C
Transcendent Laibon   R
Tunnel Runner   C
Unholy Radiance   C
Well-Marked   R