Charisma (2020 GP Promo)
Benedito, a Lanterna (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Bituin (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Casey Snyder (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Jacques Rouge (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Leumeah (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Una (2020 Promo Pack 2)
The Ankara Citadel, Turkey (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Black Metamorphosis (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Murmur of the False Will (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Parity Shift (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Pentex Subversion (2020 Promo Pack 2)
Bituin (2019 ACC Promo)
Benedito, a Lanterna (2019 SAC Promo)
Leumeah (2019 AC Promo)
Jacques Rouge (2019 EC Promo)
Tangle Atropos' Hand (2019 Promo)
Nefertiti (Advanced) (2019 DriveThruCards Promo)
Casey Snyder (2019 NAC Promo)
Entrancement (2019 Grand Prix Promo)
The Capuchin (2019 Promo Pack 1)
The Dracon (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Helena (Advanced) (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Karsh (Advanced) (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Lord Tremere (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Menele (Advanced) (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Mithras (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Montano (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Nergal (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Nergal (Advanced) (2019 Promo Pack 1)
Yazid Tamari (Advanced) (2019 Promo Pack 1)
The Capuchin (2018 Humble Bundle)
The Dracon (2018 Humble Bundle)
Lord Tremere (2018 Humble Bundle)
Mithras (2018 Humble Bundle)
Montano (2018 Humble Bundle)
Claudio Severino (2010 Storyline promo)
Guide and Mentor (2010 Storyline promo)
Infamous Insurgent (2010 Storyline promo)
Karsh (Advanced) (2010 Storyline promo)
Lilith's Blessing (2010 Storyline promo)
Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers (2009 Storyline promo)
Crusade: Aragon (2009 Storyline promo)
Menele (Advanced) (2009 Storyline promo)
Yazid Tamari (Advanced) (2009 Storyline promo)
Imperator (2009 Storyline promo)
Aye (2009 Tournament promo)
Orun (2009 Tournament promo)
Abactor (2009 Tournament promo)
The Fourth Cycle (2009 Tournament promo)
Inceptor (2009 Tournament promo)
The Marrakesh Codex (2009 Tournament promo)
Rogue (2009 Tournament promo)
Rubicon (2009 Tournament promo)
Salt of Toth (2009 Tournament promo)
SchreckNET (2009 Tournament promo)
House of Sorrow (2008 Tournament promo)
Lay Low (2008 Tournament promo)
Subdued by the Blood (2008 Tournament promo)
Two Wrongs (2008 Tournament promo)
Flames of Insurrection (2008 Storyline promo)
Public Enemy (2008 Storyline promo)
Kaymakli Fragment (2008 Storyline promo)
Cloak of the Abalone (2008 Tournament promo)
Convergence (2008 Tournament promo)
Fee Stake: Corte (2008 Tournament promo)
Fee Stake: Los Angeles (2008 Tournament promo)
Fee Stake: Perth (2008 Tournament promo)
Nergal (Advanced) (2008 Tournament promo)
Path of the Void (2008 Tournament promo)
Reliquary: Shango Remains (2008 Tournament promo)
Sound of a Breaking Oath (2008 Tournament promo)
Treaty of Laibach (2008 Tournament promo)
Walks-with-Might (2008 Tournament promo)
Argent Baton (2007 promo)
Kestrelle Hayes (Sword of Caine promo)
Gran Madre di Dio, Italy (2006 EC Tournament promo)
Reverend Adams (2006 Storyline promo)
Botched Move (2006 Tournament promo)
Crematorium (2006 Tournament promo)
Ensemble (2006 Tournament promo)
Kisha Bhimji (2006 Tournament promo)
Waxen Poetica (2006 Tournament promo)
Duality (Third Edition promo)
White Lily (Third Edition promo)
Victor Pelletier (2006 Championship promo)
Call the Wild Hunt (2006 Tournament promo)
Wall Street Night, Financial Newspaper (2006 Tournament promo)
Angelo (Legacies of Blood promo)
Alan Sovereign (Advanced) (2005 Storyline promo)
Helena (Advanced) (2005 Storyline promo)
Nergal (2005 Storyline promo)
Genina, The Red Poet (Legacies of Blood promo)
Spontaneous Power (2005 Tournament promo)
Retribution (2005 Tournament promo)
Echo (Kindred Most Wanted promo)
Barbaro Lucchese (Fall 2004 Storyline promo)
Port Authority (Fall 2004 Storyline promo)
Anthelios, The Red Star (Gehenna promo)
Hannibal (Advanced) (2004 promo)
Jessica (Advanced) (2004 promo)
Yong-Sun, Harmonist (Advanced) (2004 promo)
Erciyes Fragments (Prophecies league promo)
Prophecies of Gehenna (Prophecies league promo)
Selena (Black Hand promo)
Lambach (Advaced) (Summer 2003 Storyline promo)
Legion (Summer 2003 Storyline promo)
Xaviar (Anarchs promo)
Wind Dance (2003 Tournament promo)
Eye of Hazimel (Fall 2002 Storyline promo)
Marcus Vitel (Camarilla Edition promo)
The Baron (Bloodlines promo)
Meddling of Semsith (Winter 2002 Storyline promo)
Fatima al-Faqadi (Final Nights promo)
Hesha Ruhadze (Final Nights promo)
Sascha Vykos, The Angel of Caine (Sabbat War promo)
Lucita (Sabbat War promo) More Info
Mariana Gilbert (1996 promo)
Dan Murdock (1996 promo)