Release Date: Feb 3, 2010


Power Pulses in the Vein

The descendants of Caine are many, and their blood is diverse. It may infuse a vampire with spiritual hunger, or stony endurance, or the maddening touch of the fae. Bloodlines arise and struggle for power against the entrenched clans. The blood will prevail.


Heirs to the Blood

White Wolf's seventeenth expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is Heirs to the Blood, which focuses on the bloodlines and infernalists.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 168 all-new cards consisting of 54 rares, 58 vampires, and 56 commons.

The set also features 4 non-random preconstructed decks: Gargoyle, Kiasyd, Salubri antitribu and Samedi, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. All the new cards in the preconstructed decks are also found in the boosters, and naturally each preconstructed deck contains reprints of vampires and library cards from earlier sets.


New Stuff

Research Area: Some cards may move cards to a special staging area called the research area. The cards in your research area are face down and out of play; they can be affected only by cards and effects that say so explicitly.



Maleficia and Striga: Two new Disciplines that are only available to infernal vampires. The same way that Caitiff is not a clan, these are not true Disciplines, however (so just like "Caitiff" cannot be chosen for Consanguineous Boon, Ian Forestal couldn't use his ability to meet a Striga requirement, for example, nor could Maleficia be chosen as one of the Great Beast's Disciplines).












Darlene Killian   Ahrimanes
Dovey Ebfwe   Ahrimanes
Helen Fairchild   Ahrimanes
Sahana   Ahrimanes
Sylvie Helgon   Ahrimanes
Annazir   Baali
Arishat   Baali
The Horde (U2)   Baali
Xeper, Sultan of Lepers   Baali
The unnamed   Baali
Danylo   Blood Brother
Gavrylo   Blood Brother
Kyrylo   Blood Brother
Pavlo   Blood Brother
Volo   Blood Brother
Evil Jensen   Daughter of Cacophony
Harlan Graves   Daughter of Cacophony
Hillanvale   Daughter of Cacophony
Janet Langer   Daughter of Cacophony
Scout Youngwood   Daughter of Cacophony
Chaundice   Gargoyle
Fustuk   Gargoyle
Grotesque (U2)   Gargoyle
Malachai   Gargoyle
Rusticus   Gargoyle
Alcoan   Harbinger of Skulls
Byzar   Harbinger of Skulls
La Viuda Blanca   Harbinger of Skulls
Mordechai Ben-Nun   Harbinger of Skulls
Nicomedes   Harbinger of Skulls
The Arcadian   Kiasyd
Greer Worder   Kiasyd
Isanwayen   Kiasyd
Myrna Goldman   Kiasyd
Nitidas   Kiasyd
Anu Diptinatpa   Nagaraja
Asguresh   Nagaraja
Jozz   Nagaraja
Veejay Vinod   Nagaraja
Matthew   Salubri
Nahum Enosh   Salubri
Obaluaye   Salubri
Serenna the White   Salubri
Ariel   Salubri antitribu
Azrael   Salubri antitribu
Qawiyya el-Ghaduba   Salubri antitribu
Silas   Salubri antitribu
Uriel   Salubri antitribu
Angel Chavarria   Samedi
Baroque   Samedi
Brigitte Mandisa   Samedi
Josette   Samedi
Morlock   Samedi
Toy   Samedi
Al-Muntathir, God's Witness   True Brujah
Lydia, Grand Praetor   True Brujah
Mikael Birkholm   True Brujah
Shalmath   True Brujah





The Ailing Spirit   R
Amulet of Temporal Perception   R
As the Crow   C
Barrenness   R
Benefit Performance   C
The Black Beast   R
Blessed Resilience   R
Blessing of the Beast   R2
Bliss   R
Blood Tempering   R2
Brick by Brick   C
Cavalier   R
Charge of the Buffalo   R
Cheat the Fates   R
Clockwerx   R
Code of Samiel   R
Command Performance   R
Dabbler   R
Dagger   C
Death Seeker   C/PSal2
Decompose   R
Development   C
Diabolic Lure   C
Din of the Damned   C
Dive Bomb   C
Draeven Softfoot (Changeling)   R
Ears of the Hare   C
Ensconced   R
Evil Eye   C
Faerie Wards   C
Fanfare for Elysium   R2
Flames of the Netherworld   C
Foldable Machine Gun   C
Fractura   R
Gift of Sleep   C
Great Symposium   R
Greater Curse   C
Gremlins   C
Groaning Corpse   C
Harmony   R
Hatch the Viper   R
Hay Ride   R
Hexe   C
Hide the Heart   C/PSal2
Hive Mind   C
Hunger Moon   R
I am Legion   R
Infernal Servitor   R2
Jar of Skin Eaters   C
Joumlon's Axe   R
Journal of Hrorsh   R
Knotted Cord   R
Lead Fist   C/PGar2
Lily Prelude   C
Lord of Serenity   C
Loving Agony   C
Maleficia   C
Masca   C
Member of the Entourage   R2
Mind of the Wilds   C
Minor Curse   R
Mole's Tunneling   C
Momentary Delay   C
Morphean Blow   C
New Moon Sigil   R
Off Kilter   C/PSam2
Olid Loa   R
Oppugnant Night   C
Outside the Hourglass   C
The Path of Harmony   R
The Path of Service   R
Penitent Resilience   C
Pocket Out of Time   C
Potio Martyrium   R
Pressing Flesh   R
Psalm of the Damned   C
Ravager   C
Raw Recruit   R
Research   R
The Rising   R
Ritual Scalpel   R
Safe Passage   C
Scarlet Lore   R
Scobax   C
Scourge of Alecto   C
Shaal Fragment   R
Shadowed Eyes   R
Shatter the Gate   C
Shattering Crescendo   C
Slake the Thirst   C
Spirit Claws   R
Stiff Contempt   C
Striga   C
Strix   R
Summon History   R
Tend the Flock   C
Thicker than Blood   R2
Threading the Path of Orpheus   R
Three's a Crowd   C
Tinglestripe   C/PKia2
Treat the Sick Mind   R
Under My Skin   C/PSam2
Unleash Hell's Fury   R
Vaticination   C
Veneficti (Mage)   R
Virtuosa   C
Visionquest   C
Voices of the Castle   C/PGar2
Warding the Beast   R
Wider View   C/PKia2