Savage. Murderous. Diabolical. For centuries, these malicious vampires have rejected the ancient laws of the undead. From the darkness, they have waged a war of blood and shadows against their enemies, the Kindred of the Camarilla. Now the immortal conflict between the Sabbat and the Camarilla comes to life in The Sabbat, the first stand-alone expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. With over 400 cards to choose from, you will be ready to seize the night. Carpe Noctem.

The third expansion features 410 cards, some new and some re-printed from the base set. It also introduces the first Sabbat vampires to the card game, with corresponding new rules.


Brujah antitribu

Frederick the Weak
Jacob Bragg
Richter, The Templar of Du Mont
Rigby, Crusade Vanguard
Sarah Brando

Gangrel antitribu

Shane Grimald


Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady
Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica
Angelica, The Canonicus
Antonio Delgado
Aurora Van Brande, Paladin
Guido Lucciano
Ignacio, The Black Priest
Lisette Vizquel

Malkavian antitribu

Boy Toy
Muriel Foucade
Quira, The Bitch Queen

Nosferatu antitribu

Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit
Nigel the Shunned
Yong-Sun, Harmonist


Angela Decker
Christine Boscacci
Gillian Krader
Huang, Blood Cultist
Jimmy Dunn
Lena Rowe
March Halcyon
Mitchell, The Headhunter
Rex, The Necronomist

Toerador antitribu

Ian Wallingford
Jost Werner
Lachlan, Noddist
Matteus, Flesh Sculptor
Remilliard, Devout Crusader
Sheila Mezarin
Victor Revell, Loyalist

Tremere antitribu

Ayelea, The Manipulator
Bryan Van Duesen
Ethan Locke
Heinrick Schlempt
Ian Forestal
Kij Dansky
Kurt Strauss
Reverend Blackwood
Richard Tauber, Ayelea's Puppet


Corine Marcon
Devin Bisley
Lolita Houston
Violet Tremain
Wendy Wade

Ventrue antitribu

Ingrid Russo
Juan Cali
Lazverinus, Thrall of Lambach
Marlene, The Infernalist






.44 Magnum   C
Ablative Skin   R
Adaptability   R
Aggressive Tactics   R
Ambush   C
Amusement Park Hunting Ground   U
Anarchist Uprising   C
Animalism   C
Apportation   C
Arms of the Abyss   C
Arson   C
Art of Love, The   U
Art of Pain, The   R
Art Scam   R
Ascendance   C
Auspex   C
Awe   R
Barrens, The   C
Bauble   R
Bestial Visage   R
Bewitching Oration   C
Black Spiral Buddy   U
Blessing of Chaos   R
Bloodbath   R
Blood Brother Ambush   R
Blood Doll   C
Blood Feast   U
Blood of Acid   U
Blur   C
Body Arsenal   C
Body Flare   R
Bonding   C
Bonecraft   C
Bone Spur   C
Boxed In   C
Brass Knuckles   C
Breath of the Dragon   R
Bribes   C
Bruisers, The   U
Call the Lamprey   U
Camarilla Threat   R
Camarilla Vitae Slave   R
Campground Hunting Ground   U
Canine Horde   C
Cardinal Benediction   U
Cardinal Sin: Failure of Mission   R
Cardinal Sin: Insubordination   U
Carrion Coffin   R
Carrion Crows   C
Catatonic Fear   U
Cats' Guidance   C
Cauldron of Blood   C
Celerity   C
Changeling   C
Changeling Skin Mask   R
Channeling the Beast   C
City Gangrel Connections   U
Cloak the Gathering   C
Code of Milan Suspended   R
Coma   U
Combat Shotgun   C
Command of the Beast   U
Communal Haven: Temple   U
Computer Hacking   C
Concoction of Vitality   U
Confusion   C
Consanguineous Boon   C
Consecration Rites   U
Corporate Hunting Ground   U
Creation Rites   R
Crimson Sentinel, The   R
Crusade: Atlanta   R
Crusade: Chicago   R
Crusade: Detroit   R
Crusade: Houston   R
Crusade: Mexico City   R
Crusade: Miami   R
Crusade: Philadelphia   R
Crusade: Pittsburgh   R
Crusade: Toronto   R
Cryptic Mission   C
Cryptic Rider   U
Cull the Herd   R
Daring the Dawn   R
Dauntain Black Magician (Changeling)   R
Decapitate   U
Dementation   C
Demonstration   U
Derange   R
Detection   U
Direct Intervention   U
Dirty Little Secrets   U
Disarm   R
Disguised Weapon   C
Disputed Territory   C
Dissolution   U
Dominate   C
Dread Gaze   C
Eldritch Glimmer   U
Elysian Fields   U
Enchanted Marionette   R
Enhanced Senses   C
Entombment   R
Escaped Mental Patient   U
Excommunication   U
Eyes of Chaos   C
Eyes of the Night   C
Fade from View   R
Fake Out   C
Fast Hands   U
Femur of Toomler   U
Festivo dello Estinto   U
Fetish Club Hunting Ground   U
Fire Dance   U
Fire in the Blood   R
Flamethrower   U
Flash   C
Fleshcraft   C
Forced Awakening   C
Forgotten Labyrinth   U
Fortitude   C
Fractured Armament   C
Gangrel Conspiracy   R
Gang Tactics   R
Gang Territory   R
Gargoyle Slave   U
Gas-Powered Chainsaw   C
Ghouled Street Thug   R
Gleam of Red Eyes   C
Goth Band   U
Guardian Ghoul   R
Guard Dogs   C
Hand of Conrad   R
Hidden Pathways   R
Horrid Form   U
Hungry Coyote, The   R
Immortal Grapple   U
Infamous Warlock   R
Infernal Familiar   R
Infernal Pact   R
Information Highway   U
Innocent Bystander   R
Institution Hunting Ground   U
Intimidation   R
Investiture   R
Kindred Spirits   C
Laptop Computer   C
Leather Jacket   C
Legacy of Caine   R
Legacy of Pander   R
Library Hunting Ground   U
Lightning Reflexes   R
Living Manse   R
Lost in Crowds   C
Lyndhurst Estate, New York   U
Machine Blitz   R
Malkavian Derangement: Paranoia   U
Malkavian Game   U
Manstopper Rounds   U
Marked Path   R
Masochism   R
Meat Cleaver   U
Media Influence   C
Melange   R
Mind of a Child   U
Mind Rape   R
Mind Tricks   C
Mistaken Identity   U
Mob Connections   U
Monomancy   U
My Enemy's Enemy   R
Nephandus (Mage)   R
Night Moves   U
Nosferatu Kingdom   R
Obedience   U
Obfuscate   C
Obsession   R
Obtenebration   C
Orgy of Blood   R
Out of Control   U
Pack Tactics   C
Palla Grande   R
Passion   C
Peace Treaty   C
PentexTM Loves You!   U
Plasmic Form   C
Political Antagonist   R
Political Hunting Ground   U
Political Seizure   U
Political Stranglehold   U
Political Struggle   R
Potence   C
Powerbase: Mexico City   U
Powerbase: New York   U
Power Structure   R
Precognition   C
Presence   C
Preternatural Evasion   C
Primal Instincts   C
Propaganda   U
Protean   C
Pulse of the Canaille   U
Pursuit   C
Pushing the Limit   C
Quickness   R
Quick Exit   C
Quick Meld   C
Rapid Change   C
Rapid Thought   U
Raptor   U
Recruiting Party   R
Recruitment   C
Redirection   C
Reform Body   R
Regaining the Upper Hand   C
Regeneration   C
Resilience   U
Restoration   C
Revelations   U
Revenant   U
Rolling with the Punches   C
Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The   U
Sabbat Inquisitor   U
Sabbat Priest   C
Sacrament of Carnage   C
Sacrifice   U
Scouting Mission   C
Screw the Masquerade!   C
Scrying of Secrets   U
Secret Horde   C
Sermon of Caine   C
Shade   U
Shadow Body   C
Shadow Court Satyr (Changeling)   R
Shadow of the Beast   U
Shadow Play   C
Shadow Step   R
Shanty Town Hunting Ground   U
Short-Term Investment   C
Shotgun Ritual   R
Shroud of Night   C
Side Strike   C
Skin of Rock   C
Slaughtering the Herd   U
Slave Auction   R
Sleeping Mind, The   C
Social Charm   C
Song in the Dark   R
Song of Serenity   C
Soul Burn   C
Speed of Thought   R
Spirit Summoning Chamber   U
Spirit's Touch   C
Sport Bike   U
Staredown   C
Steam Tunnels   C
Submachine Gun   U
Succubus   R
Sudden Reversal   U
Summon the Abyss   R
Sunrise Service   R
Superior Mettle   C
Surprise Influence   C
Survivalist   U
Swallowed by the Night   C
Sword of Judgment   R
Telepathic Counter   C
Terror Frenzy   R
Thanks for the Donation   R
Thaumaturgy   C
Theft of Vitae   C
Threats   C
Thrown Gate   C
Tier of Souls   R
Tithings   R
Transfer of Power   R
Trap   C
Tribute to the Master   C
Twisted Forest   R
Twisting the Knife   R
Unacceptable Appearance   U
Undead Persistence   U
Undead Strength   C
University Hunting Ground   U
Unnatural Disaster   U
Up Yours!   R
Using the Advantage   R
Vaulderie   U
Ventrue Investment   U
Vicissitude   C
Vicissitude Poisoning   R
Voter Captivation   U
Walk of Flame   U
Walk through Arcadia   R
War Ghoul   R
War Party   U
Wave of Insanity   R
White Phosphorus Grenade   U
Wolf Claws   C
Wolf Companion   U