The new rules explicitly state how to handle allies that can play cards that require disciplines (which are, of course, only playable by vampires that possess those disciplines by default). None of the allies in The Camarilla Edition have this ability, though, so this rule won't affect players who are just starting out with the The Camarilla Edition. Here's the text of the rule from the rulebook:

Some allies have the ability to play certain cards "as a vampire." In these cases, the ally is treated as a vampire for all effects generated by the play of the card. The ally’s life represents his blood (to pay costs, for example). Any blood he gains or loses as a vampire equates to a gain or loss of life for the ally. For purposes of that card, the ally has a capacity of 1 by default (for use if the card requires an older vampire or a vampire of a given capacity). The ally is treated as a vampire only when playing the card and, for cards such as actions and strikes that are not resolved immediately, for the resolution of the effect. In particular, the ally is not treated as a vampire for effects of the card once it's in play or for lingering effects generated by the card. If the ally gains life in excess of his capacity, it doesn't drain off, and if the effect inflicts aggravated damage on the ally, he burns life as normal. However, if the effect would send the ally to torpor, then he is burned instead.